Atlantean Anathema Pt 5


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Scene Title Atlantean Anathema, Pt. 4
Synopsis Caelis uses the power of the intarwebz to track down Leandra.

Leandra's Apartment

It is a fair sized apartment on the first floor of a rather posh and expensive block, though not on a main street, no doubt horribly expensive given it is still in downtown New York. Leandra is currently slumming it in t-shirt and jean cutoffs in her kitchen as she… Cleans guns on a cloth over the table, whilst listening to classical music.

Knockknockknockin' at Leandra's door…Caelis is outside, standing in front of the apartment door, and dressed this time, specificially in modern attire. T-shirt, jeans. The Atlantean waits to see if there is an answer from within.

There is a delay before Leandra responds to the knock, finishing the piece she was cleaning before she slips off of her chair and heads to the door, swings it open and.. Peers at Caelis for a moment with a mixed expression. She frowns. "Ahh. Lady Caelis?"

Caelis nods. "Thought I believe that in your world, I should just use Caelis. It is good to see you again, Leandra."

Leandra continues to stand in the doorway, studying Caelis carefully. "You do realize that the gods wish you dead? I am not all too inclined to ignore the wishes of my mother."

She frowns at that. "The other day, you fought to save my life. Now you'd threaten it? And I don't realize why the gods wish me dead. That's what I am trying to find out."

Leandra pulls a face now. "From the way you kicked that stasis pod thing like a projectile I doubt I can do much to you with my guns in pieces, but I doubt you could hit me either. You might as well come in and try to explain yourself rather than talking about gods in the hallway." She steps aside now. "Apparently Antlantis was not a very nice place, at all. You seem pretty pleasant but I am not going to pretend I know as much as a goddess."

Caelis tilts her head. "If I wanted to hurt you, it would be silly to announce my presence at your door. What's more, you helped me; why would I want to hurt you? And Atlantis was the grandest civilization of this world." She sounds a little offended at the last, the suggestion that her home was not a nice place. "I do not know why the gods have taken offense to me."

Leandra shrugs to that before gesturing to a couch, though she remains standing herself, posture slightly tensed and ready. "Was being the operative word, apparently the gods destroyed it for some reason, you are left, and they do not want there to be anything of Atlantis left. Cute as you might be and friendly as you seem, my mother saved my life and I take that very seriously."

Caelis moves to take a step in, and then freezes up at those words. "The -gods- destroyed Atlantis? I was told it was the Titans." If it was the other gods, then suddenly this makes more sense. Political infighting. Jealousy. The lesser pantheons banding against the Atlanteans.

"To destroy Titan taint… Or something. I am not big on history." Leandra shrugs again. "So you are running around, they want you dead to stop taint spreading further. If you are not tainted? I would think of some way to prove that, I am afraid I am no help there and absent such proof or a change of instructions I am not a good person to come meet again."

Caelis replies. "Where did you find this out?" She demands. "I need more information. Who told you these things, and where do I find them?"

"My mother, and what I overheard from that spirit that was after you before I shot it. I figured it was lying at the time." Leandra answers matter of factly. "That is pretty much all I know though. Yes I am being informative, but now you have come here following you is not going to be a challenge."

The Atlantean frowns. "I see. Well, I thank you for the information." She moves to turn, to head out of the apartment. "And thank you for your help the other day."

Leandra continues to watch her rather intently as she moves to depart. "Your thanks is accepted. I will not come after you immediately, you were a guess in my home and quite polite about it, but please do not expect me to go easily with you when we meet next."

Caelis' voice is frustrated. "Thank you for the warning. I will try to find what I can out through other channels."

Leandra gives a small and somewhat curt nod to that. "Perhaps you will turn out not to be tainted and we can meet again under more pleasant circumstances. Otherwise.. Hopefully it will be a good hunt." She flashes a grin.

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