Arni Wanes
Arni Van Wanes
Portrayed By: Logan McCree
Status: Alive
Age: 23
Calling: Strong Man
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Vidar
Significant Other(s): His Job.


When asked about his Background, this is typically his reply.
See if you can do better.


Stone cold silent. There is a history unspoken…well there is a lot unspoken. Most think him a mute capable of nothing but a few grunts of affirmation of negation. He doesn't speak often and when he does it's often just a few clipped words. He seems very distant sort of person, not warm, very straight forward and without any form of humor for the most part. However, for those who see him around those he counts as friends, he is loyal as a dog, and ferocious as a lion to all who threaten those under his care.


Dad - (Alive?) He was dead. Now he isn't. It's complicated.
Mother - Deceased. Say anything negative about her and you will be too.

Events Thus Far

Broke out of Prison.


If you are a cop or have access to police records and a good reason to go looking for information on Arni, then page me and I will give you details.

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