Aillen Mathers
Aillen Mathers
Portrayed By: Drew Van Acker
Status: Alive and Well
Age: 19
Calling: Fae Commander
Pantheon: Tuatha de Dannan
Divine Parent: Lugh
Significant Other(s): Jocelyn


Ever the handsome boy, he was always the darling of the ladies on the block. "Aunts" and "uncles" alike, always willing to spend the time to take care of him, since his mother was such a lush and a nutter. Still it wasn’t a bad life, he’d run around the neighborhood and play, go to school like all the regular boys, and the other ladies in the neighborhood would fuss over him. It was like having a dozen mothers and one crazy one, always going on about the faeries.

Still around the time of high school he started getting the itch for something more. School was boring, life was just seeming kinda bland. He came home one day though to find a letter addressed to him on the pile of bills his mom had left unopened. Inside was a contest announcement saying he’s won a trip to Dublin for the summer as some secret ballot from the school. Abit skeptical, he made some calls, which everything seemed to turn out sounding right at least. And when he went to get his passport, things moved fairly quickly, like things were trying to get them there soon as possible.

It was rather nice over in the Isles. Lovely lasses, unsupervised activities. He couldn’t quite believe the luck to have a free trip and not even have any problems. He went to a pub though and found his first snafu…Ireland wouldn’t let him drink! He was underage even in the land where beer flows like water! It was a vicious blow to the ego and he just went wandering to blow off steam. He flopped down in an open field, where a man on the other hillock over sat looking up at the evening sky, drinking from a wine skin. Hell, from the looks, he could be an older version of Aillen.

”Seems like you’re having some problems there,” the older man said. “Nah, I’m good, I should probably be getting back to my parents now,” he replied. The older man laughed at that. “Ya cannae lie to me. Your mum is back home in America. And I’m your Pa, so you don’t need to be going no where by your logic.” To such an odd statement, Aillen started to run off, only to have a pack of large dogs appear in front of him, and then appearing whenever he tried to run off another way until the hillocks were surrounded by packs, leaving only him and the old man.

“I said you don’t need to be going no where. Now sit. We’re gonna have a man to man, like I shoulda done awhile ago, but well, s’never been convenient.” With that, Aillen fell to the ground seated, as his world was shattered. He was told of gods, and of worlds, of battles past and present. He was told of events that were changing, and how he’d need to go out there to handle it. Still he wouldn’t be going unprepared. He’d been unprepared his whole life after all.

The rest of that summer was a rough one for one used to being cared for as he was. The rigors of battle were drilled into his head by God and fae alike, the use of a spear becoming second nature, the commanding of troops as if he had been born to it. It was tough, learning his fighting against fomori, sparring with sidhe (and certain other more interesting acts with some of the ladies as well). But through it all he seemed to prosper, finally having some purpose in his life, finally having some meaning behind his actions. He was decked out for his return home, tattoos marking his arms, and jewelry bedecking his body, he was far more buff than he was before.

On his return home, things were hectic. It seems his mother had managed to clean herself up… or someone else had managed it, and she had gotten a new job and they were transferred to the city. He was transferred to James Madison High however, a place where things continue to get weirder. Somewhat standing out from the tattoos and jewelry he received over the summer, things at least are interesting to say the least.


~in progress


Name Relationship Notes
Jocelyn Classmate and friend and dating Interesting girl, she can fly. And kissed me.
Hopper Classmate and friend Smart guy, caffeine addict.
Dion Classmate and friend Savior, source of free booze. Devious bastard.
Sophia Girl with the Whip She's a bit weird, sucks at battle cries
Neil Guy with the Dog He's okay. Sunshine is cool too

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Epic Strength 3 Epic Charisma 3 Epic Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Epic Dexterity 3 Epic Manipulation 3 Epic Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 3
Epic Stamina 3 Epic Appearance 3 Epic Wits 3
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