Ash Burrows
Ash Burrows
Portrayed By: Matthew Mcconaughey
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Calling: Souldigger
Pantheon: Atzlánti
Divine Parent: Tlazoltéotl
Significant Other(s): none


Ash never suffered any problems when he was young. Even though an orphan, the wealthy Burrows-family took him in before his first memories and raised him as their own son, because they could not bear any children. Soon, Ash showed signs of high intelligence, much to the joy of the Burrows-family. And even before getting him into a private school, they managed to get him a private tutor. Even though Ash had a great potential, his social skills lacked a bit. He was polite and never offended anyone, but he never made any friends, while at school. When his foster parents started to worry, he decided to acquire some false friends. It wasn't too hard for him, since he had a good understanding of the human psychology (he read many books) and changed his demeanor accordingly. He got into a good College and started to follow this new found interest. Psychology. It was then, that he started wearing glasses as well. He actually never needed them, but there were some people who reacted differently towards psychiatrists withouth glasses. A strange phaenomenon, indeed. He started attending a sportsclub as well, since it was better for his curiculum vitae and he choose fencing. When he finished college, he started doing his own business as a psychiatrist in Los Angeles and was pretty good at it. Even though he didn't seem to care much about his patients, he loved it to dig for the deepest and darkest secrets of people. But one day he dug too deep and got on the bad side of the boss of a crime organization. He was thought to be assassinated, but before that they used all their influence to destroy every single bit of reputation Ash had. When they were done, Ash was financially destroyed, so they took him to a big dump yard and shot him two times into the chest. While he was dying on a pile of trash, Ash understood that he has no fear of death. He didn't fear how it happened and he didn't fear what would happen after that. It was then - right before his death - that he thought for the first time, that he may be no human at all. And it was then, that two beautiful hands reached out of the pile of banana skins and old injection needles and comforted him in what was thought to be his final hour. His ichor ignited and his body started functioning again. Ash never felt such fear. But fear soon made place for something he never felt before…love. Tlazolteotl told him about his lineage…about his powers and his duties as a child of the gods. With his new found powers and birthrights, Ash killed the man who destroyed his life…not because he wanted revenge for himself, but because he deserved it for destroying lives at all. With nowhere to go, Ash took, what valuables he could find and vanished from Los Angeles. He tried to get food in some other cities but he seemed to have become infamous at the whole westcoast. Cursing TV and Newsletter, Ash ventured to the eastcoast in hope to find a new job…or at least a portion of his destiny.


Ash is a pretty cold person to most people. He has seen the bad side of the world and has been tricked by people he thought of as his friends. He doesn't trust anybody to this point, but sees them only as objects that need to be observed. He is acting almost cheerful when around other Scions but mostly because to avoid unnecessary conflict.


Scrivner, Rufus
Rufus is a lawyer Ash met on his trip to Ellis Island. He was the first Scion in New York that Ash came across and he seems to be a pretty reasonable guy. Ash applied for a job at his law firm as a paralegal, since Ash didn't have any means to earn money.
Ash thinks of him as a do-good'er with unshakeable principle. Mr. Nice Guy. But that makes him interesting to observe. This doesn't necessarily mean, that Ash doesn't like him.

Adams, Vette
Vette is a nice young lady who accompanied Rufus, when Ash first met them at Ellis Island. She was not only very shy, but almost fearful of Ash's real side. Like Rufus, she has unshakeable principles and isn't very fond of Ash's ideas of punishment. Oh yeah - and she hates Dorian.

Floros, Dee
Dee is a mysterious woman, who Ash met at the Java House. Even though she said, she tends to sneak around her enemies, Ash has the feeling, that she is pretty powerful. Until now she seems to be a nice person, with the wish to keep herself always a bit enigmatic, even to her friends.

Sirko, Asterisk
Asterisk is exactly what Ash loves most. A perfect being to observe. Even though her divine blood makes her superior to mortals, she still sees herself as a small candle in a big room of spotlights. This is so interesting, that Ash now wants to form a band with her, to see her more frequently for examination. Saw her at the Java House

Odeman, Tybalt
Ash saw Tybalt at the Java House. There wasn't much of a conversation but only a short greeting. Most probably a Scion of some sort.

Events Thus Far

Watching Ellis Island
Ash meets Rufus and Vette at Ellis Island while observing a strange building which only beings of legend can see.

Talking over Coffee
Rufus and Ash meet in the Java House to talk about Ash's application, but are distracted by the arrival of other Scions.

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Epic Strength 0 Epic Charisma 1 Epic Perception 0
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 5
Epic Dexterity 1 Epic Manipulation 1 Epic Intelligence 1
Stamina 4 Appearance 4 Wits 2
Epic Stamina 1 Epic Appearance 1 Epic Wits 1
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