A Wrinkle In Time - Runolfr And Amaya


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Scene Title A Wrinkle in Time - Runolfr and Amaya
Synopsis After Maia dies and Haldor enters Hundun (Yggdrasil is saved), the two find themselves back in another time, in another place. Their past lives. Brief Cameo by Aya and Jason.

All this has happened before and it will happen again. It seems the ST has been watching a bit too much Battlestar Galactica,but the addage does hold true.

Almost immediately after Haldor steps into the arena facing the dark onmyouji, he finds himself in a completely different place. In a completely different land. The colliseum itself seems similar. However, there is a larger crowd now. No longer is there just the intimidating half man half bull creature sitting in the center. There are those dressed in noble regalia and finery. At the center sits a rather tall and handsome fellow. He's in his late fifties or so, with a full and thick white beard. He's stroking his chin as he talks to his wife,an exotic looking woman with sun kissed golden tan skin and a sheer robe of pure silk. To the other side is a young woman, a girl of maybe eighteen or nineteen years as she looks down at the arena with a bit of worry on her features. She's fidgeting, and somehow, there's a twang of familiarity at the girl.

If Haldor looks around, he's definitely not wearing his usual attire. There's no silksteel hoodie or his Viking drumsticks of doom. Instead, he's dressed as a Viking like a Viking should be. There's thick fur and his body ripples with muscle. He's still a red head, but there's a bushy and full beard on his features.

And finally, instead of an empty colliseum, there's a full crowd watching raging and cheering. There's all sorts of ethnicities amongst the gathered and the old man starts to stand up.

"Once more I would like to welcome you to Atlantis. The Gods have decided that this day, there will be a fight for the hand of a foreign princess, one from the east, a child of the sun herself." and with that he motions towards the young woman to his side. "The young Viking of the Aesir wishes to claim her hand, and it has been deemed rightfully so by the gods that he prove himself in the field of nonlethal combat against a chosen champion of the Amatsukami, and here we have Abe no Seimei himself representing the Amatsukami. Need I remind you that this is nonlethal combat, and so, we can begin!" he says.

To that, the crowd cheers all around as there is Abe no Seimei, dressed in the white robes of the onmyouji just standing there peacefully.

Haldor keens himself for battle, icy blue eyes narrowing as he completes his bow. And then, suddenly, the world is no longer as he understood it moments before. For a few seconds he curses Hundun for changing the rules of the game on him just as it started. Weapons, armor, and the comfortable weight of Johanssen are all gone from Haldor's body. It took so long to acquire so much defensive might for a battle he had not even known he would need to fight.

The Viking flexes his muscles, they are at once familiar and strange to him - almost as strange to him as the thick red beard on his chin - and it takes him a few seconds to really get comfortable with the added mass, the extra points of balance. Haldor narrows his eyes at the older man, considering him for several seconds before he bows respectfully. Maybe it's the first time an Aesir has observed the rites of another culture, Haldor certainly doesn't know. With that out of the way, Haldor tries to blur into motion - the only way to battle if you ask him - to try and get the drop on Abe no Seimei.

While accelerating, Haldor muses. Something about that name not only sounds familiar, but it means something to him. Damn you, Viking brain, process intelligence for once!

Maia would've mentioned the name Abe no Seimei many times before. Part of the competition she is in now is to decide who is the rightful heir of said omnyouji. Facing her idol is definitely a most interesting experience for sure.

As Haldor starts to head towards the omnyouji, Abe no Seimei remains calm. Very calm really as he puts his hands together and starts muttering a mantra. It's nonlethal combat afterall. Several seals are made with his fingers as he takes out a shiny white ofuda, much like the ones Maia has in the present. Or had rather since she's dead.

He throws it down towards the ground and already a large pentagram can be seem glowing a BRIGHT BLUE on the ground. It raises up a spherical force around him intending to keep him protected from the physical assaults of the Viking. That should be enough to give him time for his next trick…

Haldor skids to a halt, sending up a spray of ice and snow as a result of such sliding. Faintly Haldor is surprised to find Uller's Stride working, surprised enough to momentarily distract himself from Abe no Seimei, Abe no Seimei's Unseen Shield, and, well, the situation as a whole. The Viking quickly pats himself down, trying to figure out what the hell is on his person that works like the present.

At which point reality sets in and Haldor realizes that, unlike Seimei, he hasn't learned to use his Guardian powers to such an effect. This, Haldor realizes, means that he's going to need to put a hurting on Abe no Seimei in a damn hurry. With a breath, Haldor draws himself into a proper board-breaking position as he was trained to do by Sojobo. Haldor moves forward to the very edge of the Unseen Shield and breathes in and out slowly as he gathers his power.

Lightning crackles over Haldor's body while frigid cold starts to cause fog to roll off of his fists. The Viking continues to regulate his breathing, focusing upon the ebb and flow of power in the colliseum until he can focus his own power properly. With a shuddering groan, Haldor draws himself back with one hand in an arcane position - thumb extended out to the side, index and middle fingers tightly grouped together and pointing straight up while his ring and pinky fingers are curled inward - before he torques himself around to palm thrust the Unseen Shield with his tremendous strength.


Haldor is more powerful than a locomotive as he charges straight towards the shield itself. The force of the impact doesn't just start to crack the shield, making it a bit more visible, but it brings up a huge cloud of dust from the arena as well. For a few moments the entire arena is covered by the fog of dust that was brought up by the might impact.

The crowd murmurs amongst itself and the young woman next to the king of atlantis winces. She scrunches up her nose and remains pensive for now waiting for things to be seen once more.

And when the dust inally clears, it seems that Abe no Seimei has brought out a mirror. Where did he get that from. There's already something there, white and black ofuda places in a pentagram shape once more. He's speaking in sanskrit, his hands together with yet another series of ofuda in between his palms.

Abe no Seimei is calm. His features quite stoic and expressionless even with the mighty blow. He's preparing something as even his eyes are closed. Just what is he planning?

Haldor draws in a fresh breath of air only when the dust has settled once more. It is released moments later in a cold bank of fog as Haldor starts gathering his ki and his fury once more. Under his breath, Haldor mutters softly to the Johanssen he doesn't believe is there, wondering what weapons he does have on his person.

The Viking draws back again, calming his breathing once more as lightning snaps, pops, and crackles off of his body. Energy wells up in Haldor's very being as he plants one foot and then the other, preparing to torque his body for another tremendous impact. For the moment, Haldor is also calm - Abe no Seimei is not his true enemy, this is but another test to pass before he can get at the true source of his torment - because thoughts of the brutal murder of Kamui dance through his head like sugar plum fairies through minds of sleeping children at Christmas.

With a very Japanese KI-AI, Haldor torques his body around again and attempts to shatter the Unseen Shield with a second tremendous, Atlantis-rattling show of force.

Woosh! The impact breaks through the shield, the sound of glass breaking and shattering being heard throughout the stadium. It was a hearty shield. It was a powerful shield, but Haldor is also a very powerful Viking. Two blows! It surprises those around as the crowd continues to murmur.

Even the wife of the king is impressed, now giving a sort of lustful gaze towards the Viking. Still, Abe no Seimei remains cool and calm, still muttering something in Sanskrit, though his eyes open. He remains in lotus position not too far away from the Viking now, a predatory grin curling onto his lips. What is he up to?

Instead of being buffeted by the backwash of wind, Haldor is greeted by the sound of the shield shattering under the might of his blow. As pleasing as that is, Haldor doesn't have more than a moment to think and try to calm himself from releasing a wash of adrenaline too quickly. The Viking eyes Abe no Seimei and his predatory grin - Haldor has become something of a coinneseuir of predatory grins - slinking backward several steps.

No doubt this is unusual to see in the colliseum, a Viking shying away from direct combat. Even so, Haldor slinks away from the direct battle, he can tell that Abe no Seimei is expecting a direct assault. Direct assaults are, therefore, right out the fricking window. Do they even have windows in this place? Probably not, it is - so far as Haldor is aware - a place of Chaos, after all. Haldor presses into the shadow of the colliseum wall and narrows his icy blue eyes.

After a few seconds, Haldor simply sinks into the shadows themselves. He erupts from Abe no Seimei's shadow a split second later, arcing up into the air and descending upon the Ancient Master, the legendary onmyouji, as though descending upon a board to be broken with his fist. With his terrible VIKING FIST, already awash in energy and frigid, biting cold.


Abe no Seimei has been preparing all this time. He needed the minute or two to prepare his own diabolical plan. There's a reason why he put up the defensive shield that he knew would be quick work for the Viking. Abe no Seimei is a thinking man's opponent afterall. Still, he is surprised when the Viking steps away. That was something he didn't expect.

And when Haldor disappears into the shadows, it is all good. There's something wonderful about surprises. Abe no Seimei is never surprised. Still, he lets himself get hit (or at least he'd like to believe) as he starts to twist and turn towards Haldor. The omnyouji is eternally vigilant afterall and smacks his palm right at Haldor's chest, where his armor is.

The 'lovetap' from Haldor sends him several yards away. Tumble tumble tumble.He took a direct hit from the Viking and lands a crumpled heap. He has the wind knocked out of him but he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath befre he mutters another word in Sanskrit.

Suddenly, Haldor can hear Johanssen coughing. Even in this body from the past he has the dwarven armor? The spirit is getting confused as the smoke rises up above him. Haldor has himself in front of the mirror that the omnyouji has setup afterall and the trap it set. The spirit of the armor becomes confused, it becomes inert. For now the dvergar spirit thinks he's no longer the Viking's but Abe no Seimei's instead. What an evil plan that was.

"And now I should be able to finish you off with ease." he says, coughing up some blood. He was hit rather hard afterall.

"… Johanssen?"

The dvergar armor isn't the only one that's confused now. Haldor blinks a few times and pats at his chest, cocking his head to one side. Whatever just happened, that can't be good for Haldor at all. Slowly he turns his head toward Abe no Seimei and furrows his brows, icy blue eyes considering this wily old opponent. After a few moments of consideration, Haldor starts to circle Abe no Seimei at a slow pace.

For a moment, Haldor considers shrugging out of Johanssen or his local equivalent, but decides that might open Johanssen up to Hundun's power. Instead Haldor plants a foot on the ground, slowly turning it in much the same fashion one would expect a Shen sage to do at the beginning of some arcane art. Rather than arcane energies though, ice starts to form in a great wave that washes out from Haldor. The Viking surges forward, speed skating across an ever expanding rink in the center of the colliseum.

It doesn't take Haldor long to build up speed and he careens about in wild, unpredictable figures before starting to carve a pentagram of his own in the ice around Abe no Seimei. Each pass he ventures near the Legendary Onmyouji and tries to shove the old man in a different direction, trying to keep him off-balance on the ice and against Haldor's passes.

That is, until Haldor finally strikes. He strikes with a combination attack, shoving at Abe no Seimei as he starts to pass until, abruptly, he whips his own body around and tries to throw a whirling elbow strike at the potentially unbalanced and respected elder's face.

Within one of the wealthier areas of the stands is a man that does not look terribly unlike the Atlanteans, but for the cut of his attire which is more distinctly Grecian than the local wear. He's sipping at wine and watching the ongoing exhibition with several plump and well ornamented sorts. A foreign trader, perhaps, here at the invitation of the locals.

Abe no Seimei is not used to one on one fights. Part of him even thinks that this is probably rigged against his favor. He was told not to use the five great spirits even. Poor Abe no Seimei. He's doomed. Haldoomed even.

There's a bit of weaving and dodging, but lacking the untouchable opponent skills of his later incarnation eventually comes to hurt him. He slips ona bit of ice only to find a whirling elbow strike straight in the face.

The power from the strike sends him slamming into a wall. His body crumples as he coughs up even more blood and his nose is bloodied. He falls to his knees and raises a hand. He's hacking and coughing for a few moments as he looks up towards the Viking.

"Runolfr Thorson, I yield. As the Champion of the Amatsukami being the only thing standing in your way from the hand of Fujiwara no Amaya,I step to the side. You have earned the blessing of Amaterasu's court." he says firmly and resolutely.

With that, people cheer! The Viking was victorious! Up in the stands Amaya is most definitely excited njumping for joy as she starts to stand up and clap. She gives a friendly wriggle of her fingers towards the Viking. It is a joyous occasion now.

The king of Atlantis nods. "It is official then. We shall have a celebration in honor of this young couple's engagement!" he says. It seems there are various Scions from all over there. Atlantis is a social hot spot afterall and that's one of the reasons it was chosen as the place for the little battle.


Haldor says the name with the ease of anyone who knows their Old Nordic, but it seems almost strange to him to be saying. The Viking quirks a red brow and looks around at the cheering - so much cheering, is this really normal - lifting his arms in a boxer-style celebratory manner. Even so, his icy blue eyes keep skipping toward Abe no Seimei, faint confusion readable on his face.

"… Engagement…"

With a grunt, Haldor forces his eyes toward 'Amaya' in the stands. He tilts his head slightly to the side, considering her a bit more carefully - she looks terribly familiar and the name doesn't help matters at all - as he starts trying to charge the crowd up some more. Of course, he's also headed in her direction now. Every few moments though, his eyes shift back toward Abe no Seimei.

The last thing Maia remembers is falling asleep in an Edo Shrine in Yomi. But when she wakes up, she's jumping for joy as she stands up in the central box of a colliseum. She blinks for a few moments and she looks around for any familiar faces. She squints as she sees Haldor. Yes, while the others see a Runolfr Thorson, she sees Haldor. While the others see the handsome merchant, she sees Jason. And in the end, they see Amaya as Maia as well. While they may have different features in these bodies, the three souls of the Scions of the present recognize each other for who they are.

Amaya-cum-Maia nods as she blinks for a few moments and looks down. It seems Haldor just won something and that they're engaged here too. She smiles and ives a wriggle of her fingers before peering towards the older King of Atlantis and his wife. People start leaving the colliseum for a party to be had as she starts to speak with the king.

"Part of me thinks your mother chose a champion that would lose to Runolfr Thorson." he says with a bit of amusement. "Now let us come and celebrate." he says with a sage nod before he lets his voice boom throughout the crowd once more.

"We have much to celebrate here in Atlantis. Our Scions, the Children of Badarus, Amnis, Heshon, Demosia, Versak and Skaft have come back victorious. Avernus, the Greater Titan of Death has been sealed away!" he says with a bright smile before he starts to usher everyone out of the colliseum. There's a party in the court yard of the capital of Atlantis afterall.

Meanwhile, Maia just stands there confused. What did she.. what did they get themselves into? She motions towards Haldor and Jason to join her. Hopefully they recognize her for who she is as well.

Jason really does not recognize Maia in the least, she does not exactly look like herself! Still, when one is dreaming how many asian/viking pornos do you actually encounter. He drifts towards finger wraggling, taking a moment to straighten out his unfamiliar attire. The merchants surrounding him make a few inquiries and he makes up some excuse as he breaks ranks and slips through the crowd.

Amaya melts into Maia in Haldor's field of vision. This is suitably surreal, even to Haldor, that he mutters to himself about going crazy. It's quite obvious that he has well and truly lost his mind in Hundun, that's the only explanation for this. Maybe he's died and lost his mind or, perhaps, he's died and gone to Helheim where Hel has judged him worthy only of torment.

Runolfr makes a hang on one sec gesture toward Amaya. This is so that Haldor can make his way toward Abe no Seimei, a curious expression on his face as he draws nearer the elder Amatsukami champion. He reaches out to him with one hand, for a handshake perhaps, and gives the older man a careful once over. Maybe make a diagnosis for treatment, such as Haldor's level of skill permits.

"An excellent match, Abe no Seimei-san. I wonder if you might be able to free my armor from your power though?"

W-w-Wait. What? Those weren't the words that Haldor meant to say, at least not exactly. Damn you time stream! DAMN YOU!

Abe no Seimei is already healing. He has fine regeneration skills afterall. He peers towards Runolfr, who still looks like Runolfr to him. Even if he's Kamui's previous incarnation there is no weird soul recogntion there. So he smiles and nods, taking the hand, though he's raising his brows at the Viking. Handshakes are odd things afterall.

"Of course, Thorson." Then he mutters a few things under his breath and pulls off the ofuda that was stuck on the Viking's chest. Now Johanssen is free once more, though a bit dozy from the whole experience. "You are a very strong man. Much would be expected of a Thorson. And you most definitely are worthy of a daughter of Amaterasu. Your exploits have been heard even where I am from. Come, let us go to the courtyard, it is a celebration afterall."

With that he motions towards the door out of the colisseum.

Maia sighs softly and starts to speakinto Haldor's and Jason's heads. At least her powers work in this different body of hers. «I'll meet you two outside. Last thing I know I was in a crazy part of Yomi.» and with that she heads out as well.

"You were part of the defeat of Muspelheim, bringing him to Tartarus. That is what I heard. I was not part of that mission but only served with Amaya-hime in capturing Soku-no-kumi." he explains as they head out.
Jason simply heads outside. Vroom.

As Jason starts to head outside, he's grabbed by the shirt and kissed hard by someone in the shadows. A wry grin curls onto the young woman who grabbed him as she too is Japanese. There's a soft chuckle as she's not dressed in the finery of her sister,but she's still there. It's one of his fellow spies and as what he knows is an assassin of the Amatsukami. Oh geez, don't let this be Aya's previous incarnation.

"Mmm, handsome. I need information." she says speaking perfect Greek. It's an odd sight for a Japanese woman at this point in time. "Oceanus. I want to know everything about him. I overheard from a couple of children of Amnis that some priests are starting to worship Oceanus. Why are the Atlanteans worshipping a Greek god? And a titan at that?" she says, most definitely annoyed.
Long distance to Haldor: Maia just put that there to pique more of Jason's interest.

"Yes. It was a glorious battle. I have heard great things of yourself and Amaya-hime too, though I am given to speaking with many travellers from afar."

Inside of Runolfr's head, Haldor is railing against the walls until he hears Maia's voice. Haldor just stops, his and Runolfr's eyes freezing for a moment as the Viking savors the familiarity of Maia's voice inside of his head. And then the words fade away and Haldor returns to trying desperately to turn Runolfr away from speaking with Abe no Seimei.

For a few moments longer, Haldor and Runolfr linger upon speaking with Abe no Seimei. With a mental groan, Haldor finally wins out and sets the duo to walking toward the doors of the coliseum as he wants. Maia as Amaya waits for Haldor as Runolfr outside of the coliseum. It takes a few minutes more, plenty of time for Jason and proto-Aya to have their discussion, before Haldor can get outside and hunt down Maia. During the interim, his player steps AFK, feel free to pose around him as necessary.

Jason does not really need any sort of history of the situation to return the kiss that is given to him by the mysterious asian chick. Letting his lips linger and his hand play upon her back for several long moments before finally pulling away when she lets lose with the questions. An arm is offered to her in invitation and he says in perfect Japanese, "It is nice to see you as well. Walk with me and let us discuss it, you come with information of your own to trade, of course? What have you to offer in turn?"

That request is left to linger while his gaze searchers her features trying to get a read on her. Weirdness. There is no Aya soul inside, but the girl does seem to have something of that vicious hard edged charisma going.

"My mother is leery of the Atlanteans. That's why she sent my sister and I here. Why else would we have an exhibition match of that idiot Runolfr. My sister has horrible tastes and yet she's the refined ambassador, I have no idea why she loves that barbarian so." she replies in perfect Greek. "And yet, I am the one to do the dirty work. I swear my mother plays favorites." she grumps. Still, her arm hooks around Jason's as she idly runs her fingers through her hair, a wry and almost predatory grin curling onto her lips.

This is most definitely Aya in a previous life. Instinctively Jason knows this, but it doesn't seem like she appears as Aya to him. It's probably because present day Aya isn't in charge. Confusing no?

Meanwhile, Maia-cum-Amaya has already slipped out of the colliseum and starts making with the small talk. She's doing her job as an ambassador afterall, mingling and schmoozing.

Jason laughs at the words of the particular Japanese woman on his arm, wryly saying to her, "Of course she plays favorites, all parents do. What mystifies me is not the fact that she does, but her tastes in those favorites. You do the dirty work, and do it well, would your mothers schemes and plans happen at all without you? She should appreciate what you bring to the table, or you should work with those who will."

Mini recruitment pitch made to help sell his cover he says, "But the details of your family life were not quite what I had in mind when I suggested a trade. The Titan of Death, what do you know?" Leaning in he camouflages a whisper as a kiss at her ear, "And just what dirty work are you here in Atlantis to do. They would not have sent you simply to keep an eye on /her/."

"Of course I am not here for my sister. My sister is here tofind out things just like I am. We are intel." she says matter of factly, raising her brows. "I am a kunoichi, my sister is a geisha, that is how we differ." proto-Aya explains, rolling her eyes as she gets defensive at the fact that Amaya may be more of a favorite than she is.

"As for Avernus, what is there to know. He's the Greater Titan of Death. While we fought Soku no Kami, you fought Terra, the Aesir fought Muspelheim and so forth, the Scions of Atlantis have been going against Avernus." she says matter of factly, as if that's knowledge he should have. "Did you hit your head or something?" she asks curiously before she giggles at the faint kiss on her ear.

"And if you must know, my mother heard something in the works. The Atlanteans are going away from their gods. THat is why I ask about Oceanus and why they would worship him over Badarus. A temple has been converted. And I heard another name in the shadows. One that I have not heard before." and she pauses. "Puros."

Haldor appears behind Maia. From there he wraps his arms around her from behind and gives her a great big squeezey hug full of terrible affection. One would almost swear that he was a long lost lover who hadn't seen her in absolute ages instead of a man who spent just last evening, subjectively, with her. It may be a good cover for the situation.

"And how are you doing, Amaya-hime? My most beloved and, now, my one and true betrothed?"

In the back of his mind, Haldor wonders if he sounds this sappy when he talks to Maia.

"My wits must be addled by your charms" Jason says to the companion on his arm, not adverse to throwing a little flattery her way. "What of Avernus' children, do you know anything of them? Or what has become of them with.. recent events?" Her further words cause him to think and he quietly says, "You understand that my family is often more.. splintered in purpose.. than your own. There are facts I may not have now but can find out. Visit my quarters tonight and we can investigate this temple that you speak of together. I think we might work together to our.. mutual satisfaction."

All of this is terribly surreal. Maia thought she was dead and now instead she's standing in the courtyard of the capitol of atlantis. She's dressed in proper regalia for someone befitting her status which is a long and flowery kimono. There's a bright smile as she basks in the celebrations of the city before she leans back in the arms of her beloved.

Slowly she starts to turn around and peers intohis eyes. She nuzzles her nose against his own as she lets out a soft chuckle and returns the big squeezy hug with one of her own.

"Much better now that you're here and I'm in your arms once more, Hal..erm, Runolfr." she whispers,smiling brightly. Already he can hear her voice in his head.

«I have no idea what's going on Haldor, but I'm not going to complain being with you again. But we're in Atlantis. Have you seen anything more beautiful. A shame that they become our enemies in the future»

A soft sigh escapes from her lips before she rests her head on his chest.It's then that there's something in the corner of their eyes. Maia and Haldor should recognize the little boy and the little girl from the Dark Hour. Over by a group of people talking, the two children suddenly appear and stare at them creepily. The little boy dressed in khaki shorts and a button down shirt while the little blonde appears in her dress. It seems they're being ignored by those there.

Meanwhile, back to where proto-Aya and Jason are, the young woman grins wryly as she looks towards Jason. She just shakes her head and lets out a hearty laugh. "Your wits are really addled by my feminine wiles then if you do not even know that. Your mother provided the Pandora's box to hold Avernus. She spoke with Amnis about it with great length." she says. He should know this! But Jason doesn't, so she is all confused. Then there's a smack on his ass. "Mmm, I do like mutual satisfaction. Fine, I will visit your quarters tonight. Keep the lights off.You know how I like to do it in the dark." Mmmm, double entendre.

Haldor lets out a soft sigh as he stares down the boy and his sister. Gently he holds Maia in his arms and regards the duo with obvious curiosity, trying to decide how best to remedy their current situation so as to make with the asking of questions, gathering of intelligence, and figuring out what the Hel is going on here.

The Viking smooches Maia's cheek gently and gently nudges her. Haldor makes an expression that she should recognize as 'Make an excuse', what with her being better at making people believe excuses than he is. Particularly in these diplomatic situations Haldor is relatively powerless. No doubt Runolfr is as well - on the other hand, Haldor well be restraining Runolfr's exceptional diplomati-

Pffffthahahahahahahahaha. I'm sorry. I couldn't type that about a Thorson, much less a version of Haldor, with a straight face.

Jason does not return that slap of proto-Aya although his arm around her does give a little squeeze, "You've no shortage of wiles, and I have only so many wits. It should be of no surprise. And yes… yes.. of course she did. I must have a few words with your sister, but we probably should not be seen together too much. Do you wish to tag along, or will you two just wind up in it again and cause another scene?" Because they have to do that sort of thing there. It is their fate. With or without Aya he starts circulating through the crowd back in their direction, allowing Maia and Haldor their touchy feely huggy time before drawing close himself.

"That's.." there's a bit of recognition in her tone. She nods as she looks towards the group she's gathered with. Abunch of well wishers saying congratulations to the new couple. She reaches back and takes Haldor's hand before she starts to head towards the children. Unfortunately for the pair, there's someone who walks in the way when they're about to reach them and the children are gone. However, there is a bit of interesting conversation that can be overheard by the couple.

"Avernus has been successfully captured. But after we captured him we saw something else. Puros was left in Avernus' stead." says the leader of the group, a handsome and muscular Scion of Badarus as he speaks with the king.

"Puros? What is Puros?" the king asks with clear interest.

"Purity." repliesthe soft silky tones of the Scion of Demosia. "I have never seen anything like it. It was amazing. For once I felt complete.." she says keeping her mystique about herself. And she's about to say more when theking notices the young lovers approaching.

"Runolfr, Amaya-hime. These are the heroes of Atlantis, much like you two are heroes of your respective pantheons from the Titanomachy." the king says with a bright smile.

Meanwhile, proto-Aya just rolls her eyes. "My sister is in love with that barbarian. She will not cheat on him with you." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath. "I will see you later, feel free to talk to the couple. I have more work to do." And with that said, Aya disappears into the shadows once more.

"Oh please" Jason says to Aya with a roll of his own eyes. He really does not hit on every female that moves, does he? Perplexed briefly by that thought he lets her slip away before drawing closer to the gathered crowds. No diplomat or studly ambassador he, he probably seems a bit more out of place around the King! He's not one to lack a reason for being there though, there are after all females present and one moved slightly. To the Scion of Demosia he says, "And you look complete. Words such as yours would woo and seduce at the worst of times, but truly you seem inspired to now be.. truly intoxicating. Please, won't you continue your story?"

Haldor bows to the Atlantean Scions, sizing them up silently with his enhanced senses. The Viking stands up straight again, assuming as regal and proper a posture as he can, gently holding Maia's hand. At Jason's all too well-crafted words, Haldor gestures with his free hand, an epically charming smile spreading oaver his face.

"Yes, please. Continue your tale, it is surely one of great import and great valor. It would be a pleasure to hear such from a hero of the region!"

The King lets out a furtive glance beore he laughs for a few moments. "Oh, they were just telling me about their dealing with Avernus. Ahhh, I see the son of Aphrodite is here. She helped us with the Pandora's Box that would eventually lead to the capture of the Avatars of Avernus, yes?"

"That would be correct." replies the young woman who stands next to the Scion of Badarus. From her features, she's a Scion of Amnis, having a priestess quality about her as she smiles brightly and cheerily towards the group. She's a chipper young woman afterall. "Dealing with the realm of Avernus himself was quite tasking. You'd be amazed at what sorts of things there are in death." she sys with asage nod. Note that they're avoiding the subject of Puros completely.

Maia for now simply nods and listens. She gives Haldor a squeeze of his hand as she soon speaks into Jason and Haldor's heads.

«Did the two children want us to hear this? They were here and now they're gone. Mary and her brother.»

Jason gives a respectful bow of his head towards the King at the mention of his mother, "My mother was pleased to render what assistance she could to such a worthy effort. While I know that she and Amnis have not always gotten along…" A clearing of his throat, there was that whole golden apple affair, "It is clear what great things we are capable of when we all come together?" Is he looking at the Scion of Amnis as he says this? He is! Flirt flirt flirt.

"Perhaps you will share with us the tales of Avernus? I suspect we are all eager to here, and your people deserve to have their stories spread." Jason says, verbally poking.

Haldor shrugs slightly, almost imperceptibly, to Maia at her question. The Viking focuses his attention upon the Scions of Amnis and Badarus, smiling brightly himself. It's not flirting so much as targeted charming… Not that Haldor would be terribly good at flirting anyhow.

"Come now, surely you can give greater detail than that? Atlantis is a land of great intelligence, of great language, pray give us a tale truly worthy of your homeland's accomplishments! Tell us the tale of THE DEFEAT OF DEATH!"

Runolfr uses grandiose gesture and, inexplicably, causes reverb on those last four words for emphasis. Apparently Haldor's previous incarnation was Aquaman from Batman: The Brave & The Bold.

"As you may know, Avernus is the Greater Titan of Death, an ageless entity that was born along with Terra as it's equal and opposite. As a result, the two are sworn enemies for a world where Avernus was victorious would be an endless waste where nothing, not even the smallest blade of grass could live. Now that makes that Titan an ally of Crom Cruach, who also doesn't like Terra. However, that's an easy way to get in and would be guarded.The more difficult way is through Soku-no-kumo's lightless tunnels which eventually great a dark, infinitely deep pit. Jump in and you are in Avernus." That would be the rather Scotty looking nerd son of Skaft. He adjusts the golden rimmed spectacles over his nos before he lets the others speak.

A soft and impish giggle can be heard from the daughter of Amnis. She idly runs her fingers through her hair. "Avernus itself is darkplains with occasional wooded areas where a river of black ichor flows. The outermost area is the Black Sand desert.It was not fun at all. Then came the Plains of Death,the Chill Forests and the City That Is Dis." she says, shuddering as she continues the tale.

The muscular and swoon worthy son of Badarus takes it from there. "OUr eventual goal were the peaks of Apophis,Avernus' dominant Avatar. That was the most diffcult as there was a crater filled with serpent with a serpent very much like your Jorgmandr that constantly leeched venom so powerful that Melanope had to keep on removing the poisons from our bodies." he says with concern as she looks towards the priestess of Amnis.

And of course, Maia just listens taking it all in.

"I've heard stories of this black ichor" Jason improvises after listening to the tale, "Of it's impact on mortal flesh. I've never seen it first hand, however. It sounds light a frightful journey, yet your stout hearts stood you in good stead as you pressed through such obstacles." He shifts a little closer to ask, "So then obviously reached the peaks and got past the serpent and it's crater?"

Runolfr looks very intrigued at the mention of another Jormundgandr in the depths of Avernus. Haldor is similarly enraptured by the possibility, it's so very strange and interesting. The Viking listens attentively, icy blue eyes shifting from one Scion to the next as they tell their great tale.

Faintly Haldor feels like he recognizes the name of Melanope, but he can't quite place it. Oh if only he knew.

"Apophis is the snake itself." Melanope says matter of factly asif trying to clarify things when she peers towards the assembled group. "There are multiple avatars of Avernus, Apophis being the dominant one, representing senseless death and violence. From our understanding, he ripped control from the previous dominant avatar, Thanatos, the finality of death. We were lucky we didn't run into the other avatars, such as Dis, Iapetus and Yama." she says, leaning against the muscley Scion of Badarus.

It'sthen that the Scion of Heshon speaks up. He likes to be naked, but for the occasion, he's only wearing a loincloth and gives Amaya/Maia a scandalous and flirtatious wink. "If you like I can tell you more about everything that happened, Amaya-hime." he says, taking her hand and gently kissing it. "I am Carel, Son of Heshon." he says, introducing himself.

"What do you think will happen to Dis, Iapetus, and Yama now?" Jason inquires, gaze looking about all these chicks grumbly that they seem to have guys. And then the half naked guy in the loincloth is flirting with yet others! "Do you have any idea how all that you have done will effect them?" He gives Maya/Maia an encouraging look. Yes. Slut it up for info! He would.

Haldor is briefly tempted to break Carel's face. Runolfr, however, overrides him because that would be almost as impolite as Carel trying to woo his woman away from him. The Viking instead and gives Carel a warning glare, made all the more icy by his cold blue eyes and the small wave of ice that crackles across the ground from his feet toward Carel's feet.

Frostbite foot? Well, it's a start. Certainly it's got to be better than an early Viking's version of a hot foot.

Tychon, the Scion of Skaft nudges Carel. "She's a taken woman." he says matter of factly.

Carel shrugs his shoulders, oblivious to Haldor/Runolfr's glare for a bit. "So.." and then he lets out a yelp at the cold foot. He then looks towards Amaya/Maia with a wry grin. "They all come, they always do." he whispers scandalously.

Melanope just rolls her eyes and facepalms. "Gods.." she grumbles.

Maia for the most part is confused. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she does not slut it up. Not when she's actually getting to spend time with the love of her life/lives it seems. She squeezes Hal/Runolfr's hand and bows. "I'm flattered, but I am spoken for." she says matter of factly.

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