Arete Purview

Arete is a Greek word meaning “excellence,” a quality highly valued among the Greek Gods. In fact, showing off one’s surpassing skill or total command of a field of study is a recurring theme throughout many legends about them. Granted, most of those legends involve some pompous mortal claiming to be the best there is at what she does and an offended God’s reaction to that claim not being very pretty. Nonetheless, the Greek Gods and the society that venerated them held the concept of excellence in such high regard that it became a Purview specific to them.

This Purview doesn’t bestow specific powers, exactly, as much as it magnifies one’s talents to divine proportions. When a Scion takes an Arete, he assigns to it one of his Abilities. (That Ability must be rated at three dots or higher first.) Thereafter, whenever the Scion’s player rolls a dice pool that includes that chosen Ability, the pool receives a number of bonus dice based on the number of dots he has of Arete. Alternatively, the Scion may sacrifice two of those bonus dice (provided he has at least two available) in exchange for a potential reroll in case his first roll fails. If the roll on which he sacrificed two bonus dice doesn’t have the good sense to fail, however, the player doesn’t get to roll those bonus dice after the fact. Nor does he get to reroll a successful roll in hopes of scoring even more successes.

A character may have an Arete in any Ability (or as many Abilities as) he wants, but he must purchase the dots for each Ability’s Arete separately. The dots-to-bonus-dice exchange is as follows:

Dots of Arete Bonus Dice/Rerolls
Arete • One bonus die
Arete •• Two bonus dice (or one potential reroll)
Arete ••• Four bonus dice (or two potential rerolls)
Arete •••• Seven bonus dice (or three potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• Eleven bonus dice (or five potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• • Sixteen bonus dice (or eight potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• •• Twenty-two bonus dice (or eleven potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• ••• Twenty-nine bonus dice (or fourteen potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• •••• Thirty-seven bonus dice (or eighteen potential rerolls)
Arete ••••• ••••• Forty-six bonus dice (or twenty-three potential rerolls)

Bear in mind that the listed numbers of bonus dice represent the total bonus dice available. If the character has five dots of Arete in an Ability and his player buys a sixth dot, he gains five more bonus dice, not 16 more.

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