A Wrinkle In Time - The End Of Atlantis


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Scene Title A Wrinkle in Time - The End of Atlantis
Synopsis How Atlantis ends, from the perspective of these five…

The celebrations of the defeat of Avernus have come and gone. Runolfr and Amaya are happily engaged and were getting ready for their wedding when the news hit. Atlantis has spread a plague so deadly that millions of people worldwide were wiped out asa result. The Incans, gone. The Mayans, gone. The peoples of Easter Island, gone.

As such, the gods have decided to bring their cream of the crop. It's time for Atlantis tobe eliminated. On the top of Mount Olympus, the leaders of the gathered pantheons discuss things. It's a surreal sight, the amount of power being generated from these people alone intimidating to their children who are also gathered waiting for a briefing.

The first to arrive are the Yorubans. Their delegation is lead by a young woman of Samedi. She's dressed in all black, her face painted with a skull as she and the rest of her people have attended.

From North Africa, the Pesedjet is lead by a scrawny young man. What he doesn't have in physical power is an aura of authority, of knowledge, of magic. He clutches onto a staff as he and several others bow before the assembled gods before heading to the side.

The people of the east have brought a couple of delegations as well. A young man dressed in the robes of a priest of Kali has arrived. He's terribly goodlooking and exudes a predatory charm about him ashe grins towards those gathered.

Then there's the delegation from the Celestial Bureaucracy. A man carrying the staff of Sun Wukong has lead the group as he nods and takes a quick glance around to see who else is there.

Then of course, there's the Amatsukami delegation. Two sisters walk side in side. Fujiwara no Amaya is dressed in the robes of a shrine maiden. Slung over her back is a golden bow glistening in the light. To her side is her sister, only known as Kagehime. She's dressed as a kunoichi of the night and bows before the gathered gods while Abe no Seimei finishes the trio from the delegation.

That leaves only the delegations from the Aesir and the Dodekatheon itself to enter the palace of Zeus.

The Dodekatheon delegation has not exactly been absent up until now, not with the festivities being hosted atop Mount Olympus. If anything Toga wearing deities seem commonplace and everywhere, which does not extract from their beauty or their power. It is the heydey of Greece and it shows, everything hereabouts having a particular splendor untarnished by time. There is Zeus of course, proud and arrogant and the very air rumbling with his passage. Eris mills through the gathering at random, generally leaving things more disrupted for her presence. Aphrodite too is present, a beauty fit to break hearts and cause wars simply by her presence. Eutropius is there accompanying his mother, as many of the Greeks have their stronger children in their presence, dressed in far fancier attire than when out in the world. Toga a thing of brilliant hues and first class workmanship.

Runolfr arrives, roughly at the same time as the Amatsukami. Flanking him is a son of Baldur who bears a spear of light and a terrifyingly calm man-beauty to the left. To Runolfr's right flank are two more sons of Thor, one is older and bears a more athletic profile than Runolfr himself while the younger Thorson looks like he might actually be some sort of proto-squire to the other two Vikings.

All four Vikings clap a fist against their chest before bowing deeply to the assembled gods and Scions, Runolfr's icy blue eyes fixing on Fujiwara no Amaya from across the room for several long moments. Finally he looks away and toward the others, Haldor's mind flicking from Scion to Scion and filling in names. It seems so surreal, the blurry passage of time and the way he knows things without actually knowing things. Rampaging in Runolfr's body is not so unlike rampaging in his own, but his gear is so much different. Disorienting, really.

"You who are veterans of the Titan Wars, we have a new enemy. Atlantis, as of this morning has eliminated the population of the Incans, the Mayans and the Polynesians of Easter Island. What was once three great civilizations are no more and their mass genocide continues as they seek to plunge the world into nothingness. We have assembled here to formstrike teams. Those who have worked together in the past will attack Atlantis and I know several of you have already been. You will lead these strike teams to effectively wipe out the greatest threat to humanity since the Titans themselves. Without humanity we would not be here. Each strike team will have an accomplished psychopomp. And the teams are…"

With that names are said. Eutropius, Amaya and Runolfr are a three man cell with their abilities complimenting the others. Each of their parents comes to give them a gift, a necklace with a jade bauble in the end.
%r "This should be activated when you are finished fighting. It will bring you back here to Olympus." each parent says.

Eutropius slips on the necklace, nodding his head to his mother even while he moves to join his companions. Kagehime gets a smile along the way, him leaning in long enough to quickly whisper into her ear, "I'm glad that you survived." But then it is to his new companions, "Who would ever have thought we'd be going back so soon, or under such conditions. I would never have thought that they would fall to such terrible ends so quickly."

Runolfr takes the necklace and pulls it on with little hesitation before he bows to his father. The Viking regards the jade bauble for a moment or two before looking toward Amaya and Eutropius, one red eyebrow arching. He sets his hands on both of his sword hilts, striding toward the others calmly.

"I do not know if this dishonor was a long time in coming or the work of some unseen puppeteer. Things in Atlantis were not quite what they seemed when last we were there… At least, not to mine own eyes.

"To destroy one of the greatest civilizations and our former comrades in arms seems…I don't know." Amaya looks like she's hesitating as she too accepts the jade bauble before looking towards the group that she's been assigned with. There's a look from her mother before she sighs in resignation, not feeling right about eliminating a whole civilization.

With that said, the gods all leave and depart. Their psychopomp starts the effects of the rainbow bridge as they suddenly find themselves in the same coliseum as before. There are no people in the stands cheering. There are no gods watching. Their imperitive is clear, destroy all of Atlantis.

Now away from the watchful eyes of her mother, Amaya looks towards the others. "We should find their champions. I do not believe that they would let this happen." she says matter of factly as she points towards the Royal Palace.

"They did not have a choice" Eutropius says quietly looking around him with a frown, "I assure you. The crimes done here are.. all too believable. There were mitigating factors but they are true all the same. Still. Yes. We must find their champions. Someone must bury them beneath the sea and we're better suited for it than most. To the palace then."

"I did not entirely expect that they did. Not with the mysterious things going on when last we were here."

Runolfr turns his head toward the Royal Palace for a few moments, nodding as he looks back to his companions. Apparently the Viking is in agreement that the Royal Palace is the place to go for answers. He draws both of his Viking swords, spinning them in his hands until he wields them as though they were knives. Notably they do not turn into knives, they remain as their typical Viking long sword selves, the Viking twirling on one fur-booted foot the regard the trek ahead of them.

The royal palace is on fire. Along the way, they cansee in the distance another group of people taking on the champions of Atlantis. The Crown Prince and Princess are fighting the combined powers of Eric Donner and the Shadow Princess. It's a frightening sight to behold, Melanope working her feminine wiles, ready for the kill before she's stabbed by Proto-Aya. There's a scream and she kills Eric Donner before falling to theground. There's a roar of anguish from Bardelys as he starts pummeling Kagehime, shooting her and then stabbing her. They're even it seems and it's a crazy ass fight.

Amaya watches her sister fight beforeshe shakes her head. She shouldn't help. That would sully her sister's sense and code of honor before they continue and eventually arrive at the royal palace. It's not as beautiful as it once was. The glorious statues of the heads of the various pantheons have been destroyed. In Atlantean, only the word Puros remains etched on the archway before the foyer of the palace. It's then there there's a sudden voice as atendril of shadow lashes at Amaya's back sending her tumbling forward and smashing into a nearby wall.

A cloaked figure slips out of the shadows with a wry and predatory grin curling onto her lips. It's the child of Demosia as she pulls off her hood, her once beautiful countenance replaced by a terrible visage. "Until all are one.." she whispers as tendrils of black inky darkness rise up around her.

Eutropius almost at once slips a pair of pair of intricately made clockwork pistols out, gears gleaming in the light of the nearby fire and he calls out towards the Scion of Demosia in Atlantean, "I see you never cured him of Puros' touch. I see it spread far more than the others thought it would. You've killed many, but soon enough you are to join your victims. Would you have your tale told before we finish you, or shall those whispered words serve as your last testament?"

Runolfr winces as Eric Donner goes down in Melanope's last blaze of glory. He would love to step in, but is all to aware that Amaya's sister lives by a strict code. To do so would be unkind and a challenge to her that he has neither the time nor the intention of finishing. Killing one's allies, however tenuous and tenebrous, is usually not a good idea.

The Viking snarls as Amaya is shadow-whipped. He whirls around, both Viking blades at the ready as he faces down Demosia's daughter, icy blue eyes narrowing. It almost looks like the fur on Runolfr's black fur cloak is bristling. Runolfr takes up a defensive stance and interposes himself between Demosia's child and Amaya, one blade resting against the back side of his forearm while the other sword whirls in his fingers.

"Tell us why it is you and yours have chosen to incur the wrath of all creation?"

In the back of Runolfr's head, Haldor is screaming about Transformers.

"You mean you do not know already, Eutropius?" she asks curiously, the tendrils of shadow still whipping about her like a helix. She lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "You met with Nicodemus who sees all and knows all. I am his apprentice of sorts, he was my lover.." she says matter of factly.

Ewwww. Gross! >.<

"And he revealed to me what was not to be revealed. That fate always had planned for Atlantis to be destroyed by the gods. He accepted our fate but I will not. Puros said we can defy fate, by destroying all that is. Without creation, fate will have nothing to entertain itself with. Do you like being a mere pawn of the fates?" she asks curiously, letting out a high pitched laugh.

Ugh! That hurt. Amaya starts to get up. Fortunately for her, she didn't know about the attack so she didn't get hurt. One of those zen things they teach. Buddhism and Shinto have similar philosophies afterall. She takes adeep breath and starts running towards Runolfr as she brings out her bow already, an arrow of light forming between her fingertips as she looks around for other Atlanteans.

And two more Atlanteans appear. Several giant clockwork spiderbots and insects come forth as Dr. Horrible arrives on the scene. He lets out a gleeful chuckle as he looks towards the group. Already, they can hear his voice in their heads.

«You must stop Demosia's daughter, but for my own plan to work to save my people, please play along and destroy my spiderbots.» Is this a trap? Is it a trick?

"Really?" Eutropius says speculatively as he looks over the scary Demosia shadow covered sort. The voice in his head distracts him long enough for the primitive pistols to come up, hands tracking the movement of spiderbots and almost without thinking letting two shots fly towards whatever seems to be accounting for their heads. "Don't suppose you'd care to do a little more revealing what was not meant to be revealed. Such a pleasant distraction from the battle, and if we want to we can try to kill each other afterwards."

Oh good. Someone else is in Runolfr's head with Haldor and, occasionally, Amaya and Maia. The Joint Viking rumbles ominously at Demosia's daughter and, unknown to her, Tychon as well. He whirls his blades about, breathing in and out slowly and deeply before he thunderously slams one foot down on the ground and assumes a much more offensive stance with both swords.

Eutropius beats him to trying to kill clockwork spiders, so Runolfr holds his ground for the moment. If anyone here is, he is definitely the cliffs upon which the Atlantean surf will break. Runolfr is made of speed and tank, fueled by muderous fury from across time, and he is not about to let harm come upon his comrades as the bristling black fur of his cloak seems to ever more encompass his body. Almost as though his cloak were becoming some sort of armor… Of darkness.

"We were meant to be a Judas. Fate has decreed that the most powerful civilization of /all/ time will be doomed to fall. Puros revealed the truth, the test of the dark hour, the ability to defy fate. The gods are there now, gaining more power while giving themselves to Puros so that we can truly be the masters of our own fate instead of having destinies. I have passed such a test in the Dark Hour. It was my destiny to fall to you three, but that will be changed since I have completed the test of the Dark Hour."

There'sa hearty laugh as the tendrils of shadow continue to whip about asshe looks towards Runolfr speeding about. A soft murmur escapes from her lips and soon she's surrounded by an unseen shield, wanting to keep the group as far away from her as possible.

Amaya in the mean time looks around asshe spies the spiderbots. Golden arrows of light smash intothe spider bots as well, wanting to make sure they're down. There's a whiz in the air before the spiderbots themselves are left in rubble, but that leaves Tychon to work on the insecticons. Or is he doing something else since he has since disappeared from the fray.

"The Dark Hour!" she gasps. The three of them have all been inside. Do they now have the power to defy fate as well?

The ground shakes as a sonorous rumble joins the cacophony of battle, heralding a shadow that looms above a curtain of flame obscuring part of the palace. A wave of stone and earth breaks through the flame and smothers them, with a stark white figure poised atop it, surfing the crest of the wave. "Get out of the way!" he roars, equal parts entreaty and command, "What we do is best for everyone. When all this has been cleared away the wonders we'll erect in its place will elevate humanity to peaks undreamt of! You and yours are a pox upon the idea of progress." As the earthen wave begins to collapse and scatter its substance across the ground in a dangerous shower of rubble, the marble figure atop it waves his arm, casting a beam of pearlescent light across the ground before the advancing Scions, strafing the immediate vicinity with a warning shot. "Turn back! Let us /fix this!/" The speaker is a statue of gold-veined white marble, sculpted curls holding the bulk of the color in his pale visage. From his shoulder a golden bird launches, launching rays of fire from its eyes in a bid to further hinder their approach.

"Just because you have the ability to break fate" Eutropius says turning his pistols now towards the Scion of Demosia as the spider bots go down, "Doesn't mean you will. Not everything is fate. Not everything is destiny. Sometimes you just meet those holding a better hand. For your crimes you will perish here, for your crimes this will be your last stand." The earthen scatter causes him to run across it, flipping at the last moment to land in a crouch with an oof. He looks through the unseen shield, a portion of the burning palace still within it and he is flinging himself into one of the own nearby burning fires. Transitioning from here to there and firing off a few shots almost at once towards the tendrily woman.

"Breaking fate?"

Runolfr seems almost confused by this very concept. He squints at the daughter of Demosia for several seconds, until energy starts raining down on him from multiple directions. The Viking howls in fury and whips himself around with both swords at the ready to parry sustained laser blasts from the bird. Smoke rises from his dark-fur-armored body, sooty patches marring the otherwise crystalline sheen of his black armor.

With a rumble, the Viking performs a double slash with his swords, knocking aside the lasers for an instant. An instant, however, is all that he really needs when one is as fast as Runolfr. Wolf of Secret Lore surges into full motion, leaving a momentary vacuum that whips up a fierce wind in his wake, the Viking zipping around the very edge of the unseen shield before curving up a wall for a few instants.

Before gravity can reclaim superiority over Runolfr, he uses the wall as a springboard to launch himself forcefully toward Luchareth and Luchareth's bird. With a vicious howl, Runolfr slashes once - aiming to cleave the bird in twain - before he sails into range enough that he dares try to carve into Luchareth with his other sword. Ice cracks and snaps along the length of his blades, giving them crystalline serrations as frigid fog rolls off of both blades and Runolfr himself.


Fujiwara no Amaya may be a dainty and petite shrine maiden, but she can do lots of things. When the earth starts shifting, her eyes widen as she lets out a faint meep. No wonder the Greater Titan of Death was defeated at the hands of the champions of Atlantis. She looks towards the others who seem to be concentrating on the child of Demosia as she reaches into her pockets, pulling out handfulls of seed.

With a dash, she starts running up the wave of earth being moved and elevated bythe earthy architect. Spread the seeds she does, spread spread as she skitters about. She scrunches upher nose as she jumps off backwards in a long arch before she lands with a crouch with her palm pressed against the ground, cutting her palm against the ground.

"Wood Release: Birth of the Dense Woodlands" she whispers.

Suddenly and abruptly, the seeds she planted all over the area start to grow at an incredible pace. There's even a slight grimmace on her features asshe's caught in thestrafe of the bird but the trees growquickly and fast, giving the bird less room to move as the roots move further intothe ground. That should make earth maniplation a bit more difficult for Luchareth.

"Also, you talk to much." she tells him.

Meanwhile, there is more going on as the Scion of Demosia remains within the unseen shield. The bullets from Eutropius start cracking the unseen shield, the cracks starting to propagage making the unseen shield less unseen and more seen. Indeed, they have played into fate's hands, but she only thought she was doing what was right. There's a scoff as her features darken and she stares at the other Scions of the others.

"Then why destroy us? If you do not want to play intofate's hands, break the cycle and let us go. We just want out people to live." she says matter of factly. Is that really what she wants? Who knows as her eyes go completely blackas she contiues to look back towards Eutropius. "You do not know of our suffering, but you will. Already the ritual begins.." she says with a maniacal laugh as she jumps back and flips before she opens up a box that starts to spin on it's own. Something's happening, but for now, it's just glowing…

The clever construct, a thing of elegantly shaped golden struts and sizzling fractals, is hewn in twain by the Aesir's powerful blow, erupting in a shower of sparks to lash out even in death. The Shrike is no more, but with the stakes being what they are its master does not afford himself any reaction. Having invested everything into this moment and tied himself to guardianship of this place, he is animated by purpose well beyond the capacity of his own intent, guided by instinct and ichor. Thus, he sidesteps the downward swing of Runolfr's blade in a motion that would look easy if not for the panicked look on the demigod's tensed features. It quickly shifts to indignation as he watches trees spring up all around him. He denounces this development with an inarticulate cry of rage and in response the entire area around his bursts into flames, a massive conflagration meant to engulf everything he can see, the trees, Amaya, Runolfr, even himself, within it. The flames feed the blaze already rampant across the area, and clearly don't seem to be bothering him.

Eutropius is now within the shield with the scary Scion of Demosia, despite his efforts to take her by surprise by transporting through her barrier his first two shots go wide as she dives to the side with incredible speed. Huh. Son of a bitch. He almost never misses. The solution to that is of course to get closer and that is just what he does, leaping on top of a fallen column and using it to spring over closer to the dark source of so much of the recent problems. He's within fisticuffs range, and well within the range of her shadow tentacles should she choose to restore them but when he comes to a halt both pistols are /right/ there aiming at her chest with almost no air between her and the barrels. "Should have taken my effort to get up close and personal earlier" he says to her, "Because now when I go bang you're not going to enjoy it nearly as much." Sexual harassment of his target done fingers finally squeeze down on the triggers, twin shots ringing out towards her frame.

Runolfr sings through the air and past his second target. Metal sticks out of his cloak and his face, sparks sizzling against his flesh and leaving a wicked looking lightning bolt scarline that bisects his eye without actually harming his eyeball. Apparently Runolfr's eyelid is fsking /TOUGH/, though it is now fsking awesome with that jagged scar crossing it.

The Viking roars in fury and whirls around, only to find himself face to face with an exploding ball of fire. Somehow this is disconcerting to him in spite of his silksteel-laced leathers and, more importantly, the terrible fortitude of his dark fur cloak that armors his body now. With a roar, the Dark Viking sinks back into the shadow a tree before it is engulfed in flame. Runolfr emerges moments later from Amaya's own shadow, wrapping his arms around his betrothed as protectively as he can, starting to charge through the roaring inferno toward another tree and its flickering, wavering, dying shadow.

Bang! Bang! The bullets rip right through the Scion of Demosia's cold black heart before she lets out a triumphant laugh. The box starts to take in her blood as a final sacrifice, the last bit of her ritual needed to enact the spell. She had already killed so many that will eventually be reborn, and now it is her turn…

"With my blood, accept this sacrifice.." she coughs a bit before she continues to mutter the last bit of the secret spell. "Puros, make us one, bind us to those who have defeated us. Amnis to the daughter of Amaterasu. Badarus to the son of Thor. Heshon to the son of Aphrodite…" and she continues giving us names. "May our spark and divine essence be spread throughout humanity, not letting us disappear from this world completely. When the ten of darkness brings us forth with the sacrifice of the girl, mother and crone, may Fate bring us together again so that we may bring true ruin to this world.."

The box continues to glow as it continues to drain her blood and her divine essence. Already the essence of the Atlanteans is starting to be dispersed in those who continue to live, so that in the future every human carries within them the spark of an Atlantean, that they may be brought back.

The sky becomes dark. The gods have now reached Atlantis with the first wave, their children and eventual sacrifices having defeated most of the Atlanteans already. The assembled gods of war, Ares, Hachiman, Shiva, Kali, and many others rain down their destruction over Atlantis. The Scion of Demosia shortly passes, but soon a large tsunami and storms rises. It's the flood as the gathered gods of water intend to wipe out everything.

Amaya sees this and she runs towards Runolfr. Sure she heard the spell, but they're going to die. It was always the plan. The gods were going to sacrifice their own children for the greater good. There's tears running down her cheeks as she's singed from the inferno as she kisses Runolfr deeply.

"So this is how we die…"

And with that said, the spirits of Maia, Haldor and Jason to where they once were. Jason wakes up in a cold sweat in Atlantis. Haldor is once again facing Kamui, and Maia wakes up in the slums of Yomi, sobbing…

"No!" Luchareth protests, casting about for some sign of his opponents. His defensive posture is made moot when they quit the field, and at first he believes he'll have to pursue them…until the grim reality of their circumstances becomes apparent. The collective wrath of War itself, embodied across countless iterations, looms large in the sky and the youth cast in stone can only watch as the horror sinks in. Liquid gold pours from his eyes as tears as he raises his hands as if to ward off the destruction singlehandedly, pouring every iota of power in his ichor into a shield as broad and thick as he can make it…which proceeds to far as well as a sand castle against the wave of destruction even the seven could only stall and not prevent.

During a quiet moment among the many shuddering fits that precede Atlantis's complete devastation, the white marble statue, arms raised, face defiant, stands as lifeless as it is flawless, until an upheaval in the earth draws it into a fissure to be lost forever, its guiding spirit already cast out into the world along with every other Atlantean.

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