Atlantean Anathema Pt 4


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Scene Title Atlantean Anathema, Pt. 4
Synopsis Caelis and Marius, the next morning.

Marius' Apartment

Sleep is a luxury, sometimes. But when you're troubled by the knowledge that your family, your friends…your entire people…everyone and everything you've ever known is dead and gone…well, that's not exactly something to help a girl sleep. Nor is the injury to the back. Caelis finally wakes, after a good ten hours. And at least half of them were actually sleep. She stands, and pulls on the robe that is at the moment her sole attire of clothing, belting it before stepping out of the bedroom.

Marius is up already, he got up early, went out and picked up some things, there are some bags from Old Navyon the couch, and the smell of eggs and bacon filling the room.

The smell is the first thing she notices, of course. THAT hasn't changed in all this time. It's good to know not everything has. She pads out to the kitchen. "You do your own cooking?" It seems to surprise her.

Marius says, "Yes I enjoy it, some people hire people to do it, but I rather like being able to make what I want when I want to. Occasionally I will eat out at places where they cook for me.""

Caelis nods. "I'm simply surprised to see a Scion not having servants do that for him." she states it, matter-of-factly. "Thank you again."

Marius smiles, "Scions are not well known here, we are few and far between, some think of us as Myths. We don't often advertise our presence. Also my momma raised me to clean up after myself, when you let others do things for you, you give up your power to them, become dependant on them.

Caelis smiles a bit. "I can't say that I agree. But then, culture has changed quite a bit since my time. And I am also surprised to see us not taking a larger rule. Why do the gods permit it?"

Marius says, "The Gods have been…asleep….they got bored of Mankind, and decided to leave them alone, to play thier own games. In fact they havn't interfered in several centuries…allowing thier Scions to live and die of old age without ever knowing thier parents, until recently."

That provokes a frown from Caelis. "Clearly, things have gone downhill since Atlantis' disappearance. I will have to find out what has happened to my home, and my mother. Perhaps then I can see to helping to fix some of this."

Marius nods, "Thre are rumors..that the Titans…the ones who brought about the end of Atlantis..are returning." He slides a plate of eggs and bacon over to you, "And that certain signs will herald thier return, including it appears the return of an Atlantean

Caelis frowns. "I am familiar with the Titans…though we did not call them by that name…and I assure you, I have nothing to do with them. I do not, and I would not."

Marius smiles, "I don't know how you make eggs in Atlantis" He nods to the plate" But I figured Scrambled with cheese is always safe.
She chuckles, and moves up to take the offered plate. "Thank you." she takes a bite. "So, you have no servants, you have no mate. Are you a monk of some kind?" She looks back to him curiously.

Marius shakes his head and chuckles, "Nope, just havn't met the right woman yet. I get so busy with my job, and you know…saving the world, that I don't have a lot of time to date."

Caelis continues eating. Between bites, she says "Do you know anyone I might ask who might have more knowledge on what happened to my home?"

Marius says, "There are a few historians, but honestly, it was so long ago, and few written records exist from that time. The language on your pod is older then any known written language."

Caelis nods. "Surely there are Scions who specialize in knowledge, though. If not, then the gods themselves."

Marius nods, "There are, unfortunately Dad contacts me, I don't usually call him, and I don't know a lot of other Scions, like I said we are few and far between, and keep our head down. There are hunters out there, working for the Titans who are assasinating Scions."

Caelis puts her empty plate down, blowing out air in frustration past her lips. "There has to be something I can do. I cannot just sit here and do nothing."

Marius hmmmms softly, "Well there were some scions obviuusly when you woke up, That some how turned into a much more …. interesting battle then I would have expected, maybe we can track down some of them?

Caelis nods emphatically, now that she has a course of action in front of her. "Good! How do we find them? There were names. Miss Rain. Leandra Fawley. Jolie."

Marius says, "Jolie's mom's name is Thelma, and her brothers name is Andre, Rain seems to be a cook of some sort, profesionally, Rain and Andre were talking about a big tower in the middle of Time Square that is protected by a group of Scions."

Caelis nods, and she thinks back to the dictionary she assimilated. "We need their addresses. Perhaps a phone book? We should pay them a visit."

Marius rises and moves to his desk, he sits down, and pushes a button on a white box under the desk, the screen of the monitor comes to life and begins showing words.

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