Asha Purview

Asha is an old word that cannot be clearly translated into other languages, but can be understood to mean both “truth” and “right.” It combines the idea of what is and what should be. What is righteous is true. What is evil is a lie. And righteousness united with truth, the Yazatas believe, is mighty. Those who face the power of Asha must agree.
Mortals summarized Asha in three concepts: Humata (Good Thoughts), Hukhta (Good Words), and Havarastra (Good Deeds). Following these tenets would bring mortals the favor of not just the Gods but also of the Amesha Spenta, the six personifications of facets of Asha. When enemies came, a believer who followed Asha would be aided by the Gods or the Amesha Spenta.

1 Humata
2 Hukhta
3 Havarastra
4 Amesha Spenta Yasht
5 Amesha Spenta Yasht
6 Amesha Spenta Yasht
7 Amesha Spenta Yasht
8 Amesha Spenta
9 Seta Amesha Spenta
10 Ashavan

Humata (Asha •)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1+ Legend
Upon purchasing this Boon, the Scion chooses one of the three attribute categories (Mental, Social or Physical) to associate with this power. Thereafter, the Scion can invoke the principle of Humata (Good Thoughts) and call upon greater reserves of power. The Scion gains a single “Wild Card” dot of Epic Attributes, which she may apply to any Attribute within her chosen category. This may raise an Epic Attribute beyond what the character’s Legend rating allows. The character cannot use Humata multiple times to increase an Epic Attribute by more than one, or to increase any other Epic Attributes. Nor does the temporary dot of Epic Attribute grant an additional Knack. Humata (and its successor Boons) cannot raise an Epic Attribute above 10 dots.
Invoking Humata costs as many Legend points as the final value of the chosen Epic Attibute. The effect lasts for a scene, and cannot be changed until the scene ends.
Example: A Scion of Anahita has an Epic Intelligence of 2, no Epic Wits, a Legend of 3 and Humata associated with Mental Attributes. She could spends 3 points of Legend and increases her Epic Intelligence to 3, ignoring that her Legend is too low for that rating; or, she could spend 1 Legend to gain one dot of Epic Wits for the rest of the scene.

Hukhta (Asha ••)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1+ Legend per person affected
The Scion picks a second category of Attributes, and gains a single “Wild Card” dot of Epic Attributes she may apply to this category, following the same rules as for Humata.
What’s more, as a miscellaneous action the Scion can grant a dot of an Epic Attribute to a companion by speaking words of encouragement or praise and touching the target. (Or writing, or signing — just so long as the target can understand the Scion.) The dot must be in one of the two categories chosen by the Scion. There is no repeat use to grant multiple dots (even in multiple categories). The gift of power can raise Epic Attributes above the limits set by the target’s Legend, and each gift costs as many Legend points as the resulting Epic Attribute rating. This power can affect mortals as well as Scions and other supernatural folk. The effect lasts for a scene.

Havarastra (Asha •••)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 or more Legend per person
The Scion gains a third “Wild Card” dot of Epic Attribute, applied to the remaining category of Attributes.
The Scion can also bestow a single dot of Epic Attributes on other people at range, and gift more than one target at a time. The Scion takes a miscellaneous action indicative of prayer — perhaps opening her arms and looking to the sky, kneeling and touching the ground or simply bowing with her hands clasped. She grants a single dot in one Epic Attribute to all her chosen targets. Targeted people must be within (Legend x 10) yards of the Scion, but she does not need to see them — merely to know they are present. Each target costs the Scion Legend points based on the resulting value of the chosen Epic Attribute, as per Hukhta and Humata. The effect lasts a scene. Hukhta and Havarastra do not stack.

Amesha Spenta Yasht (Asha •••• To ••••• ••)

Dice Pool: Charisma + Integrity
Cost: 1 Willpower + 5 Legend
The Amesha Spenta are six principles that represent aspects of the old Persian understanding of the World. For each level of this Boon, the Scion selects an additional Amesha Spenta.
A mystic aura surrounds a Scion who invokes an Amesha Spenta. The Scion gains a benefit to one of her purviews. If the Scion currently lacks a suitable Birthright for channeling that purview, she can invoke the Boons she knows anyway, at no penalty. (She still needs to own a suitable Birthright and learn Boons as normal: Amesha Spenta Yasht merely offers a chance to channel the purview if the Birthright is unavailable.) If the Scion has her Birthright, then she gains bonus dice equal to her Legend on rolls to activate Boons from that purview.
The Scion may only invoke one aura per scene, but the Boon lasts for the remainder of the scene or until the Scion chooses to end it.
• Ameretat — The Amesha Spenta of Eternal Life. Associated with all plant life, this Amesha Spenta manifests as a faint shimmer of a green aura surrounding the Scion, twisting at the edges like a vine’s tendrils. Ameretat is associated with the purview of Fertility.
• Armaiti — The Amesha Spenta of Holy Devotion. Armaiti is associated with the earth, and appears as a brown or beige aura around the Scion, crumbling at the edges into motes that fall and swirl back into the aura like a trickle of sand. Armaiti is associated with the purview of Earth.
• Asha Vahishta — The Amesha Spenta of Best Truth. A red-orange aura flares to life around the Scion, flickering at the edges like flames. Asha Vahishta is associated with the purview of Fire.
• Haurvetat — The Amesha Spenta of Perfect Wholeness. Associated with the waters of the world, this Amesha Spenta manifests as a light blue aura in constant motion, flowing smoothly across the Scion’s features. Haurvetat is associated with the purview of Water.
• Kshathra — The Amesha Spenta of Righteous Dominion. Kshathra is associated with the sky and metals, and appears as a silver-white aura that flashes with angles and edges. Kshathra is associated with the purview of Sky.
• Vohu Manah — The Amesha Spenta of Good Wisdom. No aura appears, but the Scion’s features take an ever-changing animalistic cast — her eyes might become cat-like one moment, or her skin may seem scaled the next. Vohu Manah is associated with the Animal purview.

Amesha Spenta (Asha ••••• •••)

Dice Pool: Integrity + Legend
Cost: 10 Legend
When the Scion uses this Boon, one of her chosen Amesha Spentas manifests to assist her. The aura of the Amesha Spenta flows off her body to coalesce as an abstract humanoid figure formed of the physical principle of the Amesha Spenta (i.e., fire for Asha Vahishta, water for Haurvetat, etc.)
The Amesha Spenta has all the Scion’s dice pools and can use all the Boons that the Scion knows from the relevant purview. It acts by the Scion’s will, but takes its own actions. As an abstract concept given form, though, the mystic helper cannot do anything but move and use Boons. It also uses the Scion’s Legend to power those Boons. No mundane force can harm an Amesha Spenta, but attacks backed by Epic Attributes, Arete, or other supernatural means deal damage as normal. The Amesha Spenta has soak equal to the Scion’s natural soak (including Epic Stamina) and it has five –0 Health levels.
This Boon may be used once per scene. The Amesha Spenta lasts for one minute per success on the activation roll.
The Scion may also select a fifth Amesha Spenta to associate with Asha, as per the previous Boon.

Seta Amesha Spenta (Asha ••••• ••••)

Dice Pool: Integrity + Legend
Cost: 15 Legend
This Boon acts the same as the previous Boon, except that once per scene, the Scion may now call three Amesha Spentas at once to help her. The Scion also now has access to all six of the Amesha Spentas.

Ashavan (Asha ••••• •••••)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 15 Legend
With this Boon, the Scion calls upon the fundamental existential principle of Asha. She may create her own, seventh Amesha Spenta, for whatever All-Purpose Purview she wants: Chaos, Health, War, whatever. Yazata traditionally choose Sun, to improve their connection to Divine Light, or Stars, the purview of cosmic order — but they can choose anything. However, a character can only do this once: She cannot go on to create further Amesha Spentas. A Yazata’s personal Amesha Spenta has the same effects as the basic six, with the same cost to manifest. What’s more, the Yazata may now spend 15 Legend and 1 Willpower to evoke all seven of her Amesha Spentas as helpers

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