Andre Thibbedeaux
Portrayed By: Howard Jones
Status: Alive, and Rockin'
Age: 25
Calling: Musician
Pantheon: Loa
Divine Parent: Baron Samedi
Significant Other(s): None! *sadface*


Andre Thibbedeaux was born in the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA. His mother Maria was.. what Andre likes to call.. a 'professional party girl'. Was, of course, being the operative term. She died of an overdose, when Andre was thirteen. It's not like it hit anyone by surprise - the number of nights (or mornings) that she came stumbling in, and he had to put her to bed. A job that might have best fit his father, if Andre knew who exactly, his father was.

He remembers stories of the night his mother met this musician, that took her off her feet.. literally. She'd swear that he wore makeup that made his face look like a.. skull. Then again, she was high, so..

After his mother's death, Andre was dropped into the 'system', though because he was already into his teens, he spent his time bouncing from foster home, to foster home - just trying to keep out of 'notice'. A trick he learned, or at least tried too, after a couple of bad experiences. When he was sixteen, Andre was given, or rather allowed to keep a dusty electric guitar body that he found in his latest parent's basement. One that belonged to the man of the house, back in his younger days. Andre's money, from a part time job as a dishwasher, went into fixing the guitar, and buying an amp. From the first day Andre plugged his guitar into that well earned amp.. he was a natural. When he wasn't working. or going to school? He was practicing, honing his skills.

It wasn't until the end of High School, that Andre and a bunch of friends made their band, Seventh Seal. He went by the stage name of 'Grundi'. He would, in a homage to his father - as his mother told the story - paint his face to look like a skull, when he went on stage. Seventh Seal might have made it big too. They where on course to get signed on - they where opening for big name metal talent too, when it was in town within three years of their inception. It was their.. party habits that kept them from the front pages. They lived the real sex, drugs, and rock and roll life - burning away anything they earned, on repair bills, and expenses. Really, they where on their way to burning out, if they weren't already there. Some underground media called them 'Wasted talent'.

In fact, Andre's father decided to finally come visit. He was sure he was gonna OD that night. After a show in Texas, he'd partied harder then he ever had before. The women, the drinking, the lines they'd done. Andre finally had to make his way to bed. He could feel his heart racing, his mind swimming into darkness. He thought.. 'So this is it..' It was then, that he saw him, a man with a.. painted skeleton for a face, dressed in a long tailed coat, and a top hat.

"It ain't your time to go.." The man said in a thick creol accent, thicker then Andre's own. And like a cold shower, Andre was rock sober. He explained then, about the war, and Andre's heritage; The Baron's time with his mother, and even an uncle that had been on 'their team', that had gone missing. Uncle Henri. A name, and a face that was foggy. You know, one of those family members you'd seen at Thanksgiving at grandma's place when you where a kid - kind of memories. Baron Samedi was his name, and Andre? Was his son. It was.. a bit to take in, but somehow? It felt right. The Baron gifted Andre with his relics, presents from dear old dad, and told him.. that if he really wanted to make a name for himself, if he really wanted find a party crash, then head to New York. They'd need his help, there.


Most would call Andre's personality 'Devil May Care'. He tends to live for the moment, without investing too much thought into how his actions might affect tomorrow. Chaotic /might/ be a good word for it, but it's not entirely accurate. Andre /does/ have a plan. It's just a matter of how well thought out it is at the moment. He tends to be impulsive about how he plans to fight the war against the titans, so long as he can have fun, while doing it.


Henri Thibbedeaux is his uncle.

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