Angels and Coincidences


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Scene Title Angels and Coincidences
Synopsis A group of Scions meet up near Central Park reservoir and discuss the Order of Divine Glory

Central Park Reservoir

The northern section of Central Park is a bit more difficult to get through. Towering trees and ferns make progress through the area difficult. Paths wind through the different locations, leading towards the few attractions in the northernmost area. A jogging path allows those so inclined to sprint about and around the large fenced-in reservoir which serves the residents of the city. In the evening hours, the shadows lengthen, as the more dark and criminal aspects of the park show their heads. Its recommended that joggers, in-line skaters, and those traveling the lonely paths through the park, travel in pairs and never in the later hours.

While it is still early evening, it is late on in the year and so the sun is setting. This part of the park can be dangerous at night, but since Dhatri reckons he can take care of himself well enough, he has taken the opportunity to take a run. He is wearing black jogging pants, white sneakers and a navy blue t-shirt, and he is running… rather fast. Not superhumanly fast, exactly, but he is maintaining a pace over a distance of two miles that most people might sprint a hundred metres in.

Albert, in his full gear - shield and gauntlets included - seems to be playing a game of catch with himself as he throws a rock a fair distance, and runs over to catch it. He repeats this, but before he catches it again, he spots Dhatri. He stops, and the rock hits him in the head. "What the…." Albert says, ignoring the rock. "This is the THIRD day in a ROW that I spotted him. What's going on?"
Mariana has arrived.

Dhatri continues to run around the reservoire at what would be a very impressive pace for a human, oblivious to the fact that he's being watched. He is dressed for running, rather than in the business like fashion that Mariana last saw him in, and is quite clearly just running for the sake of running. On a bench nearby is bottle of water and a jacket.

Albert calls out to Dhatri while running towards him at a high speed. "Hey," he yells, "Why do I keep running into you? Are you following me in reverse?"

Mariana is rarely ever alone. So even now, during a nice stroll through the park, the young heiress is surrounded by her rich and wealthy friends all dressed in their Prada and Gucci and any other designer label that one can think of. They are rich, beautiful (mostly) and young and their laughter rings out throughout the area as they gossip about their friends, celebrities or what some woman picnicking in the park is wearing. Catty things like that.

Mariana, clearly the most popular among this group of peers is leading the way. Though from her distance, she doesn't recognize Dhatri, especially as he's not dressed up the way she would have remembered him from the Catholic school incident. Albert, however, is a more familiar face and though her friends are all giggly-chatty, she pauses to see what the Son of Thor is up to. Who knows, there could be some adventure in this stroll, after all.

"Nice shield," Dhatri comments drily as he slows down and walks to the bench where his bottle of water lies. From the sweat, it looks like he's been at this for a while. "I just came here for a run, to clear my head. Maybe it's coincidence," he continues after a deep drink of the water.

Lin is actually running, but for different reasons then Dhatri. One does not normally job in jeans and a suit jacket. "Dang it.." He grumbles under his breath as he heads down the trail. He slows to a stop as if he had lost who he was chasing. He looks around, squinting at the trees. "I know you are out there. I don't care if you are undead, I will find you!"

"Perhaps you are right," Albert says. "Maybe it is a coincidence. But I'm not sure…." Albert doesn't get to finish his thought as his attention turns to Lin. "Find who," He asks. "If there are zombies here, I'm gonna be a bit… upset."

He then turns to the small crowd of people, and then notices Mariana. "Hey," he exclaims, "What's up?"

Though her attention is somewhat focused on Albert, Lin's… presence isn't missed. Especially not when one of her friends points him out and asks, "The city has gone crazy. I have got to wonder what that guy is all about."

Her gaze drifting to the familiar face, Mariana simply laughs, "He's a cop. He's probably out looking for purse snatchers. Muggers. Rapists. You know, the type of people who hang out in parks just like this." While her comments make her friends a little nervous, they let out a quiet laugh anyway. Still, Mariana does wonder what it is Lin is looking for. "Anyway, I'll join you all and the others for dinner and dancing tonight. Right now, I have a few errands to run." This is her usual excuse to speak to Scions! Albert's drawing attention to himself does get a look from not only Mariana, but her friends as well. "Why, hello." Even as the other women begin to depart, you can tell that they are discussing this newcomer now and wonders how Mariana knows of him.

Mariana may not have recognised him, but Dhatri recognises her. "Nice to see you again; I hope this doesn't mean we're going to end up fighting villains again; it takes forever to get the blood stains out of one's clothes…" he says drily, taking another drink from his bottle of water. If these people are talking openly about strange phenomena, then clearly there's not much point trying to pretend it doesn't exist…

Lin looked up to the voice, looking upon Albert. "Uh…no zombies." He says, looking around for a moment. He pauses and makes a gesture before him. He squints at the man before sighing with relief. "No, no Zombies. Ghosts." He explains lowly. He looks up and looks around again, noticing Mariana. He offers a nod to her before giving a smile to her friends. Hey, they are models after all.

"Why hello is right," Albert says sourly. "I keep running into you, and HIM-" he points at Dhatri - "this is the third day IN A ROW that I ran into him." He then hears Lin's remark about a ghost. "Oh, of course. That explains it. I knew a big thing of coincidental meanings meant something. We're about to fight a ghost, aren't we?"

The mention of a ghost doesn't alarm Mariana at all; her very subtle smile still formed upon her lips even as her eyes shift to view the area. "Well, something exciting could happen. Especially today of all days." She starts out, before lifting her gracefully sloped shoulders to shrug briefly, "Or we could all be worrying about nothing." Despite not having formally been introduced to Dhatri from their initial meeting, she just expects him to be a scion too! "Have you contacted any of the other schools yet to see if anyone else has experienced a similar incident?" This is directed to the medical type, before she comments to Lin, "And what did this ghost do? Rob a bank?"

"No, funnily enough I haven't," Dhatri replies sourly. "I've been keeping an eye in the papers for any mention of perfect schools, but this has been something of a busy and very interesting week… I'm Dhatri Karmali, by the way. Speaking of coincidences, Albert, you remember how I said my father probably wasn't a god? I'll give you three guesses who came knocking on my door last night…"

Lin looks back and forth between the man and Mariana as they talk. He looks around again before shaking his head. "No, this guy is a coward. He likes to spook the girls and then hide." He pauses and looks towards where Mariana's friend went. "I might have to go after them…to make sure they are safe after all." He says, giving them her a smirk. He looks to man as he introduces himself, looking to Mari to do the introductions.

Albert looks at Dhatri for a second, before chuckling. "I thought that as soon as you said that," he says, "your father would've appeared." He then looks at Lin. "A cowardly ghost? Hmm… this doesn't seem like the big event I'm expecting, though it could be indirectly related."

"There's worse things that a ghost could be doing to freak women out." Mariana comments dryly to Lin, though her brow arches at his statement regarding her friends, "Some of them are married, but I could forward your information to the ones who aren't." She even takes up her cell phone and looks as if she's about to call the group of socialites up at this very moment. JUST FOR LIN. However, Dhatri's words captures some of her attention, making her eyes narrow over at the man, "Your divine parent visited you last night?" Obviously, this couldn't be his /first/ visitation, so she is curious. "Name is Mariana de la Vega…" She introduces herself and while she wasn't about to introduce the cop, she decides to do so anyway, "And this is Detective Lin Kun." He can reveal further information if he wants, but she won't spill any of that. "Well, from what I've read online, there have been a few different cases regarding schools or students. Angels, anyone? Then recent drownings, which, I suppose, isn't all that shocking."

The sound of feet on one of the foot-paths that passes by the reservoir can be heard, carrying with it before too long Richard; the black-dyed, reptile-skin jacket drapes over his shoulders for warmth, necklace tucked in under his shirt, just making a steady pace through the area and nearer to where the others happen to be talking. Coincidence, no doubt. Fate, if you believe in it!

"Yes; both of them, so whatever doubts I may have had about the existance of the gods are gone now," Dhatri says with a shrug. Perhaps it was indeed his first visitation. "I'm guessing they would both have had to be in Human form for me to be born down here, but whatever the explanation, it seems I was mistaken a couple of days ago…"

Lin offers a nod of his head as he is introduced to the group. "Nice to meet you." He greets. He chuckles to Mariana at the offer. "Maybe later?" He says to her before looking to Albert. "Big event, huh? What kinda of event?" He then turns attention to Dhatri. "Maybe one of them was only recently made…Godly?"

"I….really don't like this," Albert sighs. "I was home, asleep, when I was suddenly awakened by the urge to go here. This kinda thing doesn't normally happen, but I've had some experiences with 'random' meetings going a bit crazy… Nice to meet you, Lin. I'm Albert…"

Mariana is just a tiny bit suspicious now, hearing more and more of Dhatri's story. "You doubted the existence of gods until just last night? Despite what was posted on the news and on the internet, but, you're right, I wouldn't trust a lot of those reports either." She waves a dismissive hand at this, then slips her phone into her purse when Lin refuses her offer to hook him up. "How interesting. Both, though?" Now she is really intrigued by the man's parentage. Just then, Mariana's phone goes off and she answers the call.

Huh. That's an interesting group of people chattin' away, and Richard happens to recognize… most of them, maybe not intimately but in passing at least. "Hey, Doc," he calls over, dropping from a jog to a more casual saunter, "Cap'n… Rich Girl." A grin curves across his lips, cocky to match the saunter, "What're all you doin' out here in the middle of mugging territory?"

"Vishnu and Lakshmi have been married for several thousand years, so I doubt either one of them was truly human when I was conceived. It can't be all that impossible; they've had other children together, as I understand it," Dhatri points out to Lin, the first part in a fairly dry tone. Then comes Richard's question. "Waiting to get mugged; yourself?" he answers in a similarly dry tone.

"It can also just be us that brought us here," Lin offers to Albert and his worries. He looks to Mariana and Dhatri as they talk, nodding his head slowly.
"Ahhh. Well, yeah. They have been together for a while." He tries to joke before looking to the new voice. He chuckles out at the question. "Us? We are usually here to hit on the muggers. There is this really cute one…" He tries to joke.

"Why am I here? Why else would I be here," Albert sarcastically asks. "I lost track of my buddy Iron man while he was fighting the Crimson Dynamo. Duh." He then shifts back to a normal voice. "Eh, no clue why I'm here. But something important is about to happen, most likely." He then grimmices and confesses, "Yeah… I'm a bit of a comic-book nerd."

"So both of your parents are gods?" Mariana /has/ to ask Dhatri, still curious but somewhat fascinated by this idea. "You are certainly the first I've met to be in such a situation. It doesn't happen often, obviously." Once those words are uttered, she turns to her phone conversation, gracing the person on the other end of the line with a gracious, animated tone as she speaks, "No. I'm not too busy. If I were you, I'd wear the bronze hued dress or maybe basic black instead. But not the one you wore to the party last week. I would say to donate that one to charity." Richard's presence garners a brief glance and while she's chatting to one of her socialite friends — maybe an unmarried one! — she follows the young punk's every movement with her dark eyes. That is.. until Albert goes on about… who knows what! "The Crimson Dynamo..?" She is definitely not a comic book nerd. She then speaks on her cell phone once more, "No, I was just talking to… yeah, that guy."

"Jogging?" Hey, it's what he was doing! Richard comes to a halt near to the small group at a rather unhurried if arrogant swagger, one hand lifting to rake back through his hair briefly and lips curling into a an easy smirk at the final bits of conversation that he hears—and the answers he gets to his question. "No way, Cap, never would've guessed," he observes dryly, choosing of all of them to answer Albert's words, "You? A comic book nerd? The jacket never would've given you away."

Mariana's noted with an almost amused look, one brow lifting high at the dubiousness of seeing her of all people here, before asking casually, "Any luck? I mean, gettin' mugged by cute muggers."

"Maybe it's because most of the gods are unmarried," Dhatri answers with a shrug. "Funnily enough, no. Probably because there are too many of us here. Nothing wrong with being a comic book nerd; it's a healthier interest than some I've come across."

Lin tucks his hands into his pockets as he listens to the conversations. He glances around, keeping an eye out for trouble..and ghosts. He turns back catching the end of the conversation before chuckling out, shaking his head to go with Dhatri's comment.

"So…" Albert starts, and then stops. He looks around at the park, seemingly expecting to see something out of the ordinary. "This gathering is getting bigger," he says. "I think something's about to happen… I'm probably just being paranoid, though." He shrugs as he says this.

Mariana is finally finished with her call just as another one comes in and she quickly dispatches this with a few simple words. "Things get terribly hectic whenever we hold big meeting whether its for a fancy dinner or a party." She voices with an exaggerated sigh. "You may be right, Mr. Karmali. Though there are other deities in mythology who are married as well, but their dalliances are completely up to them." Noting Richard's presence again, she asks openly, "You haven't heard anything about schools enforcing abstinence among their student body have you?" Mariana makes it a point to not say 'at your school', because who knows how old the kid is or whether he goes to school.

"If they're trying to enforce abstinence, they're failing pretty fuckin' bad," Richard replies with a roguish grin for Mariana, one brow arching upwards in an amused lift at the inquiry, "Why're you asking? This have something to do with those Jesus Freaks?" A cock of his head to one side, weight shifting on his feet as he settles standing near the group, although not completely with them just yet.

"Close; the kids at a Catholic reform school were being brainwashed by a titanspawn into being abstinant," Dhatri replies with a shrug. "Mariana, myself and a couple of others whose names I don't know killed the titanspawn, but he mentioned that others were doing the same in other schools."

"That doesn't sound good," Albert understates. "So, kids are becoming abstinant by force? That sounds a bit… strange. Any idea why they are doing this to students?"

Lin lifts up his eyebrows as he is informed about the incident. "So, was these guys stopped by the fire?" He asks, looking to Mariana. He thinks for a moment before shrugging. "Well, if abstiance was so important, it could have been worse."

"I think that these were two completely separate incidents." Mariana states just as that all too familiar tune of her cell phone starts to play up again. "But with Titanspawn, who knows, right? What I have heard is that angels have been hunting down young children of gods." Her gaze looks upon each face that has gathered here in the park to settle on Richard for now, "I think some of us have encountered or witnessed this already. Is that what you mean be Jesus freaks?"

At the blunt and open explaination, Richard's lips curl up at one corner in a sneer, anger stirring dark behind his eyes as he straightens—losing some of the smirking manner of earlier, though none of the arrogance. "I bet I know who's responsible for that sort've shit," he states flatly, brows lifting a little at Dhatri's words, "Angels?" The mention of Mariana's participation earns her another, appraising glance, as if considering rejudgement of the 'rich girl'. "Angels. Yeah. The Order of the Divine Glory, or whatever the fuck they call themselves, bunch've creepy murdering bastards."

"I've no idea why they wanted the kids abstinant; the titanspawn said something about creating a perfect world, but anyone can say that," Dhatri answers. "He might even have been telling the truth, but mind control certainly isn't the way to make the world better…"

"Well," Albert says, "I haven't seen any 'regular' angels - well, regular as opposed to the stone ones that move very fast when you don't look. Wait…" Albert seems deep in thought. "That sounds familiar, like I've heard about them before that experience…. anyways, mind control sucks, to put it lightly. I think I might have to find some of the titanspawn involved, and give them… my 'opinion' on the subject."

Lin looks slightly confused as he listens before sighing. "I think we should sit down and try to piece together exactly what is going on." He says, looking to Mariana. "So far, I only the only contact I have with the Angels is those on the roof that blew up."

"I think it might make the world a better place if a lot of people were abstinent." Mariana says with a smile on her lips and a light jest in her tone, "I know of some people who shouldn't be allowed to breed and who are too stupid enough to not realize this." Aww, isn't she sweet? "So there are mind controlling lizard creatures who are attempting to make Stepford schools out of our public school system and then there are avenging angels. I find it odd that the mind control was happening at a Catholic school, myself, but…can you explain this Order of Divine Glory, Richard?" She remembered his name, which is either a good or bad thing. "I've seen them in a mysterious Cathedral as well. Ask Albert." She speaks to Lin, before chatting up her friend on the phone. She wasn't going to let it ring and ring forever.

"Lizards? Can't say that I've seen any've those…" Richard shrugs one shoulder to that, his hand coming up to rub against the side of his neck in a thoughtful fashion, lips pursing in a thoughtful line before he tilts his chin up to Mariana at her words. He starts to say something, and then she's on her phone again, and he rolls his eyes, "Jesus, just turn the phone off for five fuckin' minutes, your spoiled friends aren't more important than this shit…"

A brief glare at her, before he looks back to the others with a shrug, "The Order're a bunch of Jesus freaks that're going around hunting down the children've the gods, trying to convince them to convert. If not? They kill them." His voice is flat, "They're working for this prostitot in metal bondage gear, some 'Holy Maiden' working for a Titan that claims to be God. Jehovah or whatever. Order converts you, or the angels kill you."

"Sounds like great fun. As if we didn't have enough to worry about," Dhatri grumbles. "Does anyone know where they're based or anything? If we can gather up enough allies, it might be worth expressing our opinions on 'conversion'."

Lin shakes his head at Mariana's phone before looking to Albert before Richard gets his attention with his explanation. He lifts up his eeybrows as he is enlightened by the threat. He looks to Dhatri and nods his head quickly. "That's a rather good question. If we can hit them at home, maybe they will stop some of the crap going on here."

"Wait…" Albert says, confused. "Convert? Why does that seem a bit backwards…? Anyways, yeah, a direct strike does seem to be the best option, but we would need some intel on the area, once we find it. IF we can find it…"

"I'll be ordering the Parmesan crusted chicken breast tonight." Mariana speaks to her friend on the phone, "Whichever bottle of wine you choose will be fine." Once the conversation is over, she slips her phone back into her purse, "There are some of us who have important things to do while making plans to raid Titanspawn nests." This is directed to Richard, whom she offers one of her haunting smiles to. "Thus I was inquiring. I know that we can't wait around for the angels to strike next and we should be taking the offensive. Since they are targeting young Scions, I figured that our young friend here," She gestures to the highschooler, "might be able to give us any and all information which we need. Where have you encountered this Order and the… prostitute? In bondage?"

"Me'n my mates checked out this one place," Richard says with a shake of his head, more than a hint of frustration showing, "I think my dad knocked it over on our way out, though, and the place seemed pretty temporary. They still have one've us, too." The last is an angry admission, fingers curling into a fist by his side, his jaw and neck tensing up briefly, "So we'll definately be hunting those bastards down—and I'm not /that/ young, Rich Girl."

"Maybe I'll be able to find that kid I saw yesterday," Dhatri suggests. "He's high school age, so he may well have seen something. If nothing else, he may well be able to point us in the direction of someone who has seen something."

Lin frowns and crosses his arms as he listens to Richard. "We need to rescue this friend of yours. That comes first. Tackling these angels will come after this person is free." He frowns to himself and reaches up to rub his chin. He looks to Mariana. "You still have that sword? Maybe we can trace them through it."

Albert closes his eyes and seems to be in deep concentration. "How are we going to take on a whole group of killer angels and still manage to retrieve the hostage," he asks. "That sounds like it would be difficult. Not to mention… well, I'm not gonna mention it."

"I must wonder what torturous things these freaks must be doing to your friend right now. In order to make them convert." Mariana says almost morbidly, though there is just a tiny hint of a smile on her lips. Lin's statement though makes that small touch of a smile fade instantly. "It's gone. None of the angel's weapons remain in our plane long after the angel is destroyed. Anyway, it is a good idea to speak to other young Scions, though usually we tend to find them just as they are being slaughtered by said angels. Just like what happened on the rooftop." Her eyes flicker to Lin now.

"We'll find him. He's one of ours…." Richard's declaration is firmly stated, his hand coming up a bit, "Not that we'd turn down any help, but—he's one of us, and we'll take care've our own." His eyes narrow in a sharp glare towards Mariana, "Laugh it up, Rich Girl. Don't you have some guys to go juggle?"

"If I can find just one young Scion, I may be able to help in that regard," Dhatri replies. "I can make it so that if the Scion in question is in any kind of danger, I'll know and can immediately find him." After Richard's comment, Dhatri sighs. "Cut it out, the pair of you; last thing any of us needs right now is in fighting."

Lin considers for a moment, ignoring Mariana and Richard. He blinks and looks up at the both of them. "I think I can find this friend. Maybe if I can get of article of his, I can use it to trace it back." He says looking to each of them. "I am not sure. But its one of my abilities. I might be able to find a trace…a scent or trail."

"Cool," says Albert. "I really hope we succeed. But… I have to go. Now, if anything comes up, please call me. I wanna help." He then gives his fellow Scions his cell number. "Sorry I can't stay…" He then walks away.

Mariana gives off this expression of innocence when she states, "I didn't say anything spiteful. I was just musing about the state of his friend… though, yes. I do have a dinner party to attend to later tonight, if that's what you mean by juggling." Looking from Dhatri to Richard, she then points out, "We have a young Scion /right/ here, but I have a feeling that he knows of more of them. Those who he escaped with." Turning to regard Lin, she smiles, "I knew you would have some tricks up your sleeves. You are the detective after all."

"Maybe. I'll see what I can do." It's a bit dubious, from Richard to Lin, possibly because— well, the usual reasons unrelated to divinity. Youth against maturity, rebellion against apparent police authority. A slight sneer curls his lips at Mariana's innocent act, though he doesn't push it for the moent, his head shaking tightly before he says to the others, "They might be contacting some of the others again, trying to convert them. If all else fails, we can catch the bastards then, although I'd rather find them sooner."

"When I say young, I mean one who's still in high school," Dhatri points out to Mariana. "Of course, if we can find your friend, he may well have information we can use as well; if they're not expecting him to be rescued, someone may have been careless enough to say something around him. Or they may have been careless enough to keep him in their main base of operations…"

Lin dips his head to Albert as he walks off before looking to Richard. He digs into jacket for a card. "Here. When you can find something of his, give me a call and I can try to find him." He dips his head to the others. "It was good talking to everyone. I should check on that ghost before it gets too late."

Mariana looks from Dhatri to Richard and then back to Dhatri and it looks as if she wants to say something, but for now she stills her tongue. "You mentioned your father. Who is that?" She then inquires of the rebel, "The one who helped you escape." She can only guess that it wasn't a mortal father! A polite smile is then offered Lin, "Go get 'em and threaten to file a sexual harrassment suit on the lecherous spirit. I'll be keeping an eye out for him myself."

The card's taken, Richard's fingers sliding over the edges of the stock before he tucks it into a pocket with a curt nod, "Alright. Good meetin' you, man." His head tilts just a bit back to look to Mariana, one brow sharply arching as he replies aggressively, "Depends. Who wants to know, Rich Girl?"

"I need to get going as well, but I'll give Albert my phone number; if any of you need to contact me, he'll give you the number. Do try not to kill each other; at least until we've dealt with the Order," Dhatri says to the pair before pulling his jacket on and heading off.

"Kill each other?" Mariana says with a perk of amusement lingering in her tone, which is then followed by a light laugh. Eventually, she quiets down and graces Richard with one of her cat-like smiles, having spotted this bird right before her. "It was nice meeting you, Mr. Karmali." Her gaze flickers towards the man from out of the corner of her eyes, not quite turning to face him as she watches him depart. To Richard's question though, she simply offers, "A curious daughter of Death."

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