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Scene Title Assassins!
Synopsis The Church seeks to whack Amirah, mob-style.


New York City, after the attempted bank robbery.

Kailin parks his bike just down the street from the flaming bank and makes his way over towards a cafe, sitting at an outside table. He motions to the seat across from him and says, "I've got a few projects I've been working on. I need to check with you about them."

Amirah trots along after. She sits down on the opposite side of the table, and then replaces her veil; leaving her covered by it and her burka. "And to think; there are still those who believe this can all be kept quiet." she muses aloud.

Kailin shakes his head and says, "They are kidding themselves, but there are a lot of people in the world and most of them don't know, so to a degree they are correct." He shrugs and says, "Anyway, we need money to get something started. I did some preliminary probing but the bites aren't good. I'm not good with impressing people, but I figured you might be." He leans forward slightly and says, "I'm developing a new solar cell that will be more efficient and more marketable than any other solar energy source ever known. It should be finished by next week. I want you to talk to the investors to bring in money. There are some here in New York and there should be others in Washington. The government would love to be able to use solar energy."

Amirah pauses. "I believe it would be prudent to wait on that account. I am willing, but I am not entirely convinced it is necessary. We should try your invention first. We should see if we can find a lawyer to write up a contract, and then present a business plan to investors. More then likely, I'll be able to convince any who meet with me to sign on; and if not, I can just make them sign the contract." She pauses, pursing her lips. "But I would prefer to avoid doing that as well. Breaking the law and flashy powers are one thing, but only if they are necessary. If this invention does what you say, we can probably get all the funds we would need through completely honorable, moral, noble, legitimate means."

Kailin nods to Amirah and says, "Fair enough. But we'll still need her own to protect our own information and I'll probably use her on a personal basis. No computer system is safe from her." He shakes his head and says, "I don't know anyone that is a lawyer, but it should be a simple document…" He pauses and waits for a moment, searching his memory. "Wait… I think Linda mentioned that she was a lawyer. Yeah. I think so." He nods and says, "I'll get Linda to draft up something the next time I talk to her."

Tapping her chin (or at least, her veil-covered chin) with a finger, Amirah nods. "Good. In order to get anything done in the business world, one needs a lawyer. And I'm sure the computer expert will come in handy, as you've mentioned." She pauses. "I'm still looking into the political scene. As you mentioned before, one on one communications are more likely to be effective. Meeting with potential investors will be a good test of how convincing I can be in a smaller environment."

"I'm good at negotiating. If they don't have to like me, I can put a lot of people in their place with just a few words." He shrugs and says, "So when it comes down to that, I'm all about it. But getting funding, apparently it is going to take likability, which I just don't have. You'll do much better than me and that's all that matters." he leans back and says, "But I think you're more than you give yourself credit for. You'll find out when you begin the rounds with the politicians. And if anyone gives you a hard time, here or in Washington, just let us know. We'll dig up dirt on them and give you a bit of leverage."

Amirah laughs. "That is how the game is played, isn't it?" She shakes her head. "Convince them, bribe them, blackmail them. I did lobby for a living. But that was different, it was…" She pauses. "I suppose we all have to get used to our abilities in different ways." she muses aloud.

"Its politics. So I don't feel bad." Kailin shrugs and says, "If they didn't have anything to use against them, then we wouldn't be blackmailing them, so its their own fault, really." He shakes his head and says, "But regardless of who we get to invest or buy, we're still adding some useful technology to the world that can't really be misued so however it happens, I'll still be happy."

"True." Amirah admits. "And it makes us collectively look good. Of course, those opposed to us - the titans, the church - will spin it in many ways. But when one offers the world something as useful as this, it will make people pause and listen a bit longer."

Kailin nods to Amirah and says, "Oh, yes, I was thinking about that. We have several options on that front. We can create shell corporations to control our active interests so that the company we run cannot be traced back to us. Or we can have two separate ones, one that runs our actual interests and one that controls very little interests, but attracts the negative tension. You know, getting them to look at one hand while the other hand is doing all the work."

Speaking of being opposed to her, a car pulls up in front of the cafe and the windows roll down. Just as they do, the car sprays a hail of bullets from both the front and the back of the driver's side windows.

Amirah is pondering that choice silently when the hail of gunfire shatters the (relative) quiet which had settled over the area in the wake of the foiled bank robbery a short while ago.

The gunfire rips into her burka, shredding it quite effectively. Fortunately, many of the bullets are stopped shortely thereafter by her bulletproof vest; creating visible impact-dents into it. (Or however their appearance changes.)

Amirah herself is knocked sideways off of her chair, and sent sprawling several feet; the vest not protecting from the kinetic impact of the guns. She pushes the table over to provide some cover (assuming it hasn't already fallen over), and moves to try and take out her gun. She has some blood on her face, but hasn't noticed it yet.

Kailin jumps up in front of Amirah quickly and asks, "Are you okay?" Metallic substances ooze out from his skin, covering him and his clothes completely. He turns back towards the car, and reaches his hands towards it, his fingers closing down in midair. "Do you know these people?" He waits as he asks, hesitating to see what Amirah will be doing in response to the attack.

Shaking her head at Kailin, Amirah doesn't take the time to respond. Pulling out the gun that was strapped on her back, underneath her tattered and bullet-ridden burka, she raises the rifle to return fire, a deep anger welling up inside her, along with an urge to shoot back - to hurt and kill.

But before she can do so, just before - she remembers herself, remembers her place. She does value physical activity, and her ability to defend herself. She has practiced shooting at a shooting range. But she values her mind more. And in this case, her mind reminds her of something just before she can act.

Standing up, stepping forward over the table, her eyes take on a steely, hard, almost serpentine glare. Her movements become more purposeful, more elegant and certain. She focuses her attention on her attactors, striding towards them with the gun in hand, focusing her attention on their eyes and her gait; trying to appear the role of a confident - relatively unharmed - and all-powerful warrior-goddess; to use her appearance to manipulate their minds.

She stops just in front of the car, rifle in hand. "Do you really think you can hurt a god?" she asks, in a slightly more husky voice then usual.

Its all about the theatrics.

The four in the car seem to be frozen with rapture as they stare out the driver's side windows at Amirah. Kailin sees them fall into a trance and he releases his grip on the car, not flipping it over in the street. He stands there as a statue of steel and looks back towards Amirah. "You got that handled?" He hits one fist into the other palm, sparks flying. "I try not to murder people if I can avoid it."
"The perils of believing the rhetoric about being the children of the gods." Amirah replies, "Even if it is true - is letting the use of force, might makes right - become…a way of life. A stagnation of the mind." She tilts her head slightly to the side, staring the four up and down in an almost birdlike fashion.

"Do you have something we can use to tie them up with?"

Kailin pats himself down and shakes his head. "Sorry… Not on me. I don't really carry things like that. I've never run into a situation like this." He shrugs and asks, "How long can you keep them like that?" People around them have scattered. The sound of gunfire sent people running for the hills, quick to get out of sight, but a few people far away look on, interested in the commotion more than they are interested in their own safety. Kailin asks with a motion in the direction of the car, "Can you just… keep them like that?"

"For as long as they can see me." Amirah replies, her voice sounding a bit uncertain despite her assertations. "Search them. See if they have any personal identifications. Take their weapons. We can either wait for the police, or take them elsewhere, or let them go." she continues, still staring at them - though her gaze does flicker elsewhere.

"Since they are likely members of the group which tried to kill so many innocents however, I am rather reluctant to let them go."

Kailin looks from Amirah to the car and back. "Well… how about we don't. Let them keep their weapons and their ID. When the cops come, it would be better to let them have their weapons in their hands. They can do all their police stuff much better if we don't mess with them." The metal surrounding him and his clothes melts away and he moves back to the chair he was sitting in, straightening it again. He motions across and asks, "Back to the conversation then? What do you want to do with the company? One company? Secret company? One public and one secret company?"

Amirah laughs. "That is an excellent idea." She goes back to her own chair, and rights the table. "Its an interesting choice. The problem with doing it with many shell companies, all in secret - is that if I am associated with the application for investment, they will know the money is going somewhere; unless we deliberately keep quiet. On the other hand…" She pauses.

"I do like the sneakiness of the other idea. I'm sure it has a downside also, but I can't think of it."

"I don't anticipate the money being an issue." Kailin shakes his head and says, "We're going to be taking in money to put this idea into development, but there is no actual development to be done. I've already developed the technology. So we could associate you with one company, then move the money to our other company. The first company will take the bad press and the issues that the priest-freaks, that's what we're calling them now, will throw our way." He looks towards the car again, just checking on the shooters, then looks back to Amirah, meanwhile the real company can use the money that will be moved to them for whatever we need it for."
Amirah pauses to consider that. "Ah, I see. So the presentation will be funds for the development of the technology, rather then the manufacturing and implementation." She pauses, nodding. "Also clever. So you give them the technology, and keep the development funds. Very smart."

She pauses for a moment, then adds, "But that also makes the presentation more complicated. Its a discussion of theory and possibilities rather then displaying the actual item. But still - it can be done."

"I can be there for the nerdy scientific talk." Kailin nods and says, "That's what I'm good at anyway, the talky talk. I can convince them the idea will work - mostly because I know that it does, or will… You just have to convince them that they want to invest in it. Because even if they believe it will work, it might not be something they want to buy." He shrugs and says, "I don't know whay they wouldn't, but people are stupid and I'm not all that likable to mortals."

"I see." Amirah replies. "I can certainly convince them of that, then. A few speeches come to mind; such as harnessing the ancient power of the sun, and ushering in a new age for mankind, of cheap, plentiful energy which can be sold in numbers never before seen, to finally understanding the energy of Ra." She nods to herself. "Yes, I can come up with some sort of speech."

Kailin chuckles lightly as the police cars come steaming down the street. One car comes from each direction, pulling up behind and in front of the sedan driven by the men with guns. They are still transfixed on Amirah, staring blankly and oblivious to the police officers that have arrived. The officers exit their vehicles pretty casually, expecting to find more trouble than they did. One of them comes over towards Kailin and Amirah, asking, "We got a report of a shooting in the area…" Just as he says that, one of the other officers calls out, "Gun!" With that what follows is a flurry of activity as the officers surround the car, call for backup, ordering the men to drop their weapons and step out of the vehicle. Of course, the men ignore them, staring at Amirah blissfully.

Amirah stands up, and coughs politely once, into her left hand. "Excuse me officers. They are not capable of moving." she explains. "Regardless of your political views - I am the woman from the television who has attracted such contraversy. I apologize that my fame has put others in danger; but it appears as if these four are terrorists who…violently dispute my message, and hope to exercise that terrorism upon me."

She gestures her hand towards the car. "They are enraptured by my sight. They can no more drop the gun while in my presence then you could fly. There is no need to shoot them for disobeying an order they are incapable of responding to."

While she might sound psychotic to most people, the officers are very aware of recent events and so they are a bit more prepared to hear what she has to say. Moving very slowly to the car, they open the door and pull the men to the ground with little effort besides the cacophony of four people all shouting orders over and over again, all at once. The four men struggle only enough to continue to keep sight of Amirah and they are easily handcuffed. Before they go about the process of securing the scene as other cars arrive. One of the officers comes to get a statement and asks, "What happened here? Is there anyone hurt?" Kailin just shakes his head and turns towards Amirah to let her explain. As they've established, she is better with people.

"I was sitting down for a casual drink." Amirah explains, "When this van pulled up, and they fired their weapons at me." She leaves Kailin out of it, presuming he doesn't want fame - and since she's already 'bit the bullet', she figures its better if she let others assume he's a mortal; lest he get hit-squads coming after him, too. After all, if it turns out he does want fame, he can easily get it.

"They destroyed my burka, but were unable to pierce my bullet proof vest. Once they took the time to actually see me, they could no longer bear to fire a weapon to harm me. Then I merely sat back down and awaited your arrival. I suspect they are members of whatever group tried to kill those assembled outside the United Nations building. I am unharmed by their automatic weapons fire."

There are more questions. A lot more questions, but they all come back to the same story and it takes only a few more times through it to determine that there won't be another version forthcoming. As the police techs examine the evidence, the police ask Kailin and Amirah to step outside the active crime scene and get to work.

Kailin follows along passively, not really bothered by anything but the wasted time that it takes to get through everything. He looks back towards Amirah with a shrug. "Well, at least we know what we're up against. And we weren't interrupted too much. We got a plan for the near future. All we have to do is come up with a nmae for the two companies and I'll get them into existence soon. Probably by tomorrow."

Leaving her bullet-ridden outer-outfit behind for the crime techs to analyze, Amirah continues her discourse with Kailin. "I imagine we should choose the names assuming both will become public sooner or later." she replies. "Preferrably something hope-inspiring and uplifting. A name is a brand, even if its not public or known right now. Did you have anything in mind?"

Kailin chuckles at the mention of a name. "Um, no. I'm as likely to flip open a dictionary and pick a name. If the name matters to you, then you're more than welcome to pick one. I've never found the name of a company to have any bearing on the public perception except for the associations attached to the specific company itself." He makes his way over to his motorcycle and says, "I'm gonna take off home though. Just call and leave a message if you think of names you want. And it doesn't have to only be two companies. We could do five or six. The cost is practically non-existant and would only serve to better hide the final result."

"If I think of any good names, I'll let you know." Amirah replies. "In the meantime, have a good night."

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