Aliens in America


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Scene Title Aliens in America
Synopsis The Evils of Abstinence

St. Fry's Public Catholic School For The Wayward

A creepy Catholic school campus

Some strange things have been happening around St. Fry's Public Catholic School For The Wayward. Students have gone from some of the lowest grades in the city, to perfectly mannered students with high grades, who didn't have a hint of protest when they were told they had to wear uniforms now. The academic standard has gone from 'We don't give a damn' to 'You're going to make the city's public school ranking insane'.

One Wesley Wilson went to this school briefly, and for whatever reason he's been invited back by a teacher, something about showing the result of not paying attention in class. But hey, he gets twenty bucks out of it! He's invited Mariana along, but any Scions who generally keep their ear to the ground might suspect that there's something strange going on, something that warrents investigation. "Hate this fucking school." is the first thing Wesley says when he enters the front doors, watching students walk through the halls almost in sync, creepily silent, no running, no stickers or writing on their bags, just very… Stepford Teenagers.

Halima has been on the trail of something big for a while. She's been using the Thieves' Highway, exploiting the upswelling of grace and speed that comes from just being a Scion. A revolver the size of a sub-machinegun is strapped over a plain white wifebeater (high fashion today) and a massive golden necklace hangs around her shoulders. During her trek she occasionally referenced a scroll stored in a strong-looking metal case. The persian woman pauses the peak of a nearby building's roof, pupils focused to pin-points as she scans the crowd. And when she spot's Wesley, "…Not surprising. I thought these fate-threads looked violent." She doesn't seem to have drawn much mortal attention, though a scion paying any degree of attention would have certainly spotted her if they so much as scanned the rooftops for a few seconds.

"A Catholic school?" Mariana asks as she follows behind Wesley, making their way through the hallway. While she's not so much interested in the lives of children, the architecture of these private schools does capture some of her interest. "What happened? Did you get hit a few time with a ruler on your knuckles?" The well-behaved children only gathers a mere glance from the young heiress. This /is/ a Catholic school, so she doesn't expect kids to be running down the hall, screaming.

Dhatri is also walking onto the school grounds; St. Fry's has organised a lesson in basic first aid for the Senior Gym class, and this young medical student is one of those to have drawn a short straw. There is a fully trained doctor with him, and the pair are on their way to the office to sign in as visitors. As they continue, they both notice that the kids are acting very un-adolescent-like.

There's a brief sniff as Halima's scent faintly catches his nose, but when they're all inside, he's a bit distracted by the well-behaved teens and Mariana talking, entering the office right behind Dhatri. "Nah, see, Wayward children. It's where parents send bad kids. This place used to be a shit hole, how the hell'd it change this much in six years? We always refused to wear the uniforms and they didn't do shit about it."

The woman at the desk, smiling very politely, even for a faculty member. "Hello, and welcome to our fine establishment. Please sign in. And hello again, Mister Wilson, it's nice to see you again, and I hope that this guitar was not stolen from a music room."

"Hate this school, hate this school, hate this school…"

Halima takes a moment to scan over kids she sees in various windows. After a moment, she fishes out a cellphone from her pocket and taps a few buttons with her thumb. One of the contacts says, 'Violent Aesir.' This is the button she presses. It rings Wesley's cell. Hopefully he remembered to bring it with him. "Pick up the phone…"

"It reminds me of the kinds of schools that I've attended. Of course, we altered our school uniforms whenever and however was acceptably possible but just the feel of this school is very similar. Maybe there was a change in stricter management. This /is/ a Catholic school." Mariana reminds, her eyes flickering towards the woman at the desk, before she simply eyes the sign in sheet and waits her turn to offer her autograph. The mention of Wesley's guitar and theft brings a smile to Mariana's lips.

Dhatri signs the guest book and attaches his visitors' badge, before Dr. Jackson does the same. Dr. Jackson is carrying a fairly big briefcase, while Dhatri carries a CPR dummy. As the pair walk towards the gym, they notice even more than before how strangely obedient and polite the kids are. "What are they putting in the school dinners?" he comments drily.

"Fuck, this place is creepy now." Wesley says as he quickly signs his name, in fairly sloppy cursive. Then his phone is ringing, and he pockets it up, raising an eyebrow. "Hey, I know I promised you a baboon, I'll get it eventually."

A boy and a girl walk into the office, smiling as if they're right out of the fifties. "Excuse us, ma'am, but we'd like to speak with the principle. We're very concerned for some of the new students who won't take the abstinence pledge. They'll never fit in with the cool crowd if they're out drinking, and eating junk food, and…" They both look at eachother, then their voices get low, "Having… relations…"

"Was just about to ask that, playboy. But you got yourself a new toy so I guess there isn't much motivation on your end. Anyway!" Halima pinches the phone between her head and her shoulder. With her free hand she reaches around to pull out a four-shot moonclip for her revolver from a climbing pack around her waist. "I suggest you keep your eyes open because there's more going on here than a simple Jonas Brothers fanclub." As she talks, the persian woman draws out her revolver and drops it open with the press of a lever. She slips the moonclip into the cylinder. "These kids aren't doing this because of peer pressure, mate. They're all caught in strands of the same web, and in the center of every web…" With a flick of her wrist, Halima snaps her revolver closed. It's slipped back into her holster for now.

Once again, Mariana doesn't note any oddities with these children. They seem perfectly normal to her, perhaps due to her own background! When Wesley is finished with the pen, Mariana takes it and signs her signature with a well-practiced flourish. It's the phone conversation that does pique her attention, somewhat, "You're a game hunter too or do you have a scientist friend in need of an experimental guinea pig?" Her gaze does stray, so that she can get a better look at the uniform which the school types wear. "I suppose the school could use an update on their attire."

Dhatri overhears the comment about the new students just before he leaves the office. "Abstinence for the cool kids? Now I really have seen everything," he says in a dry, quiet tone. "I'll catch up with you in a few minutes; we've got plenty of time, and there's something very strange about this," he continues to his supervisor, before turning back. "If you'll excuse me, what does this abstinence pledge entail?" he asks the woman at the desk.

"Hey, I keep my word, you'll get your monkey." Wesley covers the phone with his hand, looking to Mariana, "Science chick, I was trying to bang her and I promised her a monkey." he answers, before removing his hand from the phone again. "Anyway, yeah, I'll keep my eyes open, this place is freakin' weird now."

The woman at the desk easily answers, handing Dhatri all sorts of pamplets. "The abstinence pledge is what you take when you go to the school doctor and he makes absolutely sure that you will not break our standard of morality. No improper debauchery here!" The woman practically teeheehees.

"Hang on a second." Halima pulls the phone from her ear and takes a running start towards the roof of the school. Her feat pound hard on the roof before she takes a daredevil leap from roof to roof. She clears the jump with only a few inches to spare and presses the phone back to her head, "Alright, I'm on top of the school now. What did I hear about school doctor? This connection is bad. Do me a favor and start tapping your foot. Once every second. I'm going to find you." She starts skimming her feet along the school's roof, feeling for minute vibrations ringing in time."

"A nerd and now a science chick?" Mariana says with some amusement in her tone to Wesley, before simply wandering about the room to explore, "I'm impressed that you would seek out the more scholarly types. I just never figured you for that sort of guy." Overhearing part of the conversation between the woman at the desk and this medic person, she returns to the violent Aesir, "Maybe if you had stayed around longer, this celibacy thing wouldn't be such a problem." Still, she is intrigued by Dhatri's conversation, so continues to eavesdrop.

Dhatri reads through the pamphlets with an expression of intrigue on his face. "This certainly looks interesting. The doctor here must be among the best; I've seen guidelines like this in other schools, but I've never seen teenagers take to them so readily. Do you suppose he'd be willing to explain how he managee it?"

"Just a coincidence or whatever." Wesley says in response to him liking smart women, and promptly starts to tap his foot, staying on the phone just in case. "Some crap about the school doctor teaching kids not to screw eachother."

"Oh, of course!" the woman at the desk says, writing up a small map and hanging it to Dhatri. "I'm sure he'd love to teach you all his guidelines. Go, quickly!" She's enthusiastic…

Halima clicks the phone to end the call and starts humming to herself as she sweeps her feet around the roof, until she finds a set of vibrations that matches the parameters she needs. She promptly leaps off the roof of the building and lands with a WHUD on the sidewalk. Odd stares from passersby don't phase her, as she heads into the school. A few seconds later she's standing in the office behind the rest of the show-ups today. "Hey, chaps. Excuse me, miss." Halima approaches the woman being talked-up by everyone and flashes her BNL ID badge. Of course, she only holds it up for about half a second. She affects a latina accent. "Carla Violetta, NYPD. Excuse me." she starts elbowing people aside. "We've got a report of a bomb threat at this school, I'm going to need you to evacuate the building."

Most of Mariana's attention is on Dhatri… or perhaps not the man, himself, but what the woman behind the desk says to him. "I'm almost interested to see what kind of a doctor this is too…By the looks of it, he seems very exciting." But her eyes flicker to Wesley's tapping foot, when she asks, "You're really nervous aren't you, being back here? It's almost as if you expect to run into that mean teacher who you always hated or that overly nice priest.." She could say more, but Halima's entrance is something that cannot be ignored. "I'm almost thinking that that," She lifts her chin, directing attention to Halima now, "Was your doing just to get out of this visit."

Dhatri frowns as he sees the person claiming to be a cop order an evacuation of the building. He doesn't comment on it though; he simply accepts the map from the woman, and decides to see how this plays out. It could make getting to the bottom of whatever's going on somewhat easier.

The woman very quickly rushes to the principal's office, explains the situation, and suddenly there's an announcement over the intercom. "//Students, there's a fire, please evacuate in an orderly fashion." he says very calmly, and students do just that. They don't freak out, they simply march in line, then eventually they're standing outside in perfect rows with most of the teachers.

"I'm not nervous, this place is just fucking weird. Hey, Monkey Chick, I thought you were a scientist, not a cop." he points out as he peeks from the office, looking around, then starts following Dhatri. "Let's follow this guy, he's dressed nice, so I guess he knows what he's doing."

"So that's the scientist who wanted the monkey?" Mariana inquires, her dark eyes studying Halima,… the cop. It's almost as if she's trying to figure out Wesley's taste in women, by looking at this one woman alone. "Shouldn't we be leaving as well? That guy.." She starts off, but simply goes along when Wesley follows Dhatri, "Looks to be a medic or something. I would think he has reason to actually be here."

Halima grins as she stuffs her BNL identification card into a trouser pocket. "A convenient lie is sometimes better than an inconvenient truth. Which is why no one believes Al Gore and why you Yanks keep putting cowboys in the White House. Anyway." Halima falls in behind the group. "I figure with you around something is getting destroyed, I've seen your youtube videos. This minimizes collateral damage."

"Whenever you're ready, we should get moving. Eventually, someone's going to notice the lack of a fire or a bomb squad," Dhatri points out, placing the CPR dummy on the ground and heading off in the direction marked down on the map. He walks very quickly; quickly enough that most people would have to jog to keep up, checking the drawn map every so often to make sure he's going the right way.

"Yeah yeah, I won't break crap, teens these days are just freakin' weird." After a short walk that eventually leads them up to the second floor, they come across the nurse's office, or in this case, the doctor's. Wesley walks up to it, shaking the knob, then knocks a few times.

In the office, a male voice in its early thirties says, "I'll be with you in a moment." But that moment takes a while, one minute, two, three, five, eight… He doesn't seem like he's coming out.

"I doubt they're going to catch on any time soon. The secretary is a member of the group and therefore she will be believed by the administration and will be believed when she's told an NYPD officer said something about a bomb scare. Kids won't have any experience with real life troubles and won't question things, just do what they're told. Which should be enough to make anyone suspicious." Halima adjusts the revolver at her side and gestures to the door. "The spider is in its web. Are any of you going to save the flies from it?"

Mariana simply continues to follow Wesley, though she isn't sure why they are journeying to the health room, unless he's just as curious about the abstinence talks as she was earlier. Halima's presence however is interesting to note, though from what she's seen so far, aside from the bomb scare drill, there is no reason for anything to be broken. "Your feats certainly go viral quickly." She idly adds, her arms now crossed over her chest as she waits at a spot adjacent to the door. And waits… Well, she waits until she notices Halima's hand on her gun. "Something tells me that we're not going to be seeing a lecture on abstinence are we?"

"I'd be very grateful if none of you mentioned this later," Dhatri says to the other three before tearing the door out from its frame and tossing it to one side. The door itself is still relatively intact; pity the door frame is now fucked… "My apologies doctor; I simply couldn't wait."

Within the room is a calmly sitting man, wearing a labcoat, a black cotton long-sleeved shirt under it, a pair of black pants, and some black shoes. He's even got black rubber gloves! Sitting in a deskchair, simply rolling around to face everyone, the room is a fairly normal nurse's office. "Now now, there's no need for violence. I can sense that you are all lacking quite a bit of abstinence. Won't you take my guidence for ultimate happiness?"

Wesley tilts his head when Dhatri kicks the door down, then lightly nudges Mariana. "Man, I didn't know guys in nice clothes kicked doors down. Told you he knew what he was doing." Though when he hears the persuasive voice, he winces slightly, then walks behind Dhatri. "Man, the hell is up with this science guy? Talks like one of those preachers on TV."

"Some of us are already abstinent." Halima adds, flatly. "It's impossible to find a man in this town worth fooling around with. Let me tell you." She places her hands on her hips and shakes her head.

Without even looking to Halima or Wesley, Mariana comments when Dhatri decides to take matters into his own hands, literally, and remove the door, perfectly in tact, "I am surprised. The initial damage wasn't caused by Wesley." Though she jokes, her tone remains level and she waits for the group to move further in, when they are all greeted by a man, who she supposes is the school doctor, since they are at his office. To Wesley's comment though, her eyes flicker back to Dhatri, when she murmurs, "A suit doesn't always make someone civilized. It's who is wearing the suit that really matters." However, the doctor's words are considered insulting to Mariana, when she snaps out, "It's rude of you to make assumptions, you know." She can't help but say when she's accused of not practicing abstinence! "I can see that someone is a poor judge of character."

"Thank you for your most generous offer, but I must decline. I'm perfectly happy with my free will intact," Dhatri replies, walking in. "So, would you care to explain just how you managed to remove an entire school's free will and, more importantly, how to reverse the effects? I'd prefer to avoid violence if possible, but it's entirely up to you."

"Violence… Violence is not necessary nor wise. We intend to use these children, this faculty, to very quietly create a perfect world. No one will notice nor complain once every school in the entire world is suddenly producing perfect children. I should also add that my name is Doctor Lang, and I'm more than willing to allow you to join, otherwise…" He raises a hand to the window, and it promptly opens on its own. "You can kindly leave."

"Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" Wesley asks, then suddenly starts marching in, more than intending to punch the crap out of this guy.

Halima brings a hand to her revolver, though she does not draw it yet. "The stability of any stable and healthy society is freedom of thought and expression. You aren't creating a perfect civilization, you're perverting it. You have robbed these children of their agency." Despite the iron in Halima's voice, she keeps her eyes on the man's chest, away from his face. They're locked right over his heart.

Mariana is still more than miffed by what the doctor had to say, "He insinuated that I was some sort of cheap tart…" Not that she raises her voice, because histrionics is totally immoral, but there is a slight chill in that tone and she is speaking to Wesley! It's not difficult to tell that something is amiss here and when the doctor keeps talking, one of her hands snakes into her purse to withdraw her dagger. "If you want to talk about abstinence, I can make sure that you're permanently abstinent." Even when these words are uttered, she doesn't move in to attack. Wesley looks like he's prepared to do just that anyway.

Dhatri sighs. "Your choice," he says, before moving forward. He takes a couple of steps forward and swings his foot in a graceful arc aimed at the side of the doctor's head; leaving himself more open to attack than usual but using enough force to cause some fairly serious hurt.

Lang suddenly leans back, breaking the top half of his chair as Dhatri's leg swings directly over his face. The man promptly stands, straightening his suit. "Beings who have grown up in mortal society couldn't possibly understand concepts of free will and peace with your comprehension skills. You resort to violence at the drop of a dime when faced with something you do not understand. But if you must fight, let's end this quickly, shall we?" He raises his finger, pointing it at Dhatri, then suddenly a red laser fires, aiming at the man's chest."

Wesley meanwhile, grabs his guitar and jumps into the air above Dhatri's head, intending to slam it into Lang's skull. "You insulted my woman, and the woman who was gonna be my woman, so I'm gonna kick your ass!"

With the laser blast from the finger, Shit Just Got Real(tm). Halima whips out her revolver and shifts her body into the room to take a clear shot at the doctor. "Mortals are the only beings with any free will, the rest of us are just slaves to fate." She squeezes off one round with an ear-ringing roar of her oversized weapon.

This is a neat little package of brawling and melee and ranged attacks all occurring in a modest sized nurse's room! There's bound to be chairs and desks and cabinets everywhere. With her blade already gripped tightly within her hand, Mariana maneuvers her way around such obstacles and hopefully out of the path of Lang's attention, because laser blasts don't seem as all pleasant. She doesn't care what the man thinks of mortals, instead, she hisses, "I'll make you eat that little insult of yours as I disembowel you." Obviously, she will do that and castrate him. The list of things on her To-Do list is growing. The path of her dagger does arc gracefully to take a swipe at the doctor.

Dhatri ducks backward, matrix style, allowing the laser to hit the wall behind where he once stood. As he moves, he throws a quick punch at the doctor's jaw, this time keeping his guard up.

The shotgun blows a gigantic hole through Lang's stomach, oddly causing him to bleed purple blood, but where organs should be, is just some sort of melting good dripping from him. He starts to breathe heavily when Mariana's knife is stopped by the doctor's neck, and Dhatri's fist is stopped by the man's unmovable head. Then, suddenly, there's a roar as invisible energy flows through the room, pushing everyone back against the walls, windows breaking, furniture clattering away from him as well. His body buldges with muscle, that hole in his stomach almost instantly healing, then his skull grows a bout two times the size of his face. His body has turned completely white, still having very human feet and hands with black nails. There's a reptile-like tail swinging behind him, and large black alien-like eyes peer out, making it almost impossible to tell who he's looking at. "I told you, fighting is not wise." Then, roar, sound waves flow through the air, going towards Halima.

"What the fuck?" asks Wesley, who's standing up from getting slammed into a wall, still wielding his guitar "Mariana, you alright?" He looks around for her, wincing from the sound of the super sonic roar.

Halima squeezes off a pot shot from the hip that rips through the wall and exits the other side. "Everyone out!" she shouts as she lets out another round with a better aim, drawing no blood on the thick hide of the Dr. Monster. "Sonic attacks will turn you into kibble in inclosed spaces. Reverberation!" Science (Physics) does something useful in combat. Thank a Teacher! Halima falls back into the hallway and heads towards the nearest fire alarm.

Mariana can't help but be a little fascinated by the purple dripping blood that spews from the creature and even though she is being forced back by some unseen power, her gaze is focused on the now healing hole in the creature's chest and there's a sense of disappointment which washes over her. Until, that is, she makes contact with the nearest desk, causing her to wince at the very moment that the doctor's chest fully heals. Rubbing at her bruised side with her free hand, she slowly nods, "I'm fine and unfortunately, that thing looks like he's fine too." Halima's warning draws her gaze towards the exit, "You know. She's probably right."

With a grunt of pain that he quickly suppresses, Dhatri moves straight at the monstrous doctor, attempting to grab hold of him by the tail and keep the doctor from turning around to use his sonic attack on him.

"You can barely comprehend our goals or our power, and I'm only what you would call a lieutenant. There's still one more school just like this one, if by some stroke of luck you did beat me, you'd die anyway." Lang's tail quickly slithers from Dhatri's attempting grip, which causes him to swing around, suspended in the air, then try to slam a hard knee into Dhatri's face.

When the monster's swinging around, Wesley nods when he realizes Mariana is alright, but doesn't leave the room, he instead grips his guitar tightly, then raises it to try and slam the hard edge into its shoulder.

"Probably? Woman I have a bloody PhD in physics there's no probably here." Halima shouts as she runs towards the fire alarm. She yanks it with a sharp tug and then darts across the hall to grab a fire extinguisher before returning to the group, holding the red canister in her off hand. She fires another shot into the room at the monster before shouting again, raising her voice over the ringing alarm. "DIDN'T HEAR THE FIRST TIME? NO ENCLOSED SPACES!"

Apparently, Mariana heard Halima and when the other woman returns, she hears her LOUD AND CLEAR. "I think they're making sure that the lizard thing isn't in an enclosed space when they go in for the kill." She says in a level tone, making casual conversation with the scientist. "Or that's what I'm hoping that they are doing." With her dagger still out, she offers Halima some space as she assesses the situation. There's two guys on the lizard thing as it is. More room would definitely help.

More room is exactly what Dhatri is trying to create. He drops nimbly to the ground and attempts to grapple the doctor once more; by the legs this time. "Help me get him out of here," he calls over to the others as he attempts to pin the creature, if only temporarily.

Lang almost instantaneously rushes back out of Dhatri's reach, easily dodging from Wesley's guitar as well before suddenly getting bullets lodged into his ribs, spilling a bit of purple blood. "I'm sick of this! No more toying with you people. You want me outside? I'll make us outside!" His pale body suddenly begins to turn a very deep shade of red, then a very loud shrieking noise followed by a red wave of heat and energy explode from his body in all directions, completely destroying the roof and walls around them, effectively making this and many destroyed rooms the new roof.

Halima holds up the fire extinguisher reflexively as the explosion tears through the walls and ceiling. As she stands from a pile of debris, cuts and bruises on her body seal and fade. Dust coats her and she drops the loading mechanism down on her revolver to let the moon clip tumble out. "Bunch of morons, I swear." she mutters to herself as she stuffs another clip into the cylinder. As she snaps the revolver mechanism back into place, she kicks the fire extinguisher towards the monster and snaps off a round into it. "Oh, 'maybe the PhD is right about what she's been studying for twelve years.' She mocks in a falsetto voice."

Mariana is more than just stunned as she's thrust against a wall which just happens to fall over, crumbling debris and the like over her. Pushing herself up by the use of one hand, she spends a lot of time coughing; though this time around, she keeps her dagger close to her, so that it's never out of her grasp. "Ugly people." Coughcough. "Don't need to worry about being abstinent." Her snide remark is meant for Dr. Lizard. Feeling the lull of her natural healing ability kick in, she struggles to get on her feet.

Dhatri is also thrown back through where one of the walls used to be but, due to his superhuman durability, when he rises to his feet he is completely uninjured save from some dirtying and tearing of clothes. "I thought you'd stopped toying with us," he says as he walks calmly towards the lizard creature, tearing the jagged remains of a water pipe out of the floor and preparing to wield it as a medium length spear.

Wesley's guitar is the first thing that sticks up out of the rubble, then he pulls his entire body up, completely covered in dust as the school looks like Pacman took a large bite out of it. "Fuck, this guy's pissing me off!" he exclaims, though looks around to take a note that Mariana's alive, and Halima is, though he barely knows Dhatri (Plus he has no boobs)! "I freakin' hate letting people help me fight, but I've gotta kill you before you kill those snot-nosed fucks, which means I can't enjoy my fight. But thanks to that, I'm gonna make this hurt a lot more!" He starts charging for the monster, strapping his guitar around his back, then makes a dive to wrap his arms around Lang's, trying to hold him in place. "When I've got 'em, just start fucking killing the bastard! Don't freakin' worry about hitting me, I'm no pussy!"

Lang begins to violently struggle once Wesley has his arms wrapped around him, then soon has his legs wrapped around his waist too, roaring and sending sonic attacks all over the place, but harmlessly getting fired into the air in his rage. "Let me go! You'll all die! This will solve nothing! I can make them all kill themselves if I want!" But in this rage, he can barely concentrate…

"He thinks we're people, I'm flattered." Halima yells over the few bells that are still ringing out a fire warning. "Hold him in the gas, Wesley!" She shouts. "It'll keep the heat down!" She levels her revolver at the monster wrasslin' with the Aesir an squeezes off two quick shots. Her eyes flash with the light of the sun as she locks her gaze on the bad doctor, even through the cloud of extinguisher gas.

Still a little unsteady on her feet, Mariana is still trying to catch her breath, which is a difficult task in all of this carnage and dust. However, seeing the forms of Wesley and the lizard creature intertwined, she makes a mad dash to take advantage of this situation with her dagger outstretched in an attempt to tear the thing open, "Maybe I'll have a handbag made out of you. Or a pair of shoes. Though to be perfectly honest, you're not worthy to enough to even touch my feet." Having an idea where everyone is positioned, she weaves and maneuvers in and out, so that she doesn't happen to be in anyone's way — especially in someone's firing range.

Dhatri begins to charge, leaps up into the air like one of the Dragoon Knights of Final Fantasy, and thrusts down at Dr. Lang's head with his makeshift spear, aiming to finish the fight permanently.

The blow from Halima's gun easily pierces through Lang and leaves Wesley's back, which causes them both to yell quite loudly. Then the creature begins to be torn apart by Mariana's dagger right before Dhatri comes slamming right for it as it yells its brains out, the sonic attack vibrating and attempting to blow Dhatri and his clothing back before the makeshift spear slams directly through its mouth, body, and directly through the bottom of its likely internal testicles.

Wesley stumbles back from the creature, which stands there, limp and impaled on a spear. The Aesir's stomach bleeds quite profusely, the rounds having torn through the rest, which he quickly removes and raises his shirt to check out the damage. "Fuck, you shot right through me, and I think you wrecked my guitar…" he says as he starts to cough up a bit of blood, but just like that, the wounds begin to close, and he takes a big breath before spitting a huge wad of blood on Doctor Lang.

Halima pumps one more round into the unmoving corpse, just for good measure. The muzzle flash lights the vaporous cloud of CO2 like a bolt of thunder. She drops her revolver mechanism again and flicks out the moonclip. No additional ammo is loaded and she snaps the gun shut again before holstering it. "You said you could take it, kid. And I can fix your guitar if it's busted." Halima speaks as her eyes shift out of focus, looking at the immaterial of fate. "I think that was the lynchpin. I can handle clean up and talk to the authorities. I'm betting we have a lot of confused students and faculty to deal with."

The adrenaline rush of slicing into someone or something is enough to make Mariana forget all about her own injuries, though they do continue to heal in the process. When all is done, however, she drops down to one knee and works to coat both sides of her ancient Aztec dagger with the blood of this fallen beast. Quietly, she speaks out a few prayers, ignoring the conversation that is going on around her. She is meticulous at her work and soon she is done. "That would be appreciated." Her words are spoken to Halima. "I am curious to know about the other school which was spoken of. Could this be the highschool where all of the deaths are occurring or something else? Anyway, it's something to look into." Lifting her dark eyes to take a good look at what she can sense of Wesley's injuries, there doesn't seem to be anything to really be concerned about. But she looks anyway, probably for signs of his blood.

Dhatri lets go of the spear as he moves past, rolling back to his feet in one smooth motion. He turns to the others. "Just out of interest, what the fuck was that?" he asks, swearing for the first time since he showed up at the school. It's probably a good time for it…

"Looks like a goddamned alien on steroids. And that's cool, but I only let my guy touch this thing." Wesley pats his guitar, which is quite literally holy at the moment, then slowly walks over to Mariana. He's bloody, and he has a few gradually healing scratches from the explosion, but he reaches over to grab her arm. "Lemme fly you back home, we can let them handle this crap." But first, he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper to toss over inbetween Dhatri and Halima. "Take the body there, that's my hot Chinese sister-in-law or whatever you wanna call her. Her name's Maia."

Halima checks her scroll case for dents and runs a quick glance over her big golden necklace. "There are only so many schools in the city. I'll keep my eyes open for any unusual fate-nexi." She brushes some debris out of her hair. "I'll also have that specific high school under surveillance soon. This doesn't fit the reports I've heard from that place. But The Enemy comes in many shapes and sizes, and looks can deceive. Anyway." Halima scans the paper, "Yeah, I've met her. The woman with the dog. I'll haul this guy out of here." The persian woman grabs the lizard doctor by the tail and starts pulling it towards the stairs once everyone seems to be done with their rites. "Someone has to clean up the messes…"

When Wesley says 'my guy', Mariana's mind falls into the gutter and as her lips part to comment about this, she notes him patting his guitar. I mean, it was a decent mistake. We're talking about Wesley after all! With her bloodied blade in hand — the purple lifeforce of the lizard creature making an odd sheen on her dagger — Mariana nods slowly. "If you feel up to flying. That could have been a far worse injury." She notes, pointing the tip of her blade to where the Aesir was shot. And yes, Mariana doesn't look like the type to 'clean' things up! A fleeting look is then given both Halima and Dhatri as if she's memorizing their faces, before she waits for Wes to take her home.

"Fine, don't answer," Dhatri says drily. "Enjoy cleaning up the lizard goop; my supervisor is probably already having a heart attack wondering where I am after that explosion; I don't want him coming up to search for me…" With that, he heads towards an exit; preferably one away from the crowd so that he isn't obviously leaving the building when he sees Dr. Jackson.

"You're smart, you can do all the talking crap, and I'll come back tomorrow and help clean this crap up, I guess. And don't worry, I'll get your monkey." Wesley promises, then suddenly wraps an arm around Mariana's waist, and rises into the air. "Yeah, could've been worse, but like I said, I'm no pussy."

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