Albert Matthews
Albert Matthews
Portrayed By: (None yet)
Status: Alive
Age: 18
Calling: Anti-gang Vigilante
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Thor
Significant Other(s): None Yet


For about half of his eighteen-year-old life, Albert Matthews has done very little but read comic books. He especially spent most of his life up to his ninth birthday was spent collecting and reading the Avengers comics, with characters like Thor and Captain America heroicly protecting the citizens of the United States. He greatly admired these characters, and wished to be like them. However, this was changed shortly after he turned nine years old.
Five days after his ninth birthday, Albert was out with his mother and father - Richard and Katherine, shopping. They got lost while driving down the street, however, and entered a "really bad area" of the city. First they were carjacked by gunpoint, and then they asked the wrong people for help. Those they asked for assistance considered themselves "in control" of that area, and didn't like new people invading their territories. They only let Albert's parents live due to being with a kid, but they still severly injured them "as a warning". From that day on, the lazy, weak Albert changed into a guy dedicating himself to becoming stronger to protect the innocent from people like those who injured his parents.
As Albert worked to become stronger and more skilled at combat, his grades dropped and he lost interest in reading. His parents were concerned, but every time they voiced this concern, Albert blew it off. Eventually, he started skipping school to spar with his friends, and when his parents found out, they got into huge fights. All this time, Albert still thought he was doing the right thing for him and his parents, and eventually dropped out of school.
After one last huge fight with his parents, at the age of seventeen, he finally left - not out of anger, but to protect his mom and dad, as he planned on fighting criminals and didn't want them involved. This didn't go so well, and after almost dying in an attempt to stop a family from a similar fate that he and his parents went through, Thor appeared in a vision, telling him to continue on before Albert passed out from bloodloss.
When Albert awoke, he was miles away from where he passed out, with a wood shield and metal gauntlets beside him. He instinctively equipped them, and felt power flow through him. THIS is the power to fight the criminals he detests, the power of an AVENGER!


Albert Matthews is a warrior, a protector of the streets. His goal in life is to make the world a safer place by defeating the gangs that plague the cities, and to defeat the forces of evil. He also is a fan of comic books, particularly the Avengers and Thor. He can tell you obscure facts from comics while beating someone senseless with his shield. He has a strange sense of humor, where he can find a joke bad one moment and hillarious the next. It all depends on his mood, which ranges from serious to jovial, but usually is a mixture of both. He is most serious about training for combat, as he feels he is not good enough to contend with the Titanspawn and other supernatural beings attacking 'his' city.


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Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength:4 Charisma:2 Perception:2
Dexterity:3 Manipulation:2 Intelligence:3
Stamina:4 Appearance:3 Wits:4
Academics:1 Athletics:3 Awareness:3
Brawl:3 Command:2 Control:1
Fortitude:3 Integrity:3 Melee:4
Presence:2 Survival:3 Thrown:3
Adamant Shield Cloud Gauntlets
Sky's Grace
Crushing Grip Devourer Holy Bound
Inner Furnace Lightning Sprinter One-Inch Punch
Riccochet Symphony Self-Healing Benefit Of The Doubt
Epic Attributes
Strength:3 Charisma:1 Perception
Dexterity:2 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina:3 Appearance Wits
Courage:2 Endurance:3 Expression:2
Legend:4 Legend Points:16
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower:5
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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