Atlantean Anathema Pt 1


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Scene Title Atlantean Anathema
Synopsis Some info sharing and bad things..

Opal Condominiums - Suite 3301

This time, Scott's got everything in his backpack organized before he went out. A few frantic cell calls have been exchanged, and therefore the necessity of meeting up to comnpare notes has arisen, which is why Scott's up this early, and not heading out to the NYC public library to hang out. He's holding coffee in one hand; one of those small trays with multiple cups, while he knocks on Maia's door with the other.

Mrrrgle mrrgle. Who would be up at this hour? Maia heads out of her room, wrinkling her nose in one of Haldor's oversized shirts. It's a metal rock band shirt that does down to her knees, it's obviously not hers. "Open!" she says with a yawn, and the door does exactly that.

"Morning," Scott says as he opens the door, immediately turning so that he closes it behind him. He's awake, and trying not to look too jittery as he sets the tray down on the nearest table. "I've been working for the last three days," he says, removing stuff from his backpack almost immediately. "Been meaning to call." There's more papers. "I might be getting closer on that weird language translation." He pulls out a small closed jar with a…thing inside of it, that he got from the corpse of a killer rabbit. "I also brought a sample. You ever seen anything like this?"

Maia yawns a little as she squints and meanders on over towards the living room as she sees the parasite. She then puts up a finger and rushes to her bedroom where she pulls out a jar with one as well. "Killer rabbits, right?" she says, wrinkling her nose as she runs her fingers through her hair. "Haldor and I ran into them on one of our dates. We have the carcasses too..but I think he wants to send them to a taxidermist..for what, I don't know.."

"In Norse mythology, there's a recurring theme of taking trophies from one's victories, so that might be a reason." Scott flumps down into an easy chair. "Those weren't an isolated incident? I ran into a bunch of the Python bunnies when I went to the Central Park Zoo. I think it was connected to this guy…' He goes on to describe in exacting detail the tall man in dark clothes who warned him and the others to get away right before the attack. Perfect Memory; it's what's for dinner. "I did a magical trace, and managed to find a fate thread connecting the rabbits and the path the man took, so I know the, well, flavor of the magic and could find it again if the band wanted to have a talk with him. Also met another Scion who claims to be an independent. Andre, son of Baron Samedi. He's nice, cool accent, and I always thought calling a guitar an 'axe' was a figure of speech. Turns out I was wrong."

" wasnt an isolated incident. When did yours happen? We went on a date yesterday and heard nothing of incidents involving killer bunnies…" she sighs a little too, wrinkling her nose. "They were so cute too, white and fluffy..till they started decapitating people.." facepalming as she eases on down in the couch, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable.

"Oh! You met Jolie's half-brother! yeah, ran into him before..they met and apparently he's really nice..from Nawlins…" she says with a sage nod. "But finding the guy who caused it…well, that would be gooooood.."

"About the same time, actually, and pretty much the same motif. Cute and fluffy in the petting zoo, and then they went all vorpal snicker-snack on people. I couldn't save them." Here, Scott looks glum, bordering on bereft. "I can track the guy, but I was running around with a shovel the other night against the rabbits because…well, let's face it. When I come to combat, I'm not The Guy. But, I can find this joker, and with some help we can stop him from doing this again. Might be some kind of builder, because these little things are a mix of organic and mechanical parts, and their antennae go right to the rabbit's brain to drive them wacko."

"Ewww…sounds really creepy. I'm glad you're not going out alone though. I hope you've been okay otherwise..and well I guess I didnt need this. I was going to show it to you.." she admits ruefully, letting out an impish giggle before she sighs softly and runs her fingers through her hair.

"Oh! I forgot to mention, we met my half brother who is kinda a huge jerk cause he tried to setup a deathtrap for Haldor, Rupert, Gene, Jolie and I. There were our 'dark mirrors' amongst the Corrupted Scions waiting..and well..we kicked was sweet. We also blew up Em-Cee-Dee! Or rather..electrocuted him..but he went poof."

"Is this the same one with the black ofuda who tried to kill you, Haldor and me about four days back?" Scott looks wicked intrigued as Maia explains how her weekend went. "Em-Cee-Dee? Hey, when we were in that fight with the psycho chick who likes me, someome mentioned an Henri. I was wondering if that was him…" He looks to the two jars of cyborg bug things. "I almost want to research them and find out what can block them if they're in a host, but I'm not letting them out and I need more time."

"The same one! And that scary muscular guy. Then the white bitch who messes with people's minds. Then there was the girl who likes you! She even specifically mentioned that she was sad and upset you werent there!" Maia says with a hearty laugh as she pats Scott on the shoulder gently, wrinkling her nose as she winks towards him. "And finally, there was a necromancer..who did all but jack. Buuuut, you can have my sample. We have bunny carcasses if you wanna see some with the parasite still lodged in their brains?"

"I might have to," Scott says. Any thoughts on Preethi are casually slid by. Because she scares the crap out of him. Because Preethi is insane. "I just need time to research, and see how it all fits together. Like a puzzle. I was…always good at those. We need to get cracking on this, or it's going to be too much even for all the light-side Scions we know to deal with…"

"I don't wanna use my kitchen ware for dissecting rabbit brains… wouldnt be able to get a scalpel and tweezers, would you?" she asks with raised brows, as she sticks out her tongue of using anything she'd ever eat with on stuff like that. "Oh! How goes the translating? Got anywhere?" she asks curiously.

"Some," Scott says, with a mix of pride and frustration. "See, I was able to map out the cypher, but I have no idea what language it's in. The writing on the pillar in the Dark Hour? It says 'For the Sins of the Father, Atlantis is destroyed.'" He takes a breath. "I'd say Atlantis never existed, but considering what we are, I can't rule anything out anymore. I…need to take a journey, I think," he explains.

"See, while Thoth…dad, he is the god of knowledge, there was another. Seshat. A lesser diety of the written word and record-keeping. There's an old story…though it might be history in our case. When Atlantis was sunk beneath the waves, Seshat rebelled, unable to rationalize the removal of all references of Atlantis from the written record, considering what her entire purpose was. When the other Pesedjet hid all info, she is said to have hidden the last bit of proof Atlantis existed. She was said to be the keeper of the First Library…" Scott purses his lips. "And if I want to know any more, I might have to find her."


Maia blinks a little quite impressed with everything as she scratches the back of her head. She's smart, but even she doesnt have all this information at her disposal. She beams and wraps her arms around Scott in a squeezy hug as she lets out a happy giggle.

"This is why I call you Billy, Scott.." she quips, snickering softly, still in awe of his uber knowledge. She scratches the back of her head and hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair. "If you found this writing at the Dark Hour, we should go and explore inside. I'll be your bodyguard!" which..really doesnt give her much confidence, but hopefully he'll be okay with it.

"I'd be willing, but I want more than two people to get out there," Scott says. "We had Haldor and Gene with us against the Horsemen, and Haldor when the corrupted Scions attack, and we just held them off. We're going to need a group to get inside, to cover what we can." He rubs his chin. "I am loath to spend any of Rupert's money, though."

"We can wait for Haldor..or David..they're both really good fighters.." Maia says nodding agreement as she wrinkles her nose once more and leans back in the couch, sighing softly. "So Atlantis huh…think they were anything like that Disney movie?" she asks curiously.

"As cool as that would actually be?" Scott says, with a shake of his head. "Probably not. If it was cast beneath the waves, I bet there was some reason for it. Especially if there was a universal-wise coverup for it." He almost looks apologetic on that score. "Shame, because that would have rocked."

"Awww, and I was hoping to see a cute pet lizard thing that ate rocks.." she says with a sigh and wrinkles her nose as she lets out a hearty laugh. "I guess I'll have to settle on an enchanted panda from mother when I ask for Christmas gifts this year.." Hopefully Maia's teasing about that, right?

"I probably have an effective world-wide library card," Scott comments, with a chuckle. "It's really hard to beat that, for me."

Just as Maia's about to say something a figure appears in front of the both teens. It's a familiar figure to the young Japanese woman. There's a tall man dressed in immaculately white robes, similar to the traditional garbs of the onmyouji. The figure looks before the both of them and carries a tall sickle.

The young girl just stares, her eyes wide, unaware that Scott can see and probably hear him at this point. "It's…a…"

When the figure appears, Scott is halfway out of his chair already, his hand reaching towards his shirt pocket. Maia's words are heard, and Scott finishes the sentence in a quavering voice. "Shinigami," he says. "Japanese personification of death." He glups. "Pray it's a social visit, Maia."

There's a yelp. He can see it too? she looks around and wrinkles her nose as she stretches her arms into the air and scratches the back of her head. "I'm not suppose to die yet..why are you here?" Maia says quite defensively.

"For the Sins of the Father, the Atlantean must die.." the shinigami quips as he starts to approach her..

"Atlantean?" Scott asks. "So they still do exist? Amazing." The young man sidles over, ready to interpose between Maia and himself if necessary. "Who? Why?"

The shinigami continues to approach until he merges with Maia's form. She gasps taken completely by surprise and soon she's dressed in her ritual garb. Her eyes have gone completely black and soon the mask is formed over her face hiding her identity. Her voice has changed.

"One whom we thought was destroyed has awakened.." It's a weird mixture of her regular voice with a bit of reverberation. "It is our duty to eliminate the threat.." And suddenly..she poofs and disappears

Scott just stands there, dumbfounded for a moment. "Maia," he says. Pause. "Possessed by a Japanese Death spirit. Must be a day that ends in 'y'." He pulls the monocle out of his pocket, and brings it up to his eye. He calls upon his magical abilities to scan ther threads of fate, to help him find Maia…

The threads of fate are clear in the room. Maia's thread has taken a dark tint, considering she's possessed by one of the shinigami. The thread leads out towards the Hudson…

XP awarded to Scott.

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