A Visit To Ville Au Camp


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Scene Title A Visit to Ville Au Camp
Synopsis Exactly what the title is

Ville Au Camp

Jolie and Scott help Maia to her apartment. Jolie is essentially following Scott's commands to take care of Maia, since she knows more about death than life. "I'm still very confused about all that Atlantis stuff. The woman didn't do anything but stand there naked, and then, bam! Here comes Maia, ridden by a Shinigami."

Maia heads on in, heading to her bedroom to start changing out of her bloody ceremonial robes. Oye, the dry cleaning bills will never go down. "The Atlanteans did something to piss off our parents. If not, a shinigami wouldnt of come and taken me to fulfill it's duty.." she says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she stretches her arms into the air as she slips into one of Haldor's oversized shirts..for they are comfy.

"We need to find out what exactly they did. Something along the lines of sins of the father..gah, I wish Scott were here..he mentioned something about a scribe amongst the Pesedjet who had information on the Atlanteans. I thought they were just a myth..till ya know..I tried to kill one and got boomsticked instead.."

Jolie sighs. She's already changed out of her tshirt and is wearing a fresh one, her chest bandaged underneath. "It's really messed up. If it wasn't for the fact that I recognized the robes, and the paper weapons, I woulda been gunning for you, too. But it just didn't feel right. Especially since the shinigami didn't wanna give up info until I asked it. You think that woman is really tainted? Or is this one of those things that our parents don't wanna tell us about and we find out they might have been wrong?"

"Noooooo idea. The most I know about Atlantis is what was written by Plato. You know, the island that was demolished. If the gods have a huge hatred for them, then it's possible that they were tainted. 'The Sins of the Father'…we have to figure out what that means.." Maia says matter of factly as she hops down into the couch, wincing a little as she still hasnt completely healed right away and she sighs softly and wrinkles her nose.

"And we're keeping my possession a secret. Haldor might rage at that woman and the other guy..even if it was my fault.." she says softly.

"That's so unfair. I mean, why does she have to die when her father screwed up?" Jolie shrugs. "I'm going to the fridge. Want something?"

"My stomach is all blarghy, no thanks..and make sure you don't touch the dead demon rabbit carcasses.." Maia says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she eases on up and starts meandering towards Haldor's room. RIght, his room and not hers. "I'm going to take a nap and get some snuggling in..I'll see you later.."

Jolie waves to Maia as she meanders off. She sighs. "Screw it, I'm not sitting here all alone." So, she dials up her brother Andre, asking him to come over. Since they never did have that lunch date.

And just a little later? Comes a knock at the door. Well, it's a combination of knocking on the door - and ringing the doorbell in a rhythmic tone. "They livin' pretty posh, no?" He grins over his shoulder at Rain. "Bet they got world class eatin' in there too. One of them, high tech kitchens, and plasma TVs." He nods sagely.

Rain follows Andre, closely behind. She blinks and looks around the place. A little nod, "Yeah, no kidding." Much bigger than her place! She stands quietly for a moment, then considers it. "Hmmm. High tech kitchen, like with -" Ponder. Rain is old school.
Jolie opens the door, grinning. "Dre! and…heya Rain." She grins even more, in a sly fashion. "Come on in! Ya'll want somethin to drink? I got some a that spicy Jamaican ginger beer." She steps aside to let the couple in.

"Like on o' them.. ice makers." Andre adds, with a sharp nod towards Rain. Then, as the door opens? That smile grows wider. "Hey there Sis, how you been?" The Cajun beams. "You sure livin' it up! Nice place!" Ginger beer is offered, and his eyes get a touch bigger. "Ah'd love some! Been a while since Ah had it!"

All of this is WAY beyond Rain. She's used to - well, much more humble things. She just nods towards Rain. She smiles at Jolie, then blinks at the sly grin. She shifts the purse over her shoulder. "S-sure thank you, hello," All of her words spill out in italics, falling to the floor like exhausted ivy leaves. She just follows Andre in as politely as possible. "It's really pretty," She agrees.

What is wrong with the apartment today? It seems to be a spiritual nexus from the overworld to the real world as yet something else appears to the trio with death senses. It's a ghost of a Haitian man and just waits in the middle of the living room until he's noticed..

Jolie closes the door and locks it, then motions to the living room. Rain will know that she's wearing a clean Evil Dead tshirt and jeans, since her previous clothing was soaked and spattered with blood. "I'll let Maia know you like it. It's not my place. Anyways, siddown, make yourselves comfy. I'll go get the drinks." She begins to pad over to the fridge, but stops and stares at the man. "Uh, hello. Do you want some ginger beer, too?"

"Well tell Maia that she got a pretty posh place then. Whew! Ah ain't never seen nothin' like it, outside o' them movies you see about New York. Well, the ones that don't take place in the projects." Andre notes, still smiling as he walks through the apartment. "What'cho think Rain? Wanna try a Ginger Beer? Pretty good!" And then? The ghost is noticed. "Look like we ain't you're only guests today, Sis."

Egyptians are old school. Seriously old school. Rain has changed clothes too, after all - even in NYC one can't run around in bloody clothes. She has an old t-shirt that looks like it may have been a Chicago the musical shirt once. Vaguely. It's intact, just faded. "Oh, I see. I hope she's okay. And thank you, it's much appreciated." Rain folds her hands and nods, "Sure!" And - hello Mr. Tall, Dark and Ethereal. "Oh. Hello there, sir." She waves politely to the ghost. And here she is sans incense and herbs.

The old man just groans a little and soon a portal opens right in front of them. IT's swirling though the sounds of jazz music can be heard..what the hell?
"I got a feelin about this." Jolie looks back at Andre and Rain. "I think we need to go in." She looks over to the old man. "Don't we? Give me your name, sir, so I can honor you and anoint your tombstone."

The sounds of Jazz to Andre? Brings a smile. "Sounds like home to me. Ah think I might know who's callin'. Can't you smell it? Nawlins." The Cajun notes, as he's already approaching the portal. "Somethin' tells me the family's tryin' to get our attention. Hey, Rain, maybe you'll get ta meet mah daddy." With that? Andre is moving through the portal.

Peer. "Oh. Well, thank you for opening the door sir." She nods to the old man. Best to be polite! She takes a deep breath and smiles at the sounds of Jazz. "It's - interesting," She peers around Andre, following him. She seems a little less enthusiastic, but still pretty open to the new experiences. "Oh?" Wait - She doesn't have much time to ponder it before she follows him along like a puppy.

There's another groan, the ghost just whispers, "Poteau Midan..". As the trio enters the door, they find themselves…not exactly in New Orleans but close. The North Road of Ville Au Camp banked on either side with a jumble of architectural styles that reflect French, Spanish, Cajun, Creole and Colonial influences. The slate-stone street is lined with massive multistory business buildings and homes on either side, many with open balconies above the street level. Red brick and white stone structures push up against the sidewalks here, matronly buildings that each claim their own elegant and seemingly timeless space.

Despite the seemingly welcoming atmosphere, all of the buildings on the main streets of North Road are shut up tight, and many of the buildings have elaborate wrought iron gates over the windows and doorways to keep unwelcome guests out.

Jolie brings up the rear, after nodding to the old man. Through the portal to the other side. "Doesn't look all that friendly," she says to Andre. "Beautiful, though. Just like I always hoped it would be."

"Yeah, normally it's a whole lot more.. busy. Something isn't right." Andre notes, as he shrugs the strap of his guitar onto his shoulder, as if expecting trouble. "Hello?" The libertine calls, with a hand cupped to his mouth. "If you gonna call us up, might as well tell us whatch'all want!"

"Poteau Midan?" Rain repeats blinking. She is too busy though, considering the place around her now. Here and there, something catches her eyes. She stays close to Jolie and Andre. "Maybe we're not close enough to them yet. That ghost said something about Poteau Midan, but I'm not sure what that means," Rain admits quietly. This is not her pantheon's realm, after all. But she is respectful at least. "But you're probably right."

The ghost follows in after them and just starts walking the empty streets, motioning for them to follow. The North Road ends at the Old Square proper, a wide courtyard bordered on three sides by the same tall buildings that lined the road. The Old Square could easily hold hundreds of people, but, like the buildings along the street, it stands empty, from the abandoned sidewalk cafes to the long-empty slave pens that once traded humans like livestock.

At the far side of the square stands an ancient cemetery. No buildings stand too close, as if its touch might taint them somehow. The crypts and graves here vary in age, some so old that the limestone markers have been worn smooth. Others commemorate the passing of those practitioners who have most recently left the mortal coil. Tall oaks heavily laden with Spanish moss grace the graveyard, the only trees in this portion of Ville au Camp.

And in the middle of the cemetary stands a tall black man sharply dressed in a suit with a white skull mask on his face. He cants his head to the side as he looks at Jolie first, then towards Andre and Rain, quirking a brow with surprise at the third guest. He simply asks, "Is she dead?"

"Poteau mitan is the center post of the hounfort," explains Jolie, as they walk. "The top is the center of the sky, the bottom is the center of hell." She looks around the area with a wistful joy, an immigrant returned to a home she never knew. And then the man with the skull mask…she brightens. "Daddy! It's so good to see you again!" A pause. "Her? No, she's not dead."

Andre grins, but remaining quiet, as the explanation is given. And finally, as he man in the skull mask is seen? He too, brightens. "You summoned dad?" The Cajun pipes up. Though, at mention of their third? Andre puts an arm around Rain's shoulder. "Yeah, she's with us. A friend."

"I see," Rain is a good listener at least. And respectful of the joy they might feel here or anything else really. It's pretty touching to be allowed into another pantheon's under-world and all! One can almost hear the hollow WABOOOOOONG of someone hitting Rain over the head with a frying pan. At least, that's the expression on her face. THE Baron Samedi? Cool! And yet terrifying! And yet a family reunion - how sweet! A few blinks and she smiles politely. She isn't sure if she should speak or not. "No sir, I'm not dead just yet." She might have been a little close earlier, but not much. She opens her mouth again to speak and turns at least 7 shades of vibrant red as Andre puts an arm around her. Aaah. It's all a bit much. She could just melt into a puddle. For now, she's mostly still - frozen there beside Andre.

"Noooo! Not her.." the Baron says a little with a bit of mild annoyance as he lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as he looks towards Andre and Rain. "I have to speak with Anubis about this though..I think he's protective of his children.." he continues before smiling warmly towards Jolie. "It is good to see you both again..I am sorry I have been absent, but with the Dark Hour..it has taken nearly all our efforts to keep the Ville au Camp stable.." he says matter of factly.

"However, I was not referring to the child of Anubis." He brings out a missive with a yellow golden seal written in calligraphy. "Amaterasu informed me that she sent one of her children after the anathema. Is the anathema dead? Did the child of the sun succeed in her mission?" He knows the answer already, but he wants to hear from his children..

"Oh, that's why everything's all shut down." Jolie considers this. Then, she shakes her head. "No sir, the Atlantis woman's still alive. I was there when she popped out of the box, you know. I had no reason to believe she was tainted or Titanspawn or anything like that. And then my bandmate gets ridden by a shinigami and tries to kill her. And she fails because frankly, we had no idea it was her or why this woman needed to die until it was too late, and this other woman shot my bandmate and the Atlantis woman got away."

Even more blushing. Rain pulls her collar up a little. She smiles at it though. Andre's a good guy and … well, y'know. She just nods. Sure! She even sticks close to Andre, then. She peers at the missive, but says nothing. She is not a child of the Baron. She just looks a little puzzled and troubled. So that would explain it. But it all seems so unfair, just to need to die because of what one is. Hmm. Rain furrows her brows, looking thoughtful. "Oh."

"You protected the anathema?" The Baron's nose flares a little, most definitely unamused as he growls a little and shakes his head a little, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. "Still, the child of the sun did what she could…even you two wouldnt of done well.." he says softly, hrmming for a few moments.

"Then..your mission is the same as the Scion of Amaterasu's. Kill the anathema." he says matter of factly. "Bring me her soul..she cannot be permitted to enter the underworld.."

Jolie looks very unconfortable. "Daddy, you tell me to do this, and I'll do it. But…" She looks away, then looks back. "Don't it look real unfair to kill her because of what she /is/? How many of our people died because they were black? Or because they were voudousaints, and people thought all voodouns are evil?" She puts her hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry. I'll do it, but it…it don't feel right."

Rain looks a little alarmed as the Baron seems unamused. She is prepared to duck somewhere, but does not. Even Rain looks a little uneasy about it. She just kind of closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them. She looks thoughtful. She glances between the three. She is at least, a good audience. For now, she leans a bit on Andre.

"None of our people deserved it.." Baron says matter of factly as he hrmms for a few moments. "The Atlanteans deserved it. Do not question my will, daughter..you are trying my patience.."

Jolie bows her head, shoulders slumped. "Yes, Daddy. I understand." She looks thoroughly defeated.

Poor Jolie. Rain looks sympathetic. But she is still quiet, considering it. She turns these things over in her mind. Why? What happened? They all itch, like tiny gnats buzzing about one's skin in the hot summer days.

If anything, the mystery of Atlantis shall remain a mystery. Even the gods don't want their children knowing about it it seems. "Now..that is all. I just wished to see my children, and I am glad that they are doing well.." he says matter of factly, sighing a little in the end.

"And my children..be careful..what you did to the child of Marinette…she is vengeful..even I cannot control her completely.." he warns.

Jolie lifts her head. "He was Dre's uncle, so I'm sorry bout hurtin family. I know I sound like a little girl, which I kinda am, but…he started it. We'll be on our guard, Daddy."

Rain is pondering this. That fellow with the zombies? It makes sense now. Andre had gone to see… Ah! Her eyebrows lift in a sudden realization. She just gives the Baron an apologetic look. Whoops. She nods at that.

Andre's eyes narrow, as Jolie mentions 'hurting family'. As if suddenly, he remembers the screaming voice from the other night. Again, teeth grit, and the Cajun breaths through his nose - as if counting, before speaking. "Ah can save him Dad, Ah just need help. He ain't real evil - I've seen uncle Henri laugh before, smile - for good reasons. It cana happen again. Ah just.. Ah'm not sure where to start. Where to find him, what to.. how to best go about it."

The Baron hrmms for a few moments and shakes his head. "I do not know where to find him. He has hidden himself. Even my mastery of psychopomp cannot allow me to find him. Which means he is not in the Overworlds or Earth.." he answers.

Rain looks like she might have just kicked someone's puppy. "I imagine, if he was hurt he might be in hiding until he's better. I hope he's not in that awful Spire…" She whispers once more and leans on Andre a little, not really thinking on it.

Jolie frowns. "I know we beat him up pretty bad, but he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He's Marinette's child, and her children thrive on pain. Whereever he is, he'll be back." She looks over at Rain. "You know, he just might be there."

"The only places I cannot see are those places that are covered in the darkness and hidden by the Titans. The castle in Times Square is one of those, so if he is there, then it would explain why I cannot see him.." the Baron replies, looking towards the trio.

To the Baron, Andre nods. He allows Rain to lean, in fact, if she remains there long enough, his arm curls about the woman's shoulders once more. "Then That's where Ah'll go to find him. Ah got a few others that Ah can ask too.. see if they can't see into that place." The man continues, before fading off into silence again - playing with the chord of his new.. oh! "This fell out the sky on me, a week or two back. You understand what it is?" If it didn't come from the Baron, then who from right? Andre pulls the small metal pendant from beneath his shirt, to show The Baron.

Mm. Rain nods slowly. Sometimes, despite being a colossal dork and somewhat sheepish, Rain is capable of bursts of insight. She just blushes as Andre's arm curls about her shoulders. Well… that's pretty nice. She just smiles. Yeah! She is content to listen, watch and learn then. She peers up as he holds up the pendant.

Jolie goes silent as well, since this is Andre's question and Andre's problem. And besides, she's probably said too much as it is.

"If you can't figure out what it is, then you're not worthy of using it. So don't ask me what it is or I'll be forced to take it from you.." the Baron says matter of factly.

Again, Andre's expression narrows into lines. "Yes Sir." He replies, before tucking the pendant into his shirt once more. He looks deflated a moment, brow beaten - until another question, a thought passes the Cajun's mind. "Ah might need more bodies, if Ah'm gonna do this. Any of m'ah old groupies down here still?"

Rain looks like she has an idea. But she isn't sure if she should speak it just yet. But the expression is there. She peers at him then back to the Baron as the conversation goes on.

Jolie is expecting another refusal for Andre. She looks a little melancholy.

"…." The Baron is not amused. "I brought you here to give me a mission and yet you ask me for favors in return without fulfilling your mission to kill the Atlantean?" Uh oh, someone's annoyed. He makes a dismissive wave towards the trio, "Begone.." he says and suddenly they find themselves somewhere else entirely. At least it isnt up in the sky so they can fall to their deaths. The Baron is not cruel to his children afterall. But they are in the middle of the Bronx..on the ground…unharmed.

"You talkin' like that was mah mi.." And then? Andre realizes that he's in the middle of.. the Bronx? "Damn. They never was very good at answerin' questions. Is tha' the same way for you, Chere?" The man grins, that almost cheshire look once more, as he looks sideways at Rain. Finally? She's let go, if not a touch reluctantly? Slowly?

"Ah guess I /do/ know what Ah gotta do though." Piety, isn't his greatest resource.

"…" She just sort of blinks. Rain smiles, "Depends." She blushes. "I wonder what my dad will have to say about all of this," Rain considers. She can't stop smiling at him though! She pauses as she's let go. Well … darn. Cough. Wait. She straightens her shoulders. "Well. Just be careful not to work alone too much…" Hint. "Okay?"

Jolie smacks her face with her palm. "Ahhhhhh!" Then she smiles wryly at Andre. "Gotta love family reunions."

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