Atlantean Anathema Pt 3


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Scene Title Atlantean Anathema, Pt. 3
Synopsis Caelis and Marius, post-Superman-ing.

Marius' Apartment

They spend a little while shaking the vengeful spirit who is chasing them, holding her bare body close to him to try to keep her warm in the brisk upper atmosphere. He finally does and then heads to the balcony of his apartment, landing carefully and making sure she has her balance before releasing her.

The Atlantean woman is pretty cold. Wet+naked+upper atmosphere+high speed = slightly popsicled Atlantean when they land on the balcony. She's trembling uncontrollably when they finally set down, teeth chattering.

Marius guides her carefully into his shower first thing, turning on the warm water he collects her jacket and makes sure she understand how to control the water temprature before going to find her some clothes.

Caelis walks in, looking about wide-eyed at the apartment. Finally, though, she's under some warm water, letting it warm her body up to temperature. It takes a good thirty minutes before she steps out, warm and dry and naked, looking around the place. "I would very much like to know what is going on here." she says, trying to find some of her dignity.

Marius offers her a Terry Cloth robe, his size so a little big for her, "Maybe you should sit down for this? Are you hungry, do you want something to drink?"

Caelis takes the robe, and puts it on. FINALLY, dressed, even if it's only a bathrobe. She nods, and moves to sit down. "I would like something to eat and drink, yes."

Marius returns shortly with some sommer sausage, crackers, and chedder cheese slices, and a glass of ice water and a second of white wine, on a little tv tray, he sets it up in front of you, apparently he was busy while you were in the shower, then settles down in a seat opposite of you. "I am not sure the best way to start. What do you know about the world outside Atlantis?

Caelis replies "What is common knowledge." Pauses. "Or, what is common knowledge for me. But this place is none of that. There is something strange that has happened." She starts on some of the food.

Marius says, "What do you know of the city of Athens?" He starts at the beginning/"

She looks thoughtful, and then shakes her head. "I do not know the name. There are many of the names that I have not recognized."

Marius tries it again in Greek, he then tries a few other cities of the ancient world to see if she rexognizes the name of any of them.

She doesn't seem to. Unfortunately, Atlantis predates recorded history; the story was some 9000 years old by the time Plato got ahold of it. "None." she says. "Some of the language conventions seem similar, but no, none specific."

Marius nods, "Athens….it seems is a city that was founded after you went into stasis. It was founded 4500 years ago by that time there were rumors of Atlantis once existing, but it had already had a great..disaster, and been destroyed for some time.

Her eyes widen, and she bolts up to standing. "No!!!" After all, most people don't take well to the thought that their whole civilization is gone. "No, that can't be!"

Marius puts a hand on her shoulder, tenderly, supportively, "I know this must be hard….I can't say I understand how you feel and I won't…"

Caelis shivers as she tries to get a grip on herself. "Please…what happened? I…gone? My home is gone? How can an entire continent be -gone-!?"

Marius actually wraps her into a hug, "I don't have all the details, but it appears from what that thing was saying and the little I know that a group called the Titans are responsible.

Caelis is still shivering. "Everyone I know is dead. Everything I know is gone. 4500 years?!" Her eyes brighten with tears. "I…" No more words. She doesn't know what to say.

Marius pulls her to his chest, holding her and letting her get it out, "Not everyone you know is gone…you know me right?"

Caelis blinks several times. "I…yes. Thank you." she says, voice quiet. "Thank you for saving me."

Marius says, "Hey, it not every day a beautiful naked woman counts on me. You ever need me just ask. They have a tradition here that you save someones life, you have to take care of them.""

She looks amused at that. "Yes, your society seems to have odd prohibitions about the body." She considers a moment, and says "I have nothing. My home, my wealth, all are gone. I am a pauper."

Marius says, "Not even the clothes on your back…" He smiles softly, "You can stay here as long as you need to, I will do everything I can to help you get settled, and acilmated.""

The woman looks back. She frowns slightly. "I have never needed to worry about funds. Now I will need to. Where can I obtain employment and clothing?"

Marius says, "There are many stores to buy clothing, with money. I can get you something this afternoon and bring it back so you have some walking around clothes, I'll just need to figure out your size. As for a job…it depends, what are your skills?"

Caelis looks faintly amused. "I am a noble. I am practiced in ruling. Beyond that, I am also a scholar, scientist, and physician. But I have no money of your time."

Marius says, "I don't know if our Sciene may be different then yours, and it is illegal to practice medicine without a degree from an American College, as a scholar it is unlikely you will get much respect without the proper credentials."

Caelis frowns. "Those remain my skills. How do I obtain these credentials?" she asks, looking back to him.

Marius says, "You go through roughly 16 to 25 years of schooling normally, " He smiles softly, "Look I don't know how we are going to do it yet, but we are going to do this."

Caelis frowns. "Well, I seem to be dependent on your largesse. My thanks to you, Marius. What is it you do?"

Marius says, "I am a Meteorologist. I track weather patterns and war people when large storms are coming in, and what to expect for gardening and how to dress."

Caelis looks very interested in that. "Fascinating. How is it you do this?" She considers, looking around as if she expects to see specialized tools.

Marius says, "I have a lot of equipment at the office, that tracks weather patterns globally, we have satelites, large flying machines high in the sky that show pictures of the clouds and thier movements, I plot those out and figure where they are going next."

Caelis blinks, seeming impressed. "So far, things have come. The gods must truly bless your people. I would like to see these machines. Can you fly us up to one?"

Marius shakes his head, "The higher you fly the colder it gets and the thinner the air, the satelites are so high that I am afraid we would both pass out before we reached them, or freeze.

Caelis nods. "Then they are very high indeed." Pause. "Well…this is your world…I require your guidance. How do I proceed from here? I will need a way to earn money to buy the necessities of life."

Marius says, "You will need some reeducation first, which means learning about this world, because if you go out like you are, people will suspect something, and the more of a spectacle you make of yourself, the more likely those things will be back."

The Atlantean woman nods. "I see. Very well, then. Can you show me to a means of learning these things? Books?"

Marius says, "Yes book are a good way to start…can you read english? I know you picked it up rather fast."

She shakes her head. "Likely not yet; I will need to work on it. However, I do not need to read them."

Marius raises an eyebrow, "Osmosis?

Marius just asks the one word, most likely leading to further confusion.

She nods, actually, apparently understanding the concept. "Yes. I can absorb the knowledge directly." Handy trick, that. "It will be faster than reading."

Marius says, "It would, here lets start with this." He rises, returns with a dictionary, a book on greek history, and a Holy Bible."

The dark-skinned woman reaches out, closing her eyes, and touches each, in turn. The twitchings behind her eyelids suggest some VERY rapid eye movements. Finally she opens them. "Atlantis sank beneath the oceans?!" Troubled some. "And this new god troubles me some. Seeking his glory at the expense of the others is troubling."

Marius nods and walks over and returns again, this time with a manual for the color tv/vcr and a book on roman history.

Caelis holds up a hand. "Let me rest. There was a lot to take in there." Her speech seems more natural now. "I'll need to get a job. This already is helping. It's good to see that the people of Greece did well, though. Much of us lives on in them, it seems."

Marius says, "You can take the bed, get some rest, I will crash here on the couch." He smiles, "In the morning I will find you some clothes and more reading material."

Caelis smiles. "Thank you. Is there anything I can do to repay your kindness?"

Marius smiles and caresses your cheek, "Maybe someday you can return the favor to me….but all I want to ask, is, don't let that thing be right, about you being the doom of the world…

She looks troubled at that. "I have no clue what it was talking about." I have so much to find out. And things have changed so much. As soon as I have clothes, I'm going to have to learn more of this world."

Marius says, "I'll have some ready for you when you wake up. Go get some rest, it's been a long day.""

Caelis nods. With that, and nothing more said, she heads off to the bedroom, and off to sleep.

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