Arranging the Forum


Dhatri Karmali, Erasma and Richard

Scene Title Arranging the Forum
Synopsis Dhatri and Erasma go for a post-sparring meal, and discuss the creation of a new Scion-only internet forum. Richard shows up, and the topic turns to the end of the world.

Fratelli's Ristorante

Among the many other similar establishments in Little Italy, perhaps there's nothing that immediately distinguishes this family-owned Mulberry Street restaurant from all the rest. The decor is somewhat rustic, with many of the pots and pans that Pappa Fratelli and his wife originally used hanging on the walls. The smell of garlic and oregano is strong as it drifts back from the kitchen, and the food is plentiful on people's plates, just like most of the other such eateries you might find. Yet, the longer one stays here, the more readily apparent it becomes that Fratelli's isn't just a carbon-copy Italian joint. From the family history printed on the menus, to the world-class cuisine, the cozy atmosphere and the friendly staff, Fratelli's shows that they've learned a thing or two about cooking and hospitality in the three generations that they've been around.

Entree selections range from the traditional pastas and salads (area food critics recommend the hearty spaghetti selections, with homemade meatballs), to family recipies that include manicotti's and cannoli's, as well as Mamma Fratelli's famous deep-dish lasagne.

It's later in the evening, only the late diners present in the Ristorante; the late diners, and Richard, who was hanging out outside, one foot kicked up on the wall and his head tilted back to the brick as he relaxes after his dinner earlier. Maybe he's meeting someone out there.

Erasma comes in with Dhatri, looking tired and sweaty and with a large gym bag behind her where she kept her short sword and dagger as well as the gym cloths she wore for the spar. Seems the girl decided to change her style and go with small and fast style of fighting. But she still seems nervous to be here. "Careful" she tells Dhatri. "Had a interesting run in here." So far Dharti would have learned she is very physicaly fit with more stamina then a girl her size aught to have.

Dhatri nods. "I see. Well, hopefully we won't have to deal with the Flying Spaghetti Monster," he says drily. Dhatri, on the other hand, would have held back; making him appear very fast and nimble for a regular human, but still only human. Just enough to make up for Erasma's greater technical skill. He also carries a gym bag, which not only holds a practice blade, but a real one. Mostly because he couldn't be bothered removing it from the bag before leaving his apartment.

Erasma sighs lightly. "Mafia actualy… they get really touchy around laptops." she says with a sigh and smirk before she sits down. 'Hmm wow… im so hungry I could eat a horse. Alright, well now im curious. Why the invitation?"

Dhatri shrugs. "I was hungry," he says drily. "Besides, I had a favour I wanted to ask you. Since you're good with computers, I was wondering if you had the knowhow to set up and maintain an internet forum."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Yeah sure.. I mean you would have to get the addy yourself but I webmistress on a few sites already." She says with a bright smile. "Thinking something for yoru medical practice?" she asks as she looks through the menu.

"Not quite," Dhatri replies. "Actually, it's because a lot of particularly nasty things are on the horizon, and the children of the Gods need somewhere they can get in touch with each other quickly, reliably and anonymously."

Erasma blinks slightly and looks up. "They have a place. Well built too…. good code on it but well children of the gods and all." she says with no small amount of interest though she still plays coy. "One of them contact you and ask?"

Dhatri nods. "Something like that, then we pass the word on to the ones we already know, and eventually the ones in New York can get in contact with each other or simply spread urgent warnings considerably quicker than relying on word of mouth."

Erasma nods lightly. "It might not be a bad idea actualy. I want to get in touch with whoever worked up Scionlist and see if I can get a…colaboration going." she says slowly as she realized she may have let herself get too enthusiastic. "I um… you know for your clients."

Dhatri sighs. "You know, this would be much easier if we were honest with each other. I held back while we were sparring, and I suspect you did too," he says just before a waiter arrives to ask for drink orders. "Could I have a pint of Peroni please?"

Erasma smiles lightly. "Mountain Dew please." she says before she chuckles. "And man I could go for some wine. Last time I asked an adult to buy it for me though she said …and I qoute 'my parents would never forgive her'," she says with a laugh before she sighs and waits for the waitress to leave. "Well yeah. For one I'm more used to an axe."

Dhatri chuckles. "I'm not entirely sure they'd let me buy it for you anyway; most places require you to be with a parent, I think," he says. "I'm not much of a fan of sidestepping the truth, and honestly I'm not much good at it either, so I'll just go ahead and tell you that I very recently met my real parents, and because of that I'll probably get a fair amount of use out of that forum myself."

Erasma raises her brow. "Rents? Like two of them? Well I mean I have a mom too… but she is mortal. Just got knocked up by dad before he left." she says with a nod. "Well… im sure the cats out of the bag then. How did you know?"

"It was a guess. Top secret 'group projects', such excitement over a single forum, even given who'd be using it?" Dhatri says drily. "You're also considerably tougher than someone of your build is physically capable of being. But yes, two divine parents. It does happen; my sister, who I only met recently, is the same. It's rare though; very few of the married gods are particularly faithful, so most tend to have one divine and one human. I wasn't holding back by much though; I suspect you'd have won quite easily if neither of us had been, though you'd have to be stronger than anyone I've come across to hurt me too badly…"

Erasma gives a small shrug. "Dad wanted me to be a fighter so… im good at fighting." she says with a shrug. "I mean he wants me smart too but still. But oh? I just met my own sister recently. Real nice to be able to do so…but well mom in law is kinda a bitch so…" she shrugs. "Alright though…. its nice to meet another one. Funny how this sort of thing happens."

"Yes, Vette; I met her earlier too," Dhatri says drily. "That helped tip me off too. Fate seems to be getting heavy handed of late, though I can't really blame it."

Erasma gives a small chuckle. "That it is…. but well too many of us in one city. Im surpised its not like dividing by zero. " she says before she bites her lip. "Hmm you any good at wanton destruction by any chance? Or chaos?"

The bells dangling off the door jangle softly as it's pushed open, and Richard steps along inside; whistling under his breath as he carries a brown paper package over to the counter—handing it over and getting it signed off, apparently doing some part-time courier work to make some extra pocket change.

"I particularly pissed off a titanspawn so badly that it destroyed the top floor of a school once," Dhatri says with a shrug. "Don't worry, the school had been evacuated; someone called in a bomb threat. I'm better at not being destroyed than destroying things though."

Erasma chuckles. "Hmm fair enough. Maybe you might be able to help with Dee's project after all. We are going after robots. Need someone to help me make alot of noise while she and a bunch of sneaky types go in and kill the guy making them. Im in the make alot of noise part." she says before she glances up. "Oh… HEYA Hopper!"

Hopper? Richard turns to look back towards the door, his brow furrowing. No, Hopper didn't just walk in. Then he tracks his gaze over to the table, and a smirk twitches to his lips, taking up the signed form and tucking it into a pocket as he meanders over, "'Ey Doc. Hey babe."

Dhatri nods. "I think I can help with that." When she calls over to someone called Hopper, he also looks around, then chuckles. "Good evening, Richard," he says. "I just asked her to get that forum set up for us."

Erasma nods lightly. "Oh… wait Richard? That guy called Richard told me you were named Hopper." she says with an obvious frown as she looks between them… well this has her all sorts of troubled.

Richard's brow furrows into a line as he stops near the table, his head tilting a bit as he regards Erasma with a bemused sort of expression. "Uh, no, Hopper's a little dude. What guy called Richard?"

"Most likely Hopper," Dhatri says drily as the waiter comes along to take food orders. "I'll have a risotto fungi, please," he requests of the waiter.

Erasma takes a small sigh. "Hopper I imagine…. that bastard. I should have known when he tried to mess with my mind." she mutters before blinking at Richard. "Wait a minute… one, dont call me babe again or I will punch you. Secondly.. I will have the lassagna and the veal pargimani.." she says to the waiter. "And last… you know about the forum?'

"Why does everyone in your family keep threatening me?" Disgruntled, Richard drags out a chair at their table and drops himself down to sprawl into the seat; one arm draping over the back as he settles in with a comfortable sprawl, both brows lifting, "Yeah, I was there when your sister suggested it."

"So was I; I offered to ask you, since I was meeting you tonight anyway," Dhatri adds with a shrug. "Though I would have been quite happy to take the credit for the idea," he adds with with a slight smile.

Erasma chuckles before she nods. "Hmm well I will see what I can do.. but well we do because we dont take well to calling us babe. It makes us tear off limbs.. Like a wookie." she says with a nod before she sighs,. "So your one of us too.. fun."

Richard's tongue clicks to the roof of his mouth. "I didn't call her babe. I'm pretty sure that English would've drop kicked me out a window or something for hitting on his woman, he doesn't speak American all that well." He eachs over to steal a bread stick from the basket on the table, "Mm. Suppose so."

"No, he just came from the country the language originated in," Dhatri says drily. "No, she threatened to beat him up if he ever hurt you. She was very friendly and polite about it, but it was quite sincere."

Erasma nods lightly. "Engl…Oh! Rufus. Yeah he would have. But oh… well no need for her to worry. Im more then capable of picking him up and throwing him through a wall if he does so." she says with a small nod.

"I was just saying you could probably do that whole computer forum thing," Richard rolls his eyes at the pair, waving the bread stick vaguely between them, "Somehow she got the idea I wanted to date you or some shit."

Dhatri shrugs. "Who knows what goes on inside that head of hers? She reminds me of a certain River Tam…"

Erasma frowns slightly. "Hey.. my sis may be smarter then me but she isn't crazy." she says with a small nod…then grins. 'But only if I can be kaylee." she jokes before she shrugs and looks to Richard. "Aren't you still in high school?"

Richard tears off a chunk of bread, chewing and swallowing. "I'm a senior," he insists, "Second time. Probably not going to college, either, now that I've got all've this shit goin' on…"

Dhatri chuckles. "Works for me. I wouldn't suggest giving up on college though Richard; there is always a chance that you'll be able to use what you learn there, or even find a decent day job."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Exactly, dont give up collage. Its usefull stuff and well if your going to posibly run the world when you grow up its best you know how some basic things work." she says with a nod before she raises her brow. "Wait..senior second time? Your 19?"

"Eighteen." Richard leans back in his chair, tilting it slightly onto two legs as he nibbles on the breadstick, pointing out dryly, "It'll be kind've hard to attend college while I'm dealing with all've this shit, you know. My father was pretty clear about the job I had to do."

"So was mine, though he'd actually planned on waiting until I'd finished medical school," Dhatri says. "It's possible to do both. I won't pretend it's easy, but it's possible."

Erasma nods lightly. "Its posible.. I mean it helps that im taking easier classes then I should be…. and dad's gifts certainly help but it can be done. With enough time to spare to have a social… well kinda a social life. Its just busy is all and I dont sleep much."

Richard's nose wrinkles just a bit. "Honestly, I wasn't really sure what I'd do anyway," he admits, "I'm not like Hopper're anything, no fuckin' genius. This…" A pause, gaze on the ceiling, "…this feels like something I can do that matters."

Dhatri shrugs. "Well, it's your future. I would honestly advise you to give it a try at least." And that is when the food arrives.

Erasma nods to him. "Indeed. and heh.. your not much younger then me then." she says before she shrugs. "You can do it if you try… you dont need to be a genious to do well even if it helps"

"We'll see." Richard's chin drops back down near his chest, and he crooks a grin at the pair, "Besides, if you listen to English, we might have the end of the world falling down on our heads within the next few months. I might not even graduate high school before the end."

"We'll see indeed; there's just as much chance that we can prevent it," Dhatri points out. "That's another thing that won't be easy, but can be done," he adds before starting on his food. "There will likely be hard times ahead, but we can weather the oncoming storm."

Erasma gives a small frown. "Oh dont listen to his shit. Look I love Rufus but his family are some of the most pessimistic basatds on the face of the earth. My family isn't worried. Well we are worried but we dont think the world is doomed yet. I think we have a fighting shot. We just need to fight harder."

Richard tilts his head a little. "So who is your family? I'm still kind've new at…" A vague gesture through the air with the remnant of the breadstick, "…all've this, you know? Anyway, there's some prophecy'n shit, and he says the Midgar Serpent is waking up."

"The end of the world will come when it comes," Dhatri says. "People may be trying to set it off sooner than fate would like, but even assuming we stop them, it'll happen eventually. That doesn't mean we should ever stop trying though."

Erasma wrinkles her nose. "Shit.. I was hoping that was a metaphor. Hmmm Elin will know about that one. Supposedly the serpent is her brother." she says with a small nod before she looks up to Richard and smiles. "My name didn't give it away? Greek." she says with a nod before she nods. "Im pretty sure we can stop it."

Richard's lips twitch up at one corner of his lips. "I'm going to have to start picking up mythology books and reading them, aren't I," he admits, rubbing his forehead, his eyes closing, "Figures I slept through that class."

Dhatri nods. "Probably a good idea; I can recommend several good books on Hindu mythology. I think most of them even have English translations…"

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