American Gods


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Scene Title American Gods
Synopsis Amirah outs the Scions. Or at least she outs herself. The Order of Divine Glory responds..violently.

Rockefeller Center

In East New York, near the Rockefeller Center, is the United Nations Headquarters. Jutting up into the sky like a majestic, gleaming blue spire of steel and glass, this 18 acre site (rather large for anywhere in New York) has a perfectly green front lawn (tastefully decorated with many, many flags) in a sea of concrete and asphault. It also has pleasant trees, fountains, and bushes. There are three other buildings of course, but they are smaller and less impressive…though no less pretty. This is the place where world leaders, and diplomats converge to do the business of the world. There are also a constant throng of tourists and such, of course.

But today, something different is happening. There is what appears at first to be a distant airplane or small bird soaring high in the sky. As the figure gets larger, it becomes apparent that it is in fact not a distant airplane, but a bird…a very large bird. With a majestic beak, eyes that gleam like lightning and wings that gleam like thunder, this spined-bird is a Roc - massive enough to pick up a whale - a figure out of myths and legend.

After flying over Rockefeller square, the creature approaches the UN headquarters and then lands on the lawn. On its back is a single woman, who climbs down a wing and steps to the ground. She closes her eyes a moment and then 15 men appear - springing from the ground itself - clad as Persian Immortals were 3000 years ago, clad in gleaming armor, wielding shields decorated with silver pomegranates.

The media is here. They heard the news about something big happening, and well, a giant bird isnt exactly on their expectations. Gasps and screams of fear can be heard from the variousjournalists around before they just look at the woman and the creature. There's a few murmurs here and there as the crowd keeps on getting bigger and bigger..

Jason is a part of that crowd, not exactly press but certainly spectator. A lithe figure in a leather jacket that has claimed a seat and is now quasi comfortably watching as things commence, well, at least until people start screaming. That earns a wince and he settles back more uncomfortably, making conversation to the person beside him, "Even David Copperfield doesn't have an entrance that good."

This was something Kailin would not, could not miss. And it certainly starts early. He arrived early and made his way towards the front as people around him gave a wide berth, so he has a very good view when the Roc lands. As the people in the crowd react, Kailin just stands casually and smiles, his hands tucked lazily into his jacket pockets. When the soldiers pop out of the ground, Kailin looks up towards the woman mounted high and gives an approving nod. "Nice touch."

Well. That isn't something one sees often, even in New York City. It's easily seen from most rooftops, including that of a nearby Embassy occupied by a female figure all in black. Dee was just about to bypass the alarm system when the sound and movement drew her attention away from the task at hand, and she just stops for a moment. That… is not good for keeping things quiet in the area, so with a few choice, whispered words she quickly packs up and heads to the end of the roof farthest from the to-do to start her climb back down.

Lin is with the police cordon that is trying to keep the general public back. He watches as the giant bird flies by, passing above them overhead. "Huh. Well, this is New York." He comments outloud before turning as a civilian tries to squeeze by. "HEY! Get back behind the barricade!" He looks to a nearby patrolman. "Geez, they act like they never watched Cloverfield or Godzilla."

Kabab resting in the fold of one arm, Marc was walking along Rockefeller square with his tabacoo pouch in one hand, he'd just been ready to roll the ciggerette when he noticed the bird, he looks stunned as he watches the stage. "Well twist my nipples and call Mavis……" He shakes his head placing the ciggarette in his mouth and lighting it. "This could very well get messy."

Having literally drove into town a few hours ago (and in those few hours, attempt to find a place to park), Pauline ends up with quite a sight to greet her. She wanders over, chewing on a salted soft pretzel and watching curiously as the big bird lands and soldiers are created out of seemingly nothing. Using her size advantage, she pushes her way through the crowd until she's nearly at the front, looming behind a pair of journalists. "Fancy." she comments, rubbing her chin, "I wonder how they're pulling this off."

And there's Sano, looking very much like a tourist as he wanders through the teeming masses. His t-shirt, a plain white ordeal bearing the words "FRODO LIVES!" in bold black letters, earns him a few amused glances at first— and a few of those glances linger on his bright blue duster. But even his coat can't long compete for the attention of passerby; he blinks and stumbles a little as the crowd begins to scream and shift like a panicking animal, and his own stare follows hundreds of others as the Roc lands. His mouth drops open into a small, startled 'O' and he reflexively glances down at his empty right hand, which squeezes into a fist. "Damn. Guess I shoulda brought it," He mutters, before trying to put some distance between the front lines of screaming people and himself.

Cue the organs, the ravens flying off. Sheets billow and - Faizura is here. She is a specator, drawn by curiosity and worry that someone will do something. "And I was right," She mumbles. The purple-eyed woman must stick out among the audience, in all black lace and Gothic Lolita wear. She frowns, and tilts her parasol to see. "I wonder how many rules this is going to break." She just sort of blinks at Sano.

Tybalt grins a bit as he follows Marc, Kabab in one hand, paper bagged bottle of beer in the other. He chews quietly and then blinks as he notes that there is a crowd and a giant bird. He shoves the kabab in his mouth before reaching over with one of those hands to tweak a Marc Nipple offering. "Mmmvphh." Of course it is difficult to call anyone anything with a mouth of food. However he notes the landing, the crowds reaction and sighs a bit, pitching both food and drink in the nearest can. "Damnit…Be right back." he offers taking a run. "Wanna get a better view…See if you can Monkey-King yer way up there." he offers, indicating the top of one of the shorter buildings.

"Well," Gene murmurs around the end of a cigar that glows orange-red as he takes a drag off it, "That's subtle." The press pass is dangling around his neck as he observes the descent of the great bird from where he's standing off to one side of the lawn. The journalist glances back at a muttered comment from his 'camera crew', back and up towards the towering figure, and snorts a touch, "Because we can get more done without being up there with her. Hush."

That camera crew numbers five people. Of course, these five people are all approximately seven feet tall, draped in heavy trenchcoats, and those touched by Legend might notice more clearly the occasional wisp of sulphur or frozen breath from a pair of them. Giants.

Jolie sidles up next to Gene, one hand holding her bat, the other resting on her hip. "That's pretty nice," she says about the entrance. "Oh, your crew is…?" She smiles. "Nice. In any case, this ain't like the Atlanteans or the others. Nobody is dyin. Yet."

And next to Jolie and Gene…well, it's a young Japanese girl placing her hands on both their shoulders, giving a fond squeeze. "I'm comin out..I want the world to know, I've got to let it show.." she chirps merrily, giggling softly, wrinkling her nose before she shakes her head. Maia looks back up towards the woman and the various media around.

"You going to try to get an exclusive, Gene?" she asks curiously. "I think it'll be hard.."

Amirah looks around, waiting for the initial shock to pass. "Please, do not be frightened." she says in only a slightly louder the normal tone of voice. Then, louder. "Quiet, please! I will speak now, and I'm sure you are curious to hear what I have to say."

The 15 Persian Immortals stand silent, looking manly and intimidating.

"What the hell is that? What are you? Are you a god? Are you a prophet? What religion are you? Is this a publicity stunt for Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg?"

The questions are thrown one after another. Many journalists are throwing questions as they look towardsthe woman, and well, people are starting to panic, at least a few of them are anyway.

"I doubt I could get an exclusive… I don't need one," Gene replies, turning to offer Jolie and Maia a rather roguish grin, "Good to see you both… glad to see you got all fixed up, Glowbug. You'll have to tell me that story sometime…" He turns a bit to look up at the Scion making such a dramatic appearance, asking of his bandmates, "Either of you know her?"

Kailin turns casually, looking back over the crowd through mirrored shades. The sight of it is an amusing one for Kailin and he folds his arms over his chest as he waits for the people to quiet down and allow her to speak. His large form is only slightly ignored as people continue to keep away from him as much as possible, but fear, interest, and curiosity inevitably bring people closer to the front and closer to him. He ignores them all, however, and turns back towards Amirah, interested in just how she'll handle the situation.

At least the massive distraction on the UN lawn means no one's paying attention to a woman shimmying down the dark side of the nearby building to her waiting motorcycle. The quick change of a few pieces of clothing leave Dee more ready to be out in public, and she remains on foot to join the crowd. Lots of people and a HUGE bird for them to stare at? Sounds like a great opportunity to get in some practice with her nimble fingers.

Nodding to Tybalt Marc seems to consider that, then he looks to his kabab. Wolfing down the last of it he nods. "Sure, shouldn't be /too/ much effort." with that he's away to get a birds eye view, muttering to himself as he goes.

Lin continues to look around at the crowd, making sure they are settling down. Considering the person who flew in asked for quiet, they seem to be complying. He nods to the patrolmen and nods his head before looking to the figure. He squints. "Wait, isn't that…" He says outloud, mainly to himself. It's the girl. The Girl from the street and then the coffee shop. "Small world." He mumbles.

Meanwhile…at the hall of justice. Or rather, a back alley. Tybalt shucks on his leathers, his coat, his helmet and mounts the Silver Bike before erupting up a wall and onto a roof as 'The Alley-cat'. He is gentle with the gas, wanting a little anonymity and the security his toys bring him, but for the most. He parks on the designated building and sits there, watching through the visor of his helmet. Interested as well in how this is going to go.

Jolie shakes her head. "I don't know her, nope. No way I could keep up with a woman who has that many hottie guards."

The crowds aren't making his getaway very easy; some people are pushing forward and others are pushing back, and poor Sano's caught in the middle, looking very perplexed. That is, until he slips a hand into one of the inner pockets of his coat and pulls out some sunglasses with round, mirrored lenses and slips them on, getting jostled every which-way in the meanwhile…until suddenly he's not, somehow slipping between bumping, shifting bodies so that he is the calm stone in a raging ocean, so to speak. That's /much/ better. He can't help a small, quirked smile…and staring at the Gothic chick off to his right, either. "Uh." Is all he manages, before the bird-rider chick begins to speak and those who aren't quite out of their minds yet start leaning in to listen. This is…probably important.

Faizura turns her head to look at Tybalt. Her demi-cousin. She narrows her eyes a little. She manages to follow poor Sano for a moment. She stares back at him. "Yes." Her voice is cold and even. She squints, with purple eyes at him. "You're lucky nerds are cute." She just turns to watch as he does.
Jason simply remains lounging back and playing the spectator, legs kicked out in front of him as he takes his ease and watches events continue to unfold.

Polishing off her pretzel, then licking the big bits of salt still sticking to her hands, Pauline leans forward a little and narrows her eyes. She ignores a smaller man as he shoves past, fleeing in fear, and inspects the roc from afar. It looked real, and that bothered her more than the person riding it or the guards that look like they came out of-wait, "Hey…" she speaks up, her own voice loud but definitely not of the magnitude of their special guest, "I didn't know there was gonna be a sequel to 300."

"I am here to talk to you about questions." the woman in front of the bird says. "Questions that have answers - questions we have all asked. Who am I? Why am I here in life? Is there a god? Should I be an athiest - as the brutal laws of nature lead me to be - or is faith possible in a brutal, hopeless world?" She is silent a moment.

"We all know the problems we face. Spiritual poverty. Unemployment. Genocides in Africa, China, India, Arabica, Tibet, the Americas, starvation, global warming. Pollution of the air, water, soil. Terrorism on the rise, nuclear weapons threatening our cities, population growth raging out of control. And yes - the millions here who died just a few nights ago."

"I am here to tell you these problems are not yours alone, and that there are those among you unseen - trying to solve these problems. For these problems have a cause - the same cause rooted in the inhuman laws of nature which have lead us to a spiritually dead world."

"That cause is the titans. Yes, the gods are real. So are the titans. They are all real, since the beginning of time. But the titans are not your friends. They are the cruel laws of nature - and they want one thing. To destroy us all. They are behind the million dead in New York - and our other problems besides - and it is thanks to the works of the Gods - of Egypt, of Greece, of Ireland - all the ancient gods, the true gods - and their children, that the world still exists, that the world continues to exist."

Jolie's jaw drops. "Oh NO she din't."


The reporters go quiet for a few moments. Without the power of godly charisma, it's hard to believe such a statement afterall, and soon the entire crowd starts to laugh heartily. Yes, it's a joke! Considering everything that's happened it has to be a joke, right? There's only one God, everyone knows that. Sheesh!

"That Michael Bay is damn creative!"

"No, this is totally a Steven Spielberg thing. Where is that coot anyway? It's probably for a new Indiana Jones movie where there are gods and titans.

"Wait, arent they remaking the War of the Titans? I bet this is for that?"

The crowd just starts to laugh. It's hard to get silly mortals to believe something like that afterall, and they just point and laugh.
Dee's eyes say she's paying attention to what the woman with the huge bird is saying, but her fingers say otherwise. That is, until some Important things are said. Then her eyes sharpen and her lips tug downwards.

Jolie's jaw isnt the only one to drop. Maia blinks blankly for a few moments and facepalms, wrinkling her nose as she tenses just a little while looking around, but as the crowd thinks it's a joke, she lets out a soft sigh under her breath. She looks towards her bandmates and squeezes both their shoulders. "Yes she did.."

"I feel so sorry for this poor girl…" Gene's head shakes slowly from side to side, his eyes closing, "…nice of her to take the bullet for the rest of us, though. She'll tangle herself so god-damn tightly in Fate's threads that she won't recognize herself before too long." Then he slants a look to his bandmates, "You think the mortals'll listen?"

Lin reaches up to rub at his eyes as he listens to the woman. "Well, hopefully the eco nuts don't start worshipping the Titans now…" He mutters before turning to look around at the crowd. He shakes his head, having mixed feeling about their reaction. He just gives a tired sigh, keeping out an eye for trouble.

Sitting up out of the way, Marc's feet are bare as he checks a pocket, he sighs slightly, but he's not yet ready to trust this is over.

Tybalt pulls one leg over the bike and moves to crouch down next to Marc atop the building. "This is fuckin' ridiculous…" He offers quietly as a white cat drifts across the ledge towards the pair, jumping up and climbing up onto the man's shoulder.

Pauline vaguely recalls her mother warning her that the city was full of crazy people. Looks like she was right. As the crowd around her swells with laughter, Pauline rolls her eyes and turns away, pushing back through the crowd. "Must be some crazy New Yorker thing." she mutters dismissively.

Amid all the masses and the crowds, Kailin turns back to see people start to laugh. He shakes his head slightly and mutters to himself, "Ignorant sheep…" He bites his bottom lips and turns back towards Amirah, giving her a reassuring nod. His left arm tucks under his right and his right hand comes up to his mouth, letting the material wrapped around his fingers brush lightly against his lips.

Durandal slips into the press conference, keeping to the back of the hall, trying to be invisible against the wall. He's dressed in street clothes, a navy blue beanie covering his head. He quirks an eyebrow as he seems to have emerged into a Stand Up Comedy show, based on the reactions of the reporters and cameramen.

Unlike the mortal crowd, Sano's not laughing. He looks a little upset, actually; arms folded across his chest and a small frown on his face. "So much for 'Things Man Was Not Meant To Know'…" He mutters under his breath. Still, he doesn't look like he's about to do something about it, given the hearty helping of disbelief being heaped on the poor girl. He glances Faizura's way again as she makes her cold statement, face knotting up in a look of confusion, and he raises one finger to make a point, and then lets it drop. Whatever he had to say probably wasn't all that relevant anyway.

Speaking of bitches, Faizura's eyes just /narrow/. "This is not going to end well," She comments coldly, impassively. She sticks close to Sano, her coldness likely a small protective shield against the masses. She pulls her pin from her hair. She just nods at Sano. "Correct. This is going to end badly," She sighs. Then a peer at him. "Hm?"

Jolie shrugs at Gene's question. "I dunno, man. She's takin the hit, but if she does it right, she's gettin all the glory."

With the attention this has received, all the major news stations are broadcasting the events of this press conference live. The murmurs amongst the crowd continues, laughter eventually dying down. It's live people, it'slive! The cameras sweep through the crowd catching a sight of everyone involved.

"Seriously..what is this about? Cause this has to be the best publicity stunt for the remake of War of the Titans..that's for damn sure.." one of the reporters says. He should be familiar. Holy shit, it's Geraldo Rivera!

Amirah walks back over to the thunderbird, whispers to it - and pats it twice. It then flies up in the air with a massive, piercing cry; loud enough to break a few glass windows…in a few block radius…and then lands atop the United Nations building, where it spreads its massive wings and roars again.

Amirah is quiet while the laughter subsides. She then strides forward into the middle of the reporters, remains quiet a moment, and just stares at them, looking utterly serious.

Jason gives the figure up on stage a speculative look as the crowd loses it and looks so very very amused. This is of course quickly followed by Roc screeching and Amirah escalating matters, he leans forward. The show is getting good!

Lin glances back to the crowd as the Roc takes flight, espcially when it gives that roar. He reaches up, scratching at his ear. "Don't worry, folks. It's going to be okay." He tries to reassure them.

Dee spends a moment watching the crowd. Then, she tries to look around her past the crowd. She wears an expression of waiting for the other shoe to drop. "This can't end well." she murmers mostly to herself, echoing the musings of others.

"You don't understand," Gene murmurs quietly under his breath at Jolie's words, his head shaking slowly as he focuses upon the blatant display of power upon the stage, "There's reasons that the Gods don't walk openly in the World… Maia, stay back here with the boys."

That said, he walks forward from his place to the edge of the crowd, his voice raising as he calls over the general noise of the crowd, "Pardon me, miss… Gene Horkos, Associated Press. Do you have any proof to your claims of these 'Titans' that cause the problems you've mentioned? Obviously there's something unusual going on, with your bird and your entourage, but can you give us any concrete examples of your claims in the greater world?"

Durandal leans back against the wall of the, fishing in his jeans pocket and pulling a granola bar from his pocket. He rips the foil open and takes a big bite, chewing and trying to make sense of what's going on. He idly pulls his cellphone from his pocket, looking for a text from a certain someone, and after finding none he shoves the phone back in his pocket.

Marc likes to think he knows when troubles likely, and generally he'd rather know that he's at least close enough to hit it in the face when it strikes. This in mind he begins to make his way back to the group, his mutterings still continuing the roll up falling forgotten from his mouth.

"Gods…we're fucked.." Maia opines under her breath as she wrinkles her nose as she looks over the reporters and then up at the giant roc as it flies and screeches in the air. She squints a little, running her fingers through her hair. "Gojirra is coming..she's killed us all…" she sighs softly and runs her fnigers through her hair before nodding towards Gene. "You got it!" she chirps merrily, sticking with the baker street thugs as she looks around once more.

Meanwhile, the crowd of reports stands there in awe, gasping and seeming to hold their breath at the sight. The roc is a magnificent creature afterall, and they look towards it. It has to be one of the best special effects ever, or they're all on LSD or something. However, not all of the reporters are enthralled by the woman's presence, once even shifting a little around the crowd..

Kailin moves forward with the reporters that have gathered near Amirah, standing towards the back, but with the height to keep a good eye on things from where he is. He listens carefully to some of the questions being asked and asks from the back, in the most eager reporter voice he can muster, "Does this have anything to do with the million people that died? And the way all the buildings went back to the way they were?" Despite looking nothing like a reporter, the questions were out there and that was all that really mattered.

Having pushed her way out of the thick of the reporters, Pauline stops and watches as the roc flies up and shows off. A sick feeling gathers in the pit of her stomach as it puts on a show, doubt in her mind quickly being pushed aside by the terrifying realization that this thing was real. "…/Jesus/.." she yelps in a midly ironic manner.

Amirah glances towards Gene Horkos, and then Kailin. "Yes, good questions. A million people die. No disease, no nuclear explosion. The buildings are destroyed and then came back. What did you think happened? How much proof do you need?"

Had 'the Alleycat' the face at the moment to do so, he would be frowning. No, the helmet is masking his current shock and horror and he is very happy about that fact. He shakes his head and pats Marc on the shoulder, pointing out Fairuza and a few of the other Scions he knows. "….There are a lot of us here. Isn't their a rule on the correlation of nexus level shit to the number of us gathered in one place?"

Durandal chews thoughtfully on a mouthful of granola and chocolate chip, shaking his head. "Cripes, /that/ ws subtle. Why not just start flying around the room so they can lock you away right now?" He sighs and takes another bite of granola bar, eyes sharp for any trouble.

"Aren't there rules? Can she even -do- this?" It might be a rhetorical question, barely above a mutter, but given Faizura's reaction Sano seems to be assuming she's In The Know. He's feeling it, like everyone else…a deep unease, an anxious waiting for something horrible to happen, and it's making him shift from foot to foot like he's standing on hot sand. He's not liking the sudden eagerness in the reporters much either, after the Roc's magnificent flight; he's glaring at them— and really everyone in the crowd— like they're all kinds of stupid. But despite his nervousness, he isn't exactly turning tail and running for it.

Maia and Jolie definitely look like it's a bad thing. They look very uncomfortable with everything and she wrinkles her nose and looks around for any familiar faces. There's Durandal, one of the ones from Antarctica! And there's a Jason too! The young Japanese girl motions towards them and projects her will towards them so they can hear her voice. Yes..she's a sneaky little telepath at times.

«Get over here! Look how the /entire/ crowd of reporters is stunned except for that one guy. Bad mojo. BAAAAAAAD»

"So what you're saying, miss," Gene offers, a single brow lifting towards the edge of his midnight-black fedora, "Is that the mass death in New York City was caused, not by some gas or radiation disaster, but by the hand of these 'Titans' that you're speaking of? That there's some sort of massive cover-up going on that's lasted - what - hundreds of years? And that the gods you claim to represent are real, and not merely myth?"

The words are spoken in dubious tones - but there's a thread of subtle power wound throughout them, and each syllable creeps into the thoughts of the reporters and onlookers, driven into their subconscious as a possibility. In some minds, ludicrousness - that would make good cover stories. In some, a possibility that just might be true. However this ends up, the will of Gene Horkos ensures that it will be spoken of in the news.

"Yes there are rules. She /can/. Does not mean she /should/," Faizu replies. She gives Sano a cool gaze. "You don't seem stunned. You must know too," She points out. She is cold, and as things get more tense - it's like a cold welding tool - the colder it gets, the more intense she seems. One could almost put ice cream atop her hat. "I think I can appreciate the sentiment. This existence is hard, but-" Her black sun hat bobs.

Jason tilts his head to the side and scans the crowd for a moment to spot Maia. "Pardon me" he says to the person beside him as he rises to his feet and slips away from the seating area, making his way towards Maia and the little group to be found there.

Marc nods. "Yeah, we're fucked… We're all going to die, and then the keepers of our respective pantheons' underworld'll probably spend the rest of time showing us how many different ways a wire brush and detol can ruin your day…" He smiles slightly to Tybalt. "Still, we may as well have a front row seat when the shit hits the fan right?" With that he carefully makes his way closer.

Durandal blinks a bit and stops chewing, wincing a bit as if suddenly in the grips of a massive headache. When the moment passes, he shakes his head, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose and finish chewing, swallowing the mouthful. Though he doesn't know where the suggestion came from, the indication of the man who's not convinced is enough to make him instantly alert. He quirks an eyebrow and shoves the rest of the granola bar into his mouth, beginning to chew as he crumples the foil wrapper and shoves it in a pocket. He pushes off the wall, and begins to wander into the crowd towards the indicated man, trying to appear casual.

Dee's sharp eyes pick out a few who clearly know more about what's going on than the sheep. She starts to try to slip through people and towards Maia and Jolie, who clearly have a sense of how fucked they might all be.

'The Alleycat' laughs a little and pats Marc on the shoulder once before walking over to the down right divine motorcycle parked on the roof. He swings a leg over it and reaches down under the seat to pull out a rather long and equally divine golden sword and a gauntlet shaped like a lions paw. "Well, I'm swingin' at whatever shit gets flung my way."
Lin tries to take in what is going on. He knows something big is going on here. He practically can feel it. He has a job to do and it is protecting these people, making sure they remain they remain calm and orderly. He will just have to take in the information and try get back to it later when he is off duty.

Kailin continues standing near the back of the reporters, his arms still folded over his chest, waiting for them the 'get it'. When Gene comes forward and speaks up, he raises a dark brow at the man's question and phrasing. He waits a moment while the reporters take it all in and says in a completely different eager reporter voice, "If that's true, this could be the biggest story in… forever. This has gotta be checked out… true or false. Disproving any version of the given story of events would be… Pulitzer for sure." He continues looking towards Gene as he speaks, but clearly the comment is made for the benefit of the reporters.

Grinning to 'The Alleycat' Marc nods slowly. "Like the sentiment mate." He removes a small stick from his pocket. "Might as well go out the same way we came in…" He makes his way towards Maia, knowing that she might just have an idea what's going on.

Amirah isn't sure what else she can say. "Yes. That is exactly what I'm saying. The intended social order has been disrupted. You can call it a movie if you want. Laugh at it. But you should know - the Gods are real, walking among you." She takes her 15 Immortals, and walks back to the clearing, where the Roc comes down from its 'Perch' and lands beside her.

Bad juju is going to happen. You don't even need to be able to see into the future. This many Scions in one place twists the threads of fate. Or is it the other way around? No one knows for sure. Suddenly, the reporter shuffling about the crowd cries out.

He makes sure the cameras go to him, and they do. "THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD! This is heresy! This is magic! Thou shall not suffer a witch to live!" he cries out pulling out a detonator.

All around the area, bombs go off. Pieces of the various buildings fall. People explode into into bits! Appendages and blood splatters on people's clothes and so many of the reporters, once mortal are nothing more than blood and bits of flesh. It's a truly horrendous sight and an act of terrorism of the worst kind.

The blast radius covers the entire block! Someone knew this was going to happen. Someone knew this had to be stopped. Oddly enough, the man with the detonator doesnt even get hurt and he starts running!

The explosion causes Kailin to reaction, his hand arms coming up in front of him with a quickness. As the dust settles his eyes go back to the man as he turns to run and he takes several steps after him, his arms reaching out towards the man, and while he is not close enough to actually touch him, his hands and arms close in as though he could. "HEY!"

As the woman at the front turns with her Immortals to head for the great bird, Gene starts to say something else… and then there's that defiant cry, and he whirls around towards the man there. One of the bombs is fairly near to him, the flash of the explosion washing over him and those nearby. The journalist twists through the air, moving with the impact in a split-section of impossible flexibility, going tumbling into the midst of what used to be his colleagues.

In the aftermath of the blasts, the giants help one another up from the ground, muttering darkly amongst themselves of omens and war to come.

Lin turns and as looks at the man starts to scream at the camera. He sees the denonator. "Oh no!" He gets out. He dives for the ground, diving for cover. He looks up to the crowd, hoping they will be safe. He slowly gets to his feet, looking around. "We have you done?" He looks, seeing the man is still alive. "GET ON THE GROUND NOW!" He says, running towards him.

Jason is tossed around by the force of the explosions but when things clear he is looking quite unharmed. A scowl at the departing figure but he does not pursue, leaving that the others who seem so intent on it. Instead he is quickly, oh so quickly, making his way into the crowd of the more mundane so savagely ravaged by the force of the explosions. Working to pull clear any in danger from shifting debris or trapped beneath pieces of collapsed buildings.

Amirah is flattened to the ground. Fortunately, while she's cut and bruised - and her dress is ripped rather badly - the body armor she put on before coming seems to have stopped most of the damage. Looking towards the man (without picking herself off of the ground) she pulls a peice of shrapnel out of her left arm and then snarls at her Roc - which looks pretty fine, all things considered.

The Roc (spends a point of legend), begins crackling with /literal thunder and lightning/ - and then jumps towards the man, trying to grab him with its beak.

"Uh, well. Yeah." Sano shifts a little, this time less from anxiety as to keep both Fai and the Roc in his line of sight as it comes flapping down to land again. "/Man/, that is a big bird," He blurts, stating the obvious as is his particular specialty. Tearing his gaze away for a second, he nods a little to his compadre again, and begins "I'm San—" Oops, there goes the bomb. The blast washes over him and he goes tumbling back…though somehow he manages to stay on his feet, and the flying bits of stone and bloody reporter all seem to fling harmlessly past him. He's still bleeding, though, and spitting a storm of profanity. If the instigator is fleeing, Sano's in no position to chase after him.

"HOLY SHIT!" Maia screams in shock as she ducks back and hides with Jolie in the blast, wrinkling her nose but she and the other demigoddess seem unharmed for the most part. She looks around looking for any survivors, those with just simple wounds. That she can take care off and she rushes, looking around for the most hurt, her hands glowing a bright white and ready to heal..

For reasons only known to her, Faizu seems fond of Sano. Poor bastard. She just smiles at him and looks over. "It is," She agrees. Then the bomb. "Hn!" Faizura grunts and stands stoic as she's torn by shrapnel. "San-" She doesn't tumble, she just kind of rocks back looking pained. Her dress is shredded and there's a little blood. "Ah…" Coughing a bit. Now Faizura looks pissed. "That is definitely against the rules. Your God will pay," Faizura looks ready to take revenge then pauses. She does seem to be losing a bit of blood. "Damn."

Durandal swallows a mouthful of granola and is getting closer to the man as he stands, keying his detonator. The sudden explosion sends debris everywhere, but Durandal keeps his footing, despite getting peppered with debris, some of which leave slight wounds. He straightens when the inital blast wave disappates, then spots the fleeing man. He pours will into his belt reflexively, and his feet leave the ground as he surges forward, rising up over debris-strewn and blood-spattered floor and rushing towards the man. He extends his arms, intending to grapple with the man, but the man stops short, snagged by the other scion, and Durandal overshoots, flying past the man. His eyes widen a bit as he misses, and it's too late to slow down. He slams into the ground and rolls a few times, coming to a stop splayed on his back. "This is /not/ my day…" He rises to his feet quickly.

One of the wonderful things about being a Scion. You can do things that no mortal can ever dream about. When the terrorist starts to run, his eyes widen as he gets grappled by…air? He looks back, trying to find the source of this..magic. He squirms a little in Kailin's long distance grasp as he starts to scream.

"What is this magic?!?!" he screams out right righteous rage. "In the name of the Most Holy!" he cries out, the winds starting to pick up just a bit. "Release me from this witchery!" he says, continuing to squirm, trying to break free..

Dee is still working her way over towards Maia when the blasts happen, and they send her flying. It takes her longer than many of the others to want to move again, battered and bruised as she is not just from the blast but from all the people and chunks of people flying this way and that. "Ow. Fuck. Ow." she mutters.

A hand reaches down to pick up a fedora, utterly undamaged by the blast, brushing it off before settling it back atop Gene's head. The journalist isn't even scratched, having rolled with the explosive impact in a way no action hero could ever hope to. Of course, his clothes are a little singed. As the very air grips the terrorist, he heads for him, his head shaking as he calls out, "Do not kill him. This fanatic needs to be handed over to the authorities… and he needs to talk about whoever helped him plan this…"

"GENE!" Maia screams, her hands covered in blood as she saves as many lives as she can. So many body parts. So many limbs missing. She closes her eyes as she looks barely touched by the blast herself, continuing to go from person to person. People, the mortals are her main priority. "The man is not important! Help me!" she screams in panic, going each incapacitated mortal, legs and other appendages regrowing at her touch. If people didnt believe in gods before, they damn well better now..

Standing in the middle of building has it's advantages. The leather clad Alley-cat notes the blast and isn't affected by the up blast. He runs to the ledge and shields his face with a hand before perking an ear to the air. "DOWN!" He yells as he leaps across the rood to knock Marc back and out of the way as a rather large chunk of concrete slams down, hitting and taking Tybalt to the ground in a sick crunch. There is a moment or two before he breaths and groans, slowly pushing the chunk of concrete off of him. "Fuck me….That sucked." He slowly tries to get to his feet.

Tearing her gaze away from the roc, she listens to Amirah ramble on and stares. It's starting to sound almost believable but clearly it is utterly ridiculous. Before Pauline can make any further move, a man starts shrieking about hersey and witches seconds before the blasts rip through the area and people are reduced to bloody smears all around her. The force comes at her from all angles though only from the front does she notice an extremely large man falling on top of her. Unlike the people around her, he wasn't bloody chunks and also unlike the people around her he was apparently taller than her. In any other situation, she'd be impressed by this.

Pauline's head hits the pavement and stars fill her vision and the coppery taste of blood invades her mouth. Groaning, she rolls her head to the side and spits, blearily looking up at the large bearded man covering her. He says something she can't quite make out, prompting a garbled "Huh?" from the girl.

"I'll take that as 'no.'" The large man swears a blue streak and moves, slipping his hands under Pauline's body and lifting it off the ground. "Sorry about the timing, kiddo, but that's just how things work 'round these parts."

"And those authorities are right here," Lin calls out as grabs for a pair of cuffs. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, one will be provided." He pushes him to the ground, making sure he isn't going anywhere. "Do you understand these right?"

Amirah stands back up, very slowly, and attempts to wipe herself off. "Apparently, fate pushes back." she mummers softly.

Jason does not possess Maia's healing prowess alas, those he pulls free from beneath obstructions or rescues from the smoulder flames which continue to the burn around the area he cannot do much with himself. So.. he drags them in her direction as she seems to have become the local trauma unit, leaving the bloodied and burned there for her ministrations before questing out for more.

The terrorist continues continues to scream, cursing the entire time, calling andinvoking the angels, the heavenly host and other such creatures. "I understand my rights.." he says before he screams in pain, his tongue seemingly ripped off as it starts flailing on the floor, his mouth bloody. What the fuck?

At the call of his name, Gene looks over — grimacing, he gives his head a brief shake. What does she expect him to do about it? He's no healer! "Boys!" He shouts out towards the group of giants recovering from the blast - some bruises here and there but little more, "Try and save who you can, bring the worst injured to Maia…"

Then back towards the terrorist, eyes narrowing, just before that tongue tears free. Whoa. That's unusual.

Durandal pushes himself up to his feet. "Press conference… brilliant idea." He mutters to himself. "Let's get all mortals together and tell them about the nasty things that could kill them in their sleep." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "One of those nasty things couldn't /possibly/ be /at the conference/." He winces a bit.

Dee might be moving slowly, but at least she's moving. More or less. It marks her pretty well as 'not a priority'. She gets to her hands and knees, and only then gets a real look at the carnage around her. If there were any doubt remaining that she's not a seasoned warrior, it evaporates as she loses whatever's still in her stomach.

Kailin slides to a stop when his hands close around the man, his gloved fingers crooked in the air in front of him like claws. "You mass-murdered people! You don't just run away from that…" His clothes are cut and shredded, but he maintains only the barest of injuries with several cuts and scrapes lining his forearms. His arms are solid in their grasp, and his own arms swing downward as he jerks the pulls the man's arms behind him at Lin's approach. The bombing fanatic's arms follow suit like a marionette, allowing the handcuffs to be applied. When they are he releases the man into Lin's custody, but stays close in case he tries anything else.

With a firm nod, Kailin says to Amirah, wiping the dust off his shoulder, "Then you keep pushing harder…" And when the terrorists tongue comes free his head cocks to the right. "Oh. Damn. That's new."

Surprisingly, some of Sano's cuts and burns are already closing up and fading as he dusts himself off and picks his way through the rubble to Faizura, wincing at her wounds as he looks her over. His expression grows even darker as he surveys the carnage, taking in those still standing and making mental notes for each one. The girl with the glowing hands, especially— he blinks as he watches a maimed reporter sprout a new leg just like that. Still, it's not like him to stand uselessly about, and after he sees Jason pulling bodies free he moves to help, glancing back at Fai as he does so. "…You alright?"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." Amirah replies to Kahlan. "It seems to have been a mistake." She walks over to assist Jason in bringing the wounded over to Maia.

The baker street thugs prove to be as much a help as the godlings bringing over the worstinjured. Maia continues to stealthily heal, the only mark of something unusual happening is well..the people regrowing limbs and being restored to much better health. At least those near death's door have a better chance for survival now. She wrinkles her nose as beads of sweat continue to drip down her cheeks as she remains focused intent on saving as many people as possible.

"There's no way I can keep this up…" she says, looking like she's about to pass out. "Go help them..your them! They have to know basic first aid. Do something. How can you proclaim you're a god when you don't even help what's most important. The people. The masses. The mortals.." she says looking around once more..

Lin looks up to man, just nodding his head to him. "Thanks." He says. He looks to the terrorist as his mouth starts to bleed. "What the hell?" He grabs for his pockets, looking for napkins or tissues, anything he can help with the bleeding. "I better not hear anyone was involved with doing this." He simply shouts out. He looks around. "Maybe we can put him a van or something until we can deliever him." He says, looking to the man. "Help me get him someplace secure."

Down comes the silver motorcycle, falling 5 stories and landing as if it was from an inch. The moment after he is off the bike, scanning the crowd. His eyes and nose picking through the crowd, picking out those that are closer to death and moving them close to Maia without a word. The ability to assess someone's health is a handy thing in such a situation.

Amirah pauses. "A good idea. I was in a funk, I apologize." She goes to speak to her Roc and her soldiers - and soon after the soldiers are administering first aid. Admittedly, 3000 year old first aid, but they were probably more used to cutting sorts of wounds in battle then your average medic. The rock begins lifting rubble, flinging it aside to uncover people.

"Put the wounded on the bird, and I'll fly them all to the emergency room!" she says.

Faizura hunches a little. She shakes it off after a moment. "I will heal up," Faizu smiles at Sano. Although she blushes at his concern and a nod. "T-thank you," She manages to Sano, looking caught off guard by his kindness. The woman shifts her weight. She is deceptively slender for her strength. "There's no time to sit and be idle," She murmurs. With a light yell, she punches a bit of rubble, smashing it easily. The woman apparently has super human strength despite her wounds. She's clearing it, at least that which blocks traffic or injured people. "By the way- I am FAizura," She explains to Sano.

Durandal goes to work, but doesn't make a big show of it. He begins to lift and move rubble, and although the maximum weight he can carry is superhuman, he lifts and moves the concrete chunks with a benign rythym, clearly not punching it up for the newsbytes.

"Thanks," Gene mutters quietly to a dead man who lays beside a toppled camera, whose red light indicates that it's still broadcasting; hefting it up, he rests it to his shoulder, turning it slowly to focus upon the godlings and demigods as they work to salvage what's left of the lawn and those still alive. Here, a woman's healing hands tending the sick. There, stone shattering beneath a punch to clear it from the way. An eight-foot giant lifts a fallen piece of roof like it weighed nothing, allowing some of the others to gather the trapped wounded from beneath it. Immortals begin triage.

"…and there's your proof, America," he states quietly, firmly into the microphone attached to the camera, "The gods walk amongst us… and so do their enemies."

Kailin nods to Lin and it is a simple act to lift the man into the air with one hand. But rather than physically holding him in the air, he simply floats as though on strings. He holds the terrorist aloft while he glances at the chaos around him. "Just let me know where you want him." Meanwhile, Kailin takes a few steps back to the reporters, moving through their remains. He searches through the cameras on the ground, finding two that are still in working order. And just like he finds several, setting them at vantage points he keeps them running, catching the scene in action. Moving from each supernatural act to the next, Kailin catches as many things on camera as he can, including the terrorist's detached tongue, the regrowing of limbs, the smashing of rocks, the falling of motorcycles, etc… All the while the terrorist hangs in the air so that he too can see all of the improbable.

Jason has his attention drawn up to a nearby balcony, the earlier blasts destroyed one of the supports and now a mother and child appear trapped there. The supports ready to give way and a blazing fire which has taken root inside the building preventing any egress in that direction. A muttered curse and he finds a nearby fire still burning away, plastics and oil having made quite the fiery mess and he simply steps into that fire. He does not appear on the other side but rather steps out of the fire up on the balcony, a few reassuring words given to mother and child before he takes each within an arm and leaps across the distance to another balcony, from there to a solid look piece of rubble and from there to the ground.

The man's mouth continues to bleed even as Lin helps him get moved somewhere. The terrorist continues to squirm, swallowing his own blood as he continues to wriggle in Kailin's grasp, continuing to try to break free…

"Sano," He replies with a small, grim smile, finally finishing the introduction he began before the bombs went off. He's not as strong as some of his new comrades, perhaps, but he still puts on a show, lifting armloads of concrete off trapped bodies and dumping it in clearer spots with small grunts of effort. He makes a few sloppy bandages and tourniquets from pieces of cloth torn from the victims' clothing where and when he can, cursing his limited knowledge and audibly wishing he'd paid more attention during those summer courses. For his part in the flashiness, he carries two or three people at a time, flung over either shoulder with little visible strain as he makes his way to the waiting Roc.

Durandal doesn't seem the least bit phased by the blood and ichor spattering the walls and ground, stoic demeanor giving him a calm, serene air as he lifts and moves, lifts a moves. There is a slight beeping from his pocket, and he reaces in to pull out a cellphone. He looks at the screen, then flips the device open and jams a button with his thumb. "Amanda? Where are you?" He is quiet for a few moments, then he shakes his head. "No honey, I'm fine…" He presses the cellphone to his ear while the other hand works, grabbing concrete and steel rebar with his free arm, tossing into piles, making a path for ambulance crews. He begins to look confused, pausing to look around the room, spotting the camera and frowning. "You saw what happened?" He listens a few moments then shakes his head, going back to clearing the path. "No baby, I'm just fine, but there are a lot of hurt people down here and I need to help them…"

The massive Roc begins grabbing large boulders, stray girders, cars and bits of debree and putting them in a pile, while holding its tail-feathers down. Meanwhile, Amirah begins moving wounded onto the bird, walking onto it via the tail feathers. The Immortals continue to provide ancient first aid. "Does anyone know a way to hold these people down while this bird flies to the hospital?"

"Uh…that car of there," Lin say as Kailin lifts him into the air. "Thanks." He offers, heading over to keep an eye on the prisoner. He looks around as walks over. There isn't really anything he can do for the these people. He can just relieve their suffering. "More ghosts to help tonight." He mumbles as he walks to the car.

Dee quickly gets her heavy boots off with a few practiced motions, revealing softer black boots underneath with little wings at the heels. As she straightens again, she spots the guys with the cameras and her eyes widen before they narrow with annoyance. Some of them, apparently, don't so much want to be noticed and recorded. Conveniently though, there are rocks all over the place now. Decently-sized rocks, for throwing. One is hefted, and winged towards the camera held by Gene, with intent to slay the smallish technological beast.

"Sano," Faizur repeats with a smile. "Pleasure. I wish it were under better circumstances," She murmurs softly before setting her attentions to the next bit of rubble. Ryaaaaaaaah! Faizura huffs and grits her teeth. Elizabeth Taylor SMASH! Her dark hair flaps up, ribbons in the breeze as she slams another bit of rubble into oblivion, to free more people. She punches at it, her knuckles not even bleeding. It's almost like something out of an anime. A woman in a lacey, gothic dress and parasol smashing away at rubble and helping move people but mostly smashing rubble.

Tybalt is only helping as much as he is able. Which for the most part, isn't anything near what the others can do. So instead of taking lime light, he is support. Nurse to Doctor Maia. He manages to line the victims up, noting injuries and trying his damnest to apply academic knowledge in a practical situation. It's not going well, but he's at least smart enough to know put pressure on the bleeding things and don't move it if it's broken.

That chunk of rock hurtles through the air, but Gene doesn't even seem to notice it—he steps just right, just properly, that the rock whistles through the air past him where the camera was barely moments before. The man's head lifts slightly, looking to Dee, and he quirks a smile - a wink cast over before he returns to filming.

With everyone doing what they can to help, Maia sighs softly and wipes a few beads of sweat from her brow. She smiles warmly towards Tybalt as limbs continue to grow with but a touch as she hrmms for a few moments. She acks a little, trying to hide behind the blonde as the camera sweeps through the area. She was just fulfilling her duty! She can't be tied to the Super Sugoi Awesome New Gods manga and anime that's coming out! No! No! NO! That's what the other bandmates are for!

Dee looks more surprised than anything, when she misses the camera. Apparently, it's not something that happens often. That's quickly replaced by a scowl. "Not everyone wants their face on the news, asshole." she calls over to him.

Durandal continues moving the worst of the rubble, making a nice wide path to the triage area, making room for EMS crews to move when they arrive. "I was just out for a walk, hon… saw a big to-do and poked my head in." He grabs another peice of concrete and moves it aside while he listens. He shakes his head. "Look honey, I'm kinda busy here, but I'm fine, I'll be home soon ok?" He listens for a moment clearing more debris, then he heaves a long sigh. "…We'll talk… but I gotta go, ok? I love you… bye." He hangs up the phone and slips it into a pocket, quiet and unmoving for a moment, then turning and giving a brutal kick to a large chunk of cement, reducing it to dust, looking irritated.

Quickly stepping out of the way, the giant of a man that is not in fact a giant carries Pauline aside, briefly obscuring the view of Gene's camera. He sets her down, propping her against a large piece of building rubble that had fallen from overhead. Judging by it's shape, it appeared to once be part of a nicely sculpted balcony. He crouches down into her field of view, tilting her head so he can look into her eyes, his elbows then rest upon his knees. A heavy sigh escapes his mouth, "You heard it and it's all true." A hand lifts to gesture at the carnage behind him as the other children of the Gods busily work to save the mortals that were caught in the blast.

With each passing minute, Pauline feels her headache clearing. She wonders if she's losing consciousness but still finds everything sharply in focus from the big bearded man in front of her to the people doing all kinds of crazy stuff behind him. With a grunt, she pushes herself up a little further and examines herself. "You saved me. Uh. Thanks. I-"

Paul Bunyan holds up a hand, silencing her immediately with a stern look. "No time. I'm Paul Bunyan. You're my daughter. Here." Grabbing a pair of boots tied by their laces that had been slung over his shoulder, he tosses the footware at Pauline. "Put these on and go help these people." Without another word, the Legend stands and stalks off into a collapsed building, moving through rubble as if it was mere smoke.

Pauline sits there, looking dumbfounded, shocked, and staring into space for a solid minute before finally speaking. "…what."

Kailin drops the terrorist by the car, glad to be rid of him. It is a very short fall, but rough nonetheless. He shakes his hand out, glad to be rid of him and gives a nod to Lin. "No problem. Happy to help." He turns back to the scene, watching everyone else. He continues to film with the camera in his right hand, making his own home video of the incident. Upon seeing all the other cameras he says, "I guess the world has seen… quite a bit now."

Amirah frowns and eventually talks to the bird again - it can apparently understand her somehow - and it /plucks/ off a massive feather, then sets it down on the ground. Speaking to the bird again, she has it take a particularly large, flat piece of rubble (perhaps the roof of a van once) - and then has two Immortals begin strapping people to it by wrapping the feather around it, seatbelt fashion.

Eventually the makeshift gurny is full, and Amirah shouts, "Next Stop! New York Downtown Hospital!" She glances towards Kailin and Lin. "I think he might need to go there too! You two coming?"

"I know. I'm kind of an asshole like that," Gene calls back in rather dry tones to Dee in response to her own angry call over, the camera tracking along behind Paul Bunyan for a few moments before he lowers it — gaze falling to the rather stunned girl that he's just spoken to, he gives his head a slow shake, heading over in her direction.

The young Japanese girl looks exhausted, stabilizing most everyone. At least those mortals who didnt get blown to bits right away. Look Geraldo Rivera survived! Hopefully! Maia sighs softly and looks around, her hands still covered in blood before she chews on her bottom lip and starts to run. Yeah she didnt pay attention enough to notice the bleeding tongue guy and thus makes her exit stage left. No need to linger for fame. That's for Gene.

Lin looks up as a voice is called out. "Hmm?" He looks to the Terrorist. "Yeah, I best go with him." He says, grabbing him up by the handcuffs to haul him over to the Roc. "Trust me. If you try to kill yourself, you're not getting away from me that easy." He whispers as he drags him over to climb on.
Fortunately, Tybalt is in his Alley-Cat wear. His helmet masks his appearance thus, saving him the personal mortification of having to explain this to an irate wealthy man, and even more so, giving the public an image of a 'hero' helping the people.

There's another glare towards Gene, and then one towards Kailin. "Lots of assholes tonight." Dee notes. Unfortunately, it's way too late to put on something to cover her face. "But it always comes around eventually." Her tone might be suggesting some future effort to help Karma along a little. Then though, since there are still a lot of people needing to be helped, she's up into the air to find any injured in the blast and not immediately obvious from ground level.

"…Yeah, me too…" Sano murmurs as he grabs his next load of bleeding, moaning— or more worrisome, the bleeding and silent— bomb victims. He's about to say something else, but trails off when he notices the little exchange going on between Dee and Gene, gasping with surprise and stumbling to a halt. Apparently, he /just/ noticed all the cameras. "…Shit. Well. Guess it can't be helped." Not like he's going to drop the people that need him in order to run around smashing camera lenses, anyway. He squeezes one more armload onto Amirah's makeshift gurney before she announces her destination, and with a sigh he steps back— glancing only for one curious moment at…Paul Bunyan? Who'da thunkit.

Durandal keeps a low-profile, just clearing wide lanes for emergency personnel before wandering towards the door, anxious to get out of dodge before the fuzz arrives.

A few blinks at the visitation. "Huh," Faizura stops wailing at debris for a moment, hefting rocks out of the way while smashing others. Fortunately, Faizu's clothing is already over the top. Likely there will be plenty of loli goths running around soon enough. She looks to Sano, "Well. You'll get used to it if you are not already. Awhile ago, a snake at the dock ate some people," She comments. But she got to see Paul Bunyan. Peer. "New Gods…" Huh. Perhaps the American apotheosis is not as unlikely… Her eyebrows furrow. She hefts another rock before breaking it up. Huff. A cough. "Okay…"

Dee returns quickly with a young woman whose legs look to have been crushed. She's placed carefully with the others awaiting medical aid, then since the healer seems to have run off her next flight takes her towards the nearest ER to fetch a doctor and supplies.

Kailin shakes his head to Amirah and says, "No, I'm good. Thanks though. Get these people out of here. If there's anything that can be done for them they'll need to go now." He looks towards Amirah with a smirk and gives a nod. "You made waves. You ready to surf 'em?" He smiles again and gives a wink, moving back towards the rest of the scene. He just stands there and watches the efforts, watching everyone work together towards a fairly singular purpose.

Amirah shrugs at Kailin. "I don't think whether I'm ready will matter at this point!" She then shouts, "Last chance, all aboard the bird! We'll be back in a bit!"

And then, moments later the bird large enough to feast on whales and elephants leaps into the air with a thick pearl of thunder - and heads off to the hospital.

One of Pauline's hands reaches out to grasp the boots by the laces, dragging them over, but making no effort to put them on. Her mind turns the words over again and again before coming to a screeching halt before she notices some guy with a videocamera coming over. She notes the camera is not aimed at anything, but that doesn't prevent her from immediately grasping the biggest object she can find nearby-which turns out to be a beach ball sized piece of concrete-and holding it up in a ready to throw position at Gene. "Don't you point that thing at me!" she threatens, sounding (understandably) freaked out over the whole situation.

Dee might not be a huge bird, but on the other hand she probably has an easier time dodging buildings. Also, it gives her a chance to nab her helmet along the way. Sure, the damage is done. It still might be easier to spook people into doing what needs doing if she doesn't look quite so normal. Clearly practiced in the use of her boots, she speeds towards the nearest source of medical types. There's shouting then to let them know what that big boom was not far away, and to order them to get their asses over and help people. Normally, she might be ignored. Seeing as she's hovering in the air though…

"Man-eating snake. Terrific. Guess I'm right where I need to be." Weirdly enough, it's hard to tell how much of that is sarcasm and how much is resigned acceptance in Sano's voice. Either way, his part's about done, and he'd rather not get tangled up with the fuzz. He makes his way over to Fai, somehow avoiding the spray of debris from her rock-smashing without much effort. "I'm, uh. Gonna get while the getting's good." He shifts uncomfortably. "So…is there like…a place we all meet up later? Like a secret lair or something?" A little tongue-in-cheek, perhaps, but he'd rather not lose the only acquaintance he's managed to gain in this whole ugly ordeal.

"Nah." Gene's chin lifts in a slight raise towards Pauline as he pauses nearby, the camera resting against his shoulder and a smile crooking slightly up at one corner of his lips, "I'll give you a little bit before putting you in that much shit. Welcome to the War. Fair warning, some people might give you some shit, the American Gods are pretty new, but…" The camera's lowered back again as he turns to film the lawn, murmuring, "If there weren't new things in the world, it'd get pretty damn boring, in my opinion."

Kailin makes a small pile of the large pieces of debris right where he is, next to where the roc has flown off. He lowers himself onto his makeshift chair and watches, leaning forward with his forearms resting on his thighs. His eyes go towards Paulina and he watches her for a moment before his hands slips into his pocket and takes out his phone. Sliding it open he punches out a quick text, sliding it closed again. Leaning back in the seat his brown eyes continue to take in the scene as the chaos only spreads.

A few minutes later the massive Roc returns, its patients unloaded. The Rock lowers its tail feathers down to allow more to be put upon it, and Amirah begins barking out orders to the Immortals once more.

Keff. Faizura finally stops, once things are clearer. She looks to Sano and smiles. "Yeah. There's worse. You should probably stay away from Times Square till someone explains," She offers helpfully. She takes a deep breath and sighs. She's cold and calm, but even Faizu looks antsy with reporters crawling in now. "You usually meet up depending on what fate wants. I've heard the Olympus Cafe is interesting," She comments quietly. A blush at his comment. Ahem. She seems surprised. But a smile. "I am usually found in cafes. I like tea."

Pauline stares at Gene, eyes flicking back and forth from the camera to his face. Then she seems to notice the size of the potential throwing object she picked and quickly drops it as if it were a live wire. "…I expected some shit when I came here. I expected some weird stuff too but…" She hangs the boots around her shoulders by the laces. "…but not /this/. This-ugh." Shifting, she picks herself up, one hand braced against the broken balcony piece. "Titans, right? War with the Titans? I get the feeling this ain't the football team."

"Not quite," Gene drawls out, sliding a hand into a pocket and producing a card— offering it over to Pauline without looking away from the rest of the happenings about the lawn, "Give me a call once things settle down. Your father's probably a little busy to explain shit. Probbaly got to run over some monsters with a giant Ox or something."

Jason eventually slips free of the crowd as civil services gets their act together and begin responding properly to the tragedy, hands simply slipped into the pockets of his jacket as he makes his way away from the scene and back into the crowds of the city at large.

Dee returns not too long after, a large sack of medical supplies hanging from her hand. It was surprisingly easy to pass right by the stunned, staring staff to grab them and fly out again.

"Tea, huh? You'd get along with my, uh…dad." Sano smirks a little at this, though it quickly fades; it's hard to be cheerful, surrounded by so much death and pain. Still, the mortal cavalry is arriving, and Sano is itching to get the hell out of the limelight. "Guess I'll have to buy you a cup, next time Fate throws us together." He pauses, and glances down at his duster— now more red than blue— with dismay. "I'm gonna get back to my motel and try to scrub some of this blood and gunk off. I'll…see you around. Nice to meet'cha." And with a few prodigious leaps, he's out of sight and gone.

With one hand, Pauline takes the card. The other rubs the back of her head, which she was pretty sure got busted open on that pavement. "…that's really weird.." she mutters to herself before speaking up, "..uh, yeah, that..giant ox. I think I gotta check into a hospital or something. I'll call." Pocketing the card, Pauline turns away and glances off in the direction that her apparent father ran off to. Naturally, she doesn't see him anywhere.

Pause at that. She nods. Faizu smiles at Sano. "I think a cookie would be an acceptable return offering," She frowns. The mortal cavalry is indeed here. She finally remembers her torn dress too. "See you. Be well. Nic-nice to meet you too." Faizura finally waves. She adjusts her sun hat and skulks off. One can almost see the bats flying away.

Now that her face is covered by her helmet, Dee is more inclined to keep helping. Not that it'll really do her much good, but it makes her feel a little better. She'll spend well into the night continuing to look for the less easily found or partly buried injured from the air, to bring them over for attention. Or, to bring the help over if needed.

With everything that's happened, people are dazed, stunned and confused. There should've been more dead, but instead, barely anyone died. Of course, they just look at the healing bodies of various people and the various emergency services close off Rockefeller Center. What should've been gore and wanton destruction ended up to be something else completely.

Still ramifications from the live event go across the world. In a mysteriousunderground chamber, a group of men meet in black robes. They play the events on the news once more and hrmms as they pause the screen looking at each face that was on TV. Amirah, Pauline, Lin, Tybalt, Sano, Faizura, Kailin, Jason, Dee, Maia.

The lead man looks towards the others. "Find them. Kill them. We need to spin this.."

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