AJ Kirkpatrick
Aiden James "AJ" Kirkpatrick
Portrayed By: Bartek Borowiec
Status: Alive
Age: 21
Calling: Dancer/Singer
Pantheon: Tuatha
Divine Parent: Aengus
Significant Other(s): None


I arrived in this world in September, making noise from the beginning. My mother was a single woman, a lawyer even, trying to make her way in the world without the perpetual help of men. Of course, she had her suitors, but none could make it very long with her. She always told me stories of the 'one that got away'. A man more beautiful than you could imagine. Quickly in life, my crying and hollering turned to a musical bent. What would always quiet me, she told me, was turning on the radio. It didn't matter what kind of music, because there was always something I'd sing along to, or at least, make noises along to. Once I got mobile, that's when I really began to get into it. My mother, of course, adored it, as did my grandmother who stayed with us for a few years until I got into school.

My grandmother was an older, retired teacher who loved to tell stories. She told me various stories and fables from many different cultures, as that was what she enjoyed. I learned the old classic Aesop's fables, a few Celtic stories, a few Native American stories, and various and sundry others. Afterwards, she would put on music and just let me do my thing.

I was always… well… pretty, for lack of a better word. I hate to say it, being a man, but it's the truth. How can I deny it? With the good looks and the natural start to singing and dancing, it was pretty much a given that I would excel in the arts early on. I always enjoyed music classes, though I didn't care as much for making physical art… aside from dancing or singing. Nothing corporeal.

It actually went quite well for me. My mother convinced me to apply for Juilliard. Shock of shocks, they took me in for the pre-college courses so that I could get ready for the actual college level. Even amongst the best of the best they had there, I was prettier and more talented than most. I didn't mind that at all.

But then, last year, things started getting weird. After a rehearsal for a small performance, a man was waiting near my car. The man was absolutely gorgeous, for lack of a better term. He spoke in a voice that was as smooth as silk. A voice that could talk people into anything.

"Good evening, Aidan." He said as I blinked. "That was a magnificent performance for a rehearsal. But you weren't really giving it your all, were you?" I almost stuttered, but caught myself and laughed instead.

"Not really, sir. To whom do I owe the pleasure of entertaining?" I winked, just being my normal self.

"My name is Aengus, child. And I am your father." That's when he told me everything. That he was a god… He said my gifts were bestowed upon me by his blessing, and that I should continue to use them to show the world a new way. Fighting isn't always the answer, though it can be useful, my frame was meant for other things. My tongue and my voice were my greatest gifts. I should use them to protect those that can't protect themselves. But… if I HAD to fight, that my feet were the best weapon to use. Thinking on his words, I took them in. I looked down, noticing my keys had fallen out of my hands. When I looked up, he was gone. However, he had left gifts behind. He left me with a pair of shoes, a pendant, and a ring.

Following his advice, I at least began taking a self-defense course. What better way than to use my feet, and my dancing ability? Capoeira it would be… though I'm still not all that skilled.


AJ is a flirty and playful kinda guy. But when it comes to dancing or singing, he's business and puts his all into it.


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Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 4 Wits 4
Art (Dance) 4 Art (Song) 4 Athletics 3
Brawl 2 Command 1 Control 1
Empathy 3 Fortitude 2 Integrity 2
Medicine 2 Melee 1 Occult 2
Presence 3 Stealth 2 Survival 1
Feather Pendant - 1: Purview: Animal Ring of Healing Waters - 1: Purview: Health Singing Blade Shoes - 3: +1 DV, Shapeshift, Distance
Animal Communication Assess Health Brehon's Eye
Blessing of Importance Center of Attention Gods' Honest
Holy Bound Lightning Sprinter Perfect Pitch
Pied Piper Self-Healing Serpent's Gaze
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma 1 Perception 1
Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 0
Stamina 1 Appearance 2 Wits 0
Courage 2 Expression 3 Intellect 2
Piety 2
Legend 3 Legend Points 9/9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7/7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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