A Wrinkle In Time - Eutropius



Scene Title A Wrinkle in Time - Eutropius
Synopsis Jason's past life and Aya's past life work together to uncover a secret Atlantean plot…

Evening in Atlantis. Jason-cum-Whoevertheheckheis managed to find his room eventually. It's a well appointed enough suite with a pretty view of the city and an overabundance of winding streets and shallow rooftops near by, the sort of room one chooses if they want to be able to leave quickly and quietly even if they are being watched. Currently the lights are off, the dim green glow of Atlantean city lights coming in through the window. A set of dark leathers are laid out, extracted from his luggage along with a miscellaneous assortment of other suitable gear. Padded boots, a pair of Atlantean beam pistols which must have been obtained locally, various little vials all carefully arranged on a belt.

Of the various identities young proto-Aya has had over the years, there is only one title she really answers to: Kagehime, the Shadow Princess. The young kunoichi appears from the shadows as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement while sneak, sneaking over towards Jason. Being able to meld in and out of the dark in a room is always a good thing for it allows for things like this: shadow smooching.

Suddenly, his collar of his shirt is grabbed and there's a fierce and fiery kiss on his lips before letting go. A soft and cocky little chuckle escapes from her lips after she lets go. "You really need to be more perceptive. I could have killed you without you even realizing it."

Jason lets his shirt be grabbed and that kiss occur, his own lips playing heatedly against her own before he's let go. A chuckle escapes him and he says, "But you would not have, you are akin to those deadly forces of nature, those embodiments of female power that mate before they kill. At least when either would be worthwhile, you would enjoy it so much more after all." He lets his gaze drift over towards her now, checking to see just what she has decided to dress and equip for tonights little adventure.

Kagehime is dressed in all black. It suits her really, but she is a kunoichi. The hood of her ninja outfit is pulled back, cause she couldn't kiss him ifit was on, but she wears a sleek and snugly tight black outfit. There's a katana and a bow with a quiver slung over her back, with her other relics hidden presumably underneath the clothes of black. "True, I do like to mate. Japan is awfully strict against a young woman doing that, no wonder I serve my country and my mother as her hand in the shadows instead of her face in the light."

"Mhmm" Jason says regretfully, "You do look dressed for the killing instead though, and the sneaking. I suppose we'll simply have to do that part later." He rises from his chair, beginning to take off his own attire so he can get into his own leathery black attire. "A lamentable state for your homeland, and a truly awful things ti discourage. So before we begin I wished to make you a somewhat unusual offer, I've gained access to a prophecy that might relate to current events and directly impacts upon the fate of the Amatsukami. I'm willing to provide it for investigation by you and your people, but with an unusual qualifier. In centuries, a millennia, a member of the Dodekatheon will say to one of your profession certain words we agree upon and at that time you would convey to them all that you had learned."

Her brows furrow and soon the black kunoichi outfit is replaced with something a bit more scandalous. It becomes a slinky and silky black bra and thong if only for a few moments before shifting back. "You realize I don't need clothes. Like my sister I change my appearance to what suits me." she says matter of factly. Kagehime then hrmms at the prophecy. Oh dears, Jason is meddling with time. "A prophecy you say? Thenwe will deal with it but for now, the temple of Badarus awaits us."

Oh dear. She would decide to go all exhibitionist just as Jason finishes getting off his traders attire and yet is not yet in the black leathers. Given that state of undress Kagehime can see how the display excites him and he gives her an amused look, "Did you plan to add challenge into me fitting into tight fitting black leathers? Perhaps you could be convinced to display the skills of your shadowy hand before we depart?"

"I don't think so. You will get what you earn depending on how you perform on this operation. As much as I love mating, I perform my duty for the Amatsukami." she says matter of factly, a smug grin on her features.

Jason tsks good naturedly, "You and your family are always placing duty first. Well perhaps a little added tension will only heighten our reflexes in the field." He does slip his outfit on, with a bit of added effort with the pants. Finally looking every inch of his own more greekish version of a spy and he motions, "Lead on t hem and I will follow. Let us see what secrets this temple has to share."

Kagehime nods as she takes his hand and starts to lead him through her little shadow portal. It's a disconcerting experience, the sudden dread of the darkness possibly overcoming him before they find themselves in a series of bushes not too far from the Ziggurat of Badarus.

It's a rather large one at that, the stairs steep and high. At the top ofthe ziggurat is of course the inner sanctum of the gods, but as they can see, there are a series of sentries guarding the steps.

"This is suspicious, why do they need to guard a temple?" she whispers as she continues to peer from the shadows.

And look, someone approaches! People actually. A cloaked figure wrapped in the fineries of the chosen of Demosia appears and nods to the guards before making the long way up towards the inner sanctum.

"There is your way in" Jason cum Eutropius (he has a name!) says while crouching down low and watching the cloaked figure enter. "If you can duplicate her outfit at least. They did not question her or check her papers at all." His gaze continues to play along the others present, there were people! What are the others dressed as? "Unless we can find a way to disguise me as well, though, you may have to provide a distraction so I can sneak past them."

"This still makes no sense, why is a chosen of Demosia going into a sanctum of Badarus?"

Kagehime is very confused as she wrinkles her nose and blinks slightly at Eutropius. "Aren't you an illusionist, you should be able to make your own distraction!"

"We'll find those questions inside. Not debating them here." Eutropius offers towards Kagehime. Watching for awhile longer to observe the patterns of coming and goings and he finally ripples and shimmers himself, appearance taking on the attire of an Atlantean scholar. "Do get dressed for the role and let's go find out just what those answers might be."

The black inky darkness over her form shifts as she wrinkles her nose and idly runs her fingers through her hair. She puts on the cloak, masking her features as she gives hima nod. Soon, she steps out of the bushes, waiting for Eutropius to do the same before they head towards the guard. The sentries to not question them for they are clearly Atlantean and soon they are free to walk up the way to the inner sanctum of the zigurrat.

"That was too easy." she hisses.

"They have been doing renovation" Eutropius says quietly to his companion, "You said as much yourself. That requires lots of people coming and going and an outer layer of security too tight would keep anything from being done at all. If have they have secrets to hide they will be further in and much better secured." Walk walk walk. There are so many stairs! Damned Ziggurauts.

It takes a good fifteen minutes to get up the stairs going at a reasonable pace. Surely they could've done it quicker if they used their powers, but it's then that they see what's going on in the inner sanctum. Badarus, the statue is being changed. But as to who they are making him into is unclear. Badarus himself looks like Triton, from the Little Mermaid. Merman and and all. They are changing the features on the top, and the bottom half is becoming legs. The clothing is even changing looking slightly Greek, but who it is, Jason does not know.

"Suspicious.." she says softly, melding into the shadows. She's leaving him behind!?!?

Is she?!?!? It's possible! Eutropius can at least make no more conversation with her given that she is GONE. Looking like a scholar he elects with doing the scholarlike thing and goes searching around in the interior for documents. Surely a project such as this must have some, for accounting purposes if nothing else. An eye and ear is also turned elsewhere about the interior, of course, people preceded them inside, what are they doing?

Another figure looms in, furious. It's Melanope dressed in her royal garb as she starts looking at the various workers. "What is this atrocity?!?!?" she cries out in fuming rage. "There are dignitaries from all the other pantheons here, and you are all changing the visage of Badarus into his current form? That of that..that.." and she flails her arms about angrily. "That monster?!?!" she says, most definitely annoyed. "My mother is still searching for a way to purify his essence from that of that monster…" she says, continuing until she spies the scholar.

"You, make sure that the archives will not have this nonsense. Our loss at Pontus will be hidden. The gods will purge this knowledge, but you need to write it down in a tome and we will place the secret book in a palace of Demosia.

Ack! Well that is more attention than a spy really should be getting! Eutropius, or at least the Jason within him is a consummate actor though and he looks properly cowed and obsequius in response to Melanope's fury, doing all the bowing and scraping that one does when not wishing to earn the further ire of an angry Princess (and when one is a spy who would really rather not have the eyes of a high level Scion on him too much where she might see through his disguise. "It will be as you say" he says in perfect Atlantean even while scurrying out of the way.

"I should have Bardelys and Carel slaughter you all." she tells the workers who look rather cowed by her PMSy rage. "But you get to do the honors. Sacrifice them to Puros." she tells the Scion of Demosia before she starts to head off.

The cloaked scion simply nods. "As you wish, Princess." her tone sleek and sultry as she grins wryly. "You all will see such a wonderful thing." she the now frozen workers from Melanope's compelling presence. "It is a beautiful experience." she whispers, as she starts to gather them with shadow tendrils.

Meanwhile Kagehime drags Europius into one of her shadow refuges. "This is not good." she whispers, sounding scared.

Europius is startled as Kagehime suddenly drags him off into the shadows, peeking out at the events still ongoing as the workers are about to be slaughtered. "A loss at Pontus, and something actually changed the form of Badarus himself." Tilting his head to look at the cloaked scion of Demosia he says, "I wonder if that is the woman I saw at the reception earlier, who was speaking of something called Puros when I first arrived but then made herself scarce. We're going to have to locate the archives. If she is ordering the information there destroyed, it means some has been recorded. Perhaps we can save something before they purge all traces."

"These aren't the first victims. I went into the back, the head priest of Badarus and all the clergy of Badarus have been killed. There are mangled bodies in a temple." Her eyes are wide with shock from the blasphemy. She nods as she takes a deep breath. "The archives are in the main capitol building, the palace proper. How are we going to get there?" she asks, not quite sure as she can't think straight from the sheer blasphemy of what's going on in the inner sanctum of a temple.

The woman in the cloak pulls off her food. It is the same beautiful and mysterious Scion of Demosia. While still beautiful, her presence is utterly frightening, like that of a zealot as she uses the shadow tendrils to pierce the bodies of the mortals, impaling their bodies as she lets out a soft laugh. "Puros thanks you for your sacrifice." she whispers before bringing their bodies to the back as well.
<OOC> Maia says, "Thus begins the downfall of Atlantis."
Europius quietly says, "I've just been ordered to head there by one very pissed off Princess. It might require some talking past the guards, but if any know her mood I doubt they are going to press the point too much. They like their internal organs where they are. You are either going to have to disguise yourself as well or sneak through the shadows. For now, let us make our departure out the front. I need to make certain the guards know what I've just been ordered so that they can send word on ahead."

He looks.. kind of freaked out by the murdering as well. It's grisly and freakish and weird.

The sight is truly full of gore and rather squelchy as the mysterious daughter of Demosia starts tohead towards the back of the sanctum. Her clothes are blood splattered when she returns and she simply sheds the cloak as she lets out a soft sigh and starts exiting the temple. "Until all are one.." she whispers knowingly as she heads out.

Meanwhile Kagehime hrmms, scrunching up her nose as she nods and takes a deep breath. "Try to get it legitimately. I don't know what they are hiding, but we need to let the Dodekatheon and Amatsukami know right away. What was the loss at Pontus? From what I know they were supposed to be working with the Yorubans."

Europius waits until the daughter of Demosia has made her exit before he snags her coat, folding it up and tucking it into a pocket. You never know when you might need another disguise in a hurry and illusion does work best with something to work off of. That little bit of subterfuge done he is straightening up, looking the part of the proper Atlantean scholar once again and starts heading towards the exit, "Follow her and let us meet back shortly? She seems more involved in this than most of the others we have met, even than the royalty. That woman has secrets we need to know. If you can find them, I can find the archives."

"I will do what I can." There's a pause and she pulls him close for another impassioned kiss that she lets linger for a few moments. "Don't die." Kagehime says before she disappears into the shadows.

That kiss is returned, Europius' hand playing for a moment before he is pulling away himself, "You either." Then he is fully in scholar mode, cowed scholar mode, making his way back out of the front of the Ziggurat and down below to where the guards stand duty. "Princess Melanope has ordered me to perform some tasks at the archives, even at this late hour" he explains and then adding a bit of extra uncomfortableness to his voice says, "I would not want to keep her waiting, her mood seemed most poor. Can one of you escort me so I will not have to linger at every guard station along the way? Any delay might mean all our heads."

The guards at the palace blink for a few moments as Eutropius arrives. They stare at each other, swallowing at the mention of the princess. "She was rather annoyed when she came in. Iuh.." and they continues to stare. "You will have to find Nicodemus Mulhouse, the head archivist for access. He will be not happy you wake him at this hour though.." and they point and give directions towards the Master Archivist's quarters in the palace.

"He will be far less happy if he does not see me? Yes?" Eutropius offers in response all rhetorical like, "Just.. make certain I am not delayed. None of us will like it if I am delayed." Part done to see the guards out of his hair he advances forward past the guards. He does not head at once for the quarters of the Master Archivist, trying first to find the doors to the archives themselves. If supernatural defenses exist he hopes to spot them, if something specific is needed to open them it is surely best to find that out now rather than going directly to the archivist.

It seems that Amnis has taught Jason well, but he cannot recollect everything she taught him. Still, he would seethat the defenses to the archives are very very impressive. Atlantis is a culture known for their knowledge and their love of it, especially since the axiom "knowledge is power" holds especially true for them. As such, the archives are well secured like Fort Knox. There is a slot on the door with the imprint of the sigil of Atlantis. Obviously something there fits. But who would have that?

Eutropius paces back and forth getting an idea of the vault defenses. Formidable. Very formidable. Obviously he is not getting inside without the Chief Archivist, or at least the Chief Archivists possessions. The archives are left behind, the man in the illusionary guise of the scribe now headed for the archivists quarters. Again he takes his time, eyes alert for defenses. Just what sort of protections does the archivist surround himself with?

Like mentioned previously, the vault defenses are ridiculous. The quarters of the master archivest are in the east wing. It's where those who serve the royal family sleep, but not those of the servants. They are still important figures such as the major domo, whose room is right next to the archivists.

Now which room is it? Fortunately for Jason, the rooms are labeled in Atlantean, which he can read. At the very end of the east wing is a solid oaken door with Master Archivist Nicodemus Mulhouse's name on it. There's pretty loud snoring from the inside as well.

To wake the archivist or not to wake the archivist? It might be possible to sneak around his room and find the keycard, but surely Fort Knox has more defenses than just that right? Finally Jason-Cum-Eutropius settles for knocking furiously upon the door, RAP RAP RAP, in the nature of a scholar who is more afraid of a crazed princess than a grumpy archivist.

Or this would've been a perfect opportunity to use his neat psychopomp phasing skills. Oh well. Either way, there'sa grumbling as there are lots of curses spouting out of his mouth. The door soon quickly opens with a grumbly old man who is short. Is Nicodemus a dwarf? Who knows? He only stands at a short little 4'6" dressed in white and blue striped pajamas and a pajama cap. He is most definitely old school. His face ia wrinkles, as he grumbles under his breath.

Still with his dimunitive appearance, there is an aura of power that surrounds him. One of the elder children of Versak, Nicodemus grumbles, "Amnis' pink perky teets, do you know what hour it is?!?!?" he says flailing his arms as he lets out a grump and just stares at Jason-cum-Eutropius.

"I'm all too aware of what hour of the morning it is" Eutropius grumbles, "And none too happy at being awake during it myself, but Princess Melanope is in a fury over at what was being done at the Temple with all of the foreign dignitaries in the city. She wants a set of records destroyed, now, and wanting to see half so many years as you have I don't intend to disappoint her. If you want to simply tell me how to get in myself and go back to bed I'll not begrude you the choice."

"What does she want destroyed?" he asks with raised brows as he hrmms for a few moments. "I know the archives in and out. What she wants destroyed I'd have to forget as well." Nicodemus replies as he puts a finger up and starts hobbling over to his nightstand. There's a necklace with the seal of Atlantis and he puts it on his neck as he starts to shuffle back towards the archives. "Follow." he says.

Eutropius goes to follow a few steps back, oddly enough being a bit cowed in the presence of the uber wise and powerful sage sort is not terribly hard. "The defeat at Pontus" he says in answer to the figure, "All records are to be destroyed, but all knowledge of it placed into a single surviving book to be hidden in a Temple of Demosia." So he is saying more than strictly necessary, it's all true, and if Nicodemus can help to put everything into book form so much the better.

"Ahhh. Pontus, what will become the Drowned Road. I told them not to do it." he says with a gruff breath as he shakes his head wobbling two and fro as they make it towards the archive. He presses the pendant against the door and there'sa loud cranking noise that starts to occur. The doors to the archives are huge afterall, they're atleast twice as tall as Jason and he takes a step back to let the vault open.

Inside is.. it's books. So many books. So many scrolls. The knowledge of the ancient world, past, present and future along with the prophecies of the future are all stored here. No wonder the security was heavy. "I know the records which speak of Pontus. I assume she'll want my prophecies destroyed as well.." he says continuing to hobble about.

"Perhaps" Eutropius says as he tags along, "Or perhaps she will want those included in the book as well. Just in case. It is me she told to put things together, and my head that may roll if it is not done to her liking. Allow me to see them to make the determination?" He tries to act nonchalent around all the texts. He fails. This is really really impressive. "The Drowned Road Master Archivist? A frightful name."

"One of the titans of the Yorubans will take over and thus the nature of the realm will change. All this I have seen." he says wearily, shaking his head a little as he heads towards a circular disk. It's like one of those things that the senators used from Star Wars. He starts it up with a crystal on a chain and it starts to float up, zooming off to the area of the records from Pontus. "Why is Princess Melanope so adamant on destroying the knowledge of a failure of Atlantis? There can still be much learned from failures." he says matter of factly.

Jason tags along, the Luke to this Yoda as they go zipping all around. "I do not know Master Archivist, I only know that she is most insistent that knowledge not spread further. Perhaps she worries of the consequences if it were more widely known?" Taking a plug in the dark based on future knowledge of events he suggests, "Perhaps she even fears an attack on Atlantis itself?"

"The attack of Atlantis is inevitable. Alea iacta est." The Master Archivist says with a soft sigh under her breath. "She tries so hard to avert the inevitable fall. She does love her people, like her mother. It is such a shame that what was once the caring and compassionate young woman I knew will change to become an enemy of the people, of the gods themselves." There's another sigh as they reach the shelves which contain several papyrus scrolls. "These will be destroyed." he says matter of factly. "We pride ourself in knowledge as power, and yet she has decided to weaken us with this decision." he says sadly.

"You.. seem very knowledgeable Master Archivist" Jason cum Eutropius says quietly, "Both of things that have passed and of things that are to come. Do you see beneath all veils with as much ease? Is there no knowledge which is hidden from your mind?" A hand reaches out for one of the scrolls and he says with surprising solemnity, "And these scrolls may be destroyed, but the knowledge they contain will not. They will go into a book, as the Princess has said, and I assure you that so long as it is protected well it will one day be found and the knowledge will live again in minds."

"I know that you are not what you seem to be." he says with a knowing grin curling onto his lips. "I see the past, the present and the tapestries of the future. I have communed with fate and know our lot. Atlantis' lot is a sad one. We will always be cursed in the future even though it was our discoveries which helped the other civilizations prosper." Nicodemus continues as he nods. "I know. Amnis will do what she must to protect and hide that knowledge, son of the future." Wait, what did he just call Jason?

Jason cum Eutropius is not /totally/ surprised by this revelation it seems. He asked the question for a reason after all, because a man so very knowledgeable is a hard man to keep secrets from. "Then you know that I have told you nothing but truths" Jason says with a chuckle, "Although the answers to a few unasked questions are not what they might have seemed to be. I see Atlantis as it is now, I have seen it as it will become, although not quite so clearly as you seem to. If you had the opportunity, Master Archivist, to send a message to the future knowing all that you know. Knowing all that would be lost. What message would you elect to send?"

"Defying fate is difficult, but not impossible. It does not mean you should end all that is to escape from it." He says matter of factly before taking in a deep breath. He then continues towards another section and grabs the required tomes that need to be destroyed as well. He stares at Jason for a few moments. "Tell the princess that I am sorry I cannot be there to advise her. Bring her back. She and the others will suffer, but they are not lost completely. All this has happened before and it will all happen again. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past the second time around."

Jason rubs at his eyes and says, "That is always a difficult lesson for people to learn, and the ties of fate bind tightly and well. I shall try to do you ask and make them understand. This Temple of Demosia where the book and your prophecies will be stored. Do you know which it shall be? And where it will be located in the world to come?"

"Look to the waters where the Yorubans will be in your time. I believe you will call them, the Loa. I will be there too." he says with a soft sigh as he takes a deep breath. Of the Atlanteans, he knows his fate and it is to not be destroyed in the holocaust. He then takes off the chain around his neck and hands it to Jason. "Place this somewhere where you will remember it. I think I shall go to sleep again. Or maybe I will read all the books in the library once more. That should be enough time tofinish before you come back." he says with a warm smile. "Again, tell the royal family I am sorry. Tell the chosen seven I am sorry. They will have suffered so much."

"I do not know how much they shall listen to me, Master Archivist" Jason-Eutropius says with a nod of his head, "But I shall certainly convey a message so earnestly requested to be passed along." The chain is accepted with solemnity and slipped into a pocket. Then he is departing. Out of the archives. Out of the palace. The key waiting to be hidden when opportunity allows, for the moment though he returns to his quarters. Waiting to see if the Shadow Princess made it back from her own mission alive.

And to the quarters he goes. When he arrives, he'll find splattered blood on the ground. There's a body, and it's laying on his bed. Kagehime is still warm though, so she's alive, but from the looks of it she's had quite the battle. Perhaps she ran intothe Scion of Demosia. She's curled up in a little proto-Aya ball sleeping.

There is really not anything Jason can do in terms of healing, that is not his schtick! Especially not when in some ancient body. Instead he satisfies himself with quickly cleaning up the evidence of the struggle, removing the blood from the ground and any that remains outside. Can he strip her? Does he need to? Given the nature of her clothes he probably can't. Still he does as much as he can to get her undressed, two glasses of wine being set on the table and partially filled. A little going down his throat, a little dribbled on Proto-Aya. His own dark leathers getting hidden away and exchanged for small clothes. All work towards establishing an alibi, if she has been on a murder spree and any come looking they'll find that it appears she has been involved in a lovers tryst all the night.

There's a slight mrrgle as she feels a bit of wine dribbled over her lips. She winces and grumps as she starts to open her eyes a little. She can see in the dark and startstoget up a little while peering towards him. "You didn't die. That's good." Kagehime says softly.

"Glad to see you're alive too" Jason says, he even sounds sincere about it. "Sorry about the wine. Lots of blood when I wandered in, I don't know who you've been killing or who has been killing you but I thought I'd best set you up with an alibi in case the palace guards started going from room to room investigating." He leans in to press a kiss to her lips for several long moments before pulling away and asking, "So what happened?"

There's a wince after the kiss as she's still hurt. "That bitch is crazy." Kagehime says matter of factly. "She knew I was following her." she says, shuddering once more and takes a deep breath. "Told me I'd end upserving the darkness in the future." sounding a bit worried about that. "I don't know but that woman is far more powerful than she lets on. I know that Scions of Demosia take vows of silence and that's how she appears, prim and proper but she is dangerous. I could barely land a hit on her. She is way powerful."

Jason frowns, "If she knows who you are, and lived, we're going to have to get you out of here. My alibi would hold up for a few curious guards but it's not going to hold up for that. No wonder you did not go back to your own quarters first." He reaches out to caress her neck for a moment, "If you can't get yourself off this island, we'll get you to the harbor. My ship is there. It will be unusual for them to leave without me, but I can sell some excuse."

"She… she couldn't see my face. She just said that in the future I would serve my mother's greatest enemy. The bitch." Kagehime says once more, clearly shaken from the whole experience before she nods and takes a deep breath. "No, that would be too suspicious. Why would your ship leave without you? But if you think it's the best course of action, then have them bring me back to Kyoto."

Jason reaches out a hand to massage at her shoulder and he quietly says, "She does not need to see your face. She knows your mother. There are only two daughters of the sun here in Atlantis, would the other be capable of doing what you tried to do? She is a killer and she has your trail, you are not safe here. My ship will say it has to take to the sea to test some repairs made before my real departure. When several days pass I will show concern at their continued absence. Eventually and regrettably I shall be forced to seek different transit, assuming my vessel lost."

"Amaya is the public face. For every light, a shadow is cast. I am her shadow, her equal in the darkness who serves our mother covertly." Kagehime says matter of factly, before letting out a resigned sigh. "Then yes, I will take your plan. Keep my sister safe. That is all I ask. The stupid girl always gets herself into trouble." she whines before she starts to gather her things. "We leave tonight?"

"Now" Jason confirms with a curt nod, "You saw the zest that woman had for the kill. A predator like that does not stop simply because you got away once. I will do what I can for your sister." He pauses and says, "I spoke of a prophecy. In roughly a millennia a member of the Dodekatheon shall come to your reborn self and say these words, "The great hand has fallen. In it's shadow the light of truth is sought. I do not know what spirits follow your people from lifetime to lifetime but I am sure there are some. See the spirit knows those words. See that spirit has the answers you uncover and can share." He goes on to relate the prophecy given by future Sybil, yet not looked up by the player just now.

There's a blink for a few moments. "Reborn self? I thought the Dodekatheon did not believe in that." Kagehime says matter of factly. "I am sure to make it known to a spirit should I be reborn. You found out alot at the archives, I guess."

"I guess I did" Jason agrees readily with a faint frown, "And no. Usually we do not. But to speak even more plainly, I think he who shall seek you out then is.. some reborn version of the man you know in me now." He finally waves that off, going about getting dressed back in proper trader attire "But that does not matter, or I do not think it does. Let us get you to the docks and see you safe."

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