Alister Gordon
Portrayed By: Topher Grace
Status: Alive
Age: 26
Calling: Master Tactician
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Ares
Significant Other(s): Single


Alister's childhood was never what one would call particularly strange, or even all that difficult. He was raised by a single mother who worked as a math professor. She often encouraged him on her pursuits of knowledge, teaching him that learning didn't have to be work. He got along with his peers fine, got good grades, and everything else a kid was supposed to do.

And as soon as he turned thirteen, he got his first visitation. He was given a crash course in his divine heritage and whose footsteps he'd be following in. Of course Alister had no idea what to make of anything, but over the next decade his life would be very much influenced by Ares' will. Perhaps his mother was told what to do, because that was the only way he could explain her suddenly making him take part in ROTC, and later join boot camps during summers to instill a set of values into him. All it of course did was make him rebel, getting into all sorts of fights and having outbursts at his peers.

He was kicked out of a number of schools, most likely to his father's pleasure. But he realized it was his father's nature making him this way, and he wouldn't believe in fate. Even when he began to fight his first Titanspawn and absolutely revel in it at times, he was still determined to break from that nature. In his early twenties he began to attend anger management classes, learning ways to deal with the rage and impulse that comes with being his father's son

Eventually he was finally told to join the military or he'd be renounced of his divine heritage, so he did join… as a desk clerk at a recruitment office. And at twenty-six years old, it's where he's been for a while. Ares may or may not have given up on him, but one can only ignore the call of one's divine heritage and avoid fate for so long.


Alister is an individual caught inbetween nature and nurture. He considers himself a relaxed individual, using anger management techniques and taking life day by day. He tries to live normally and strive for the mundane, while constantly tugged at by his very core. The urge to bash someone in the head for offending him, the capability to make incredibly harsh decisions without batting an eyelash. These are things that he is not at all proud of, things he constantly suppresses and hides from others. He does not want to be his father, even if he has to swim against the current of fate to avoid it.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 3
Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 2
Academics 2 Athletics 3 Awareness 2
Brawl 3 Command 3 Empathy 2
Integrity 3 Marksmanship 3 Melee 3
Presence 3 Thrown 3
Arete Melee 2 Battle Cry Blessing of Bravery
Making it Look Easy Math Genius Omnidexterity
Overt Order Perfect Partner Regeneration
Self-Healing Titanium Tools
Epic Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma Perception
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 1
Stamina 2 Appearance Wits
Expression 1 Intellect 4 Valor 1
Vengeance 3
Legend 3 Legend Points 9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
Sleipnir Blade~5 Knife Template Purviews: War Powers: Melee weapon can strike at a distant target out to (Legend x 5) yards away, an ammunition-based weapon never needs reloading (infinite throwing), add wearer's Legend to any single Dexterity + Melee roll, dissuade thieves who steal the item, killing one of their loved ones until it is returned. Description: Forged from a chip of Sleipnir's horseshoe by the god Hephaestus, this blade is capable of ignoring distance and space within the user's abilities. The true form of the blade can only be seen by the eyes of a god, as it exists in dimensions that only a god can comprehend. When it attacks it ignores logic and science, passing through dimensions to strike its target, and existing in multiple places at the same time.
War Taser~3 Purviews: Sky Powers: An ammunition-based weapon never needs reloading, Add wearer's Legend to any Dexterity + Marksmanship roll. Description: Ares' show of displeasure in Alister. His second relic was an expression of Ares' current feelings about his son's place in life.
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