A Tale of Two Sisters


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Scene Title A Tale of Two Sisters
Synopsis Mariana gets a message from Dad to take Freida under her wing and give the poor girl a makeover!

Mariana's posh penthouse flat

The directions given Freida over the phone leads to an upscale highrise at the very center of one of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods in New York City. Fancy boutiques, cafes and restaurants line the city street right outside of the condo and a long elevator ride rises to the very top — Mariana's penthouse condominium.

For the most part, the main room of the condo is large and very spacious with high cathedral ceilings and artwork tastefully displayed upon walls, while statues crop up here and there throughout. The colors which dominate the room are neutral and all of the furniture are of the finest quality. To one corner, there is a full gourmet kitchen that looks mostly unused with a center island that overlooks the spacious living area where an oversized classic couch sits in front of a large wide-screen HD tv and all the electronic gismos and gadgets to go with it.

Mariana is expecting company; dressed in an elegant yet casual outfit that's probably worth a couple of thousand dollars. When the sound of the elevator is heard arriving at her floor, she steps forward to greet the visitor in a mostly subdued manner, with a glass of wine in hand.

Freida steps out of the elevator. She's nervous and excited and doing her level best to not show it. She actually washed her black hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, but she's still sporting her odd clothing. This time it's a black polyester pantsuit and sensible shoes that would have not looked out of place in the seventies. The dog necklace is worn around her neck and the obsidian knife is in her big black purse (getting caught with it is better than losing it, in her opinion). But hey, she's clean (barring a few stray dog hairs on one pants leg). If someone took her under their wing in a fashion sense, she'd actually be a beautiful girl.

Mariana is a harsh critic in anything fashion, especially in her own circles. When this visitor, her sister, steps out of the elevator which leads directly into her living space, the young heiress immediately gives the younger girl the most scrutinizing of gazes. For several seconds which may feel like minutes or even hours, she lets her gaze look the new girl over; studying her clothing and how she wears it, her hairstyle, her posture. Everything. Of course, she makes sure to keep, at least, the smallest of smiles on her lips for greeting purposes. Only when Freida speaks out does she respond, "I believe so…" Her expression and even the tone of her voice may sound pleasant, but there is just a touch of snark that can be heard. Perhaps, she has heard /all/ about this newcomer. "Freida, I presume? I am the Mariana de la Vega. I think you know why you are here, yes?"

Freida knows snark. She may be only an amateur at it, but she knows it well. "Not for the wine tasting, I'm betting," she quips. "I'm Freida Rodriguez. Daddy wanted me to meet you and learn the ropes of this child of a god business." She looks Mariana up and down, then waits to see if she'll get kicked out or let in.

"I was told that you were going to be quite a feat to take on." Mariana starts off, turning her back to Freida as she takes a final sip of her wine. Slowly, she saunters from the entrance to move towards the main area of the room; setting her wine glass down on the kitchen island along the way. "That you needed all the help you could get. I was warned of your lack of fashion sense and your lack of any sense at all." Standing before the double French doors which lead out to the rooftop patio, she swings them both open — the sound of the city can be heard from below as a cool draft sweeps into the room, billowing the light curtains around Mariana's tall and slender form in a most dramatic effect. "I was tasked to make you look half-way decent." Turning to peer over her shoulder now, the young Brazilian smiles, then half-turns so that she is partially facing Freida as she gestures towards the now open patio door, "So… you may as well jump now to save us both the effort." She smiles pleasantly enough so that she could be joking!

Freida's gaze narrows down to slits. "Yeah, real funny. And when Dad finds out that you failed, you'll wish you jumped with me. Now can we cut through the bullshit?" She crosses her arms over her chest, purse bumping her hip. "While you're being all Project Runway, can you tell me what I really need to do? I know I have to fight titanspawn, whatever those are."

"Oh. I don't think he would mind so much. Blood is blood." Mariana chimes in, exuding a light laugh. "I mean. If my brothers ever knew you existed, you'd be watching your back too." Stepping away from the open door, she then saunters back to the kitchen island to take up her glass of wine again. "While I might be joking about the part where I consider you a fashion disaster, though really, I'm not. I am not joking about the latter." Lifting the glass to her lips, she takes a lone sip, then lowers it partially, "I'm sure you've read the myths. I mean, you /are/ in highschool and some of these stories were being taught far earlier than that. Unless the public education system is truly that terrible. While we are the children of gods, there are others out there who wish to destroy you for that very fact and the Titanspawn are a part of that faction. Children and/or creations of the Titan, which I am hoping you know the story of by now. As an Atzlanti, though, we don't merely combat these fiends. We have another, greater purpose."

Freida looks a little sheepish. "We only really learned about the Greeks and Romans and the Norse in school. I had to look Dad up on my own. And I'm still not all up to speed. This is all about the Aztecs, right? Heart ripping and shit like that?" She actually looks interested and willing to learn, but hopelessly naive.

Mariana doesn't look all that surprised by what her sister says. "It figures that you would be lacking in education too. But then, you did receive the short end of the stick as opposed to some of our Father's children. That's fine. We all need to learn from our differing life experience no matter how humble." The young heiress' eyes are fully on Freida when she says this. "Since you're so keen on doing research, you may wish to read up on the story of the Titans on your own. However, I will say that you are correct on the whole sacrificing dealie. It is due to our blood sacrifices that the sun rises and a new day begins…" Careful eyes look towards the young teen's arms now for any signs of cutting, "Even if it is blood from our own veins."

Freida isn't emo enough to cut herself. "Wow. So how often do we need to do this? Can I just grab some guy from class and slice his wrists? And what happens if we don't do the sacrifice?"

"If you think you can get away with it, then sure. Cut a classmate's arm." Mariana says with a light shrug of non-chalance. "Remember, that if you are caught, there will be consequences of some sort." This, too, she doesn't seem all that interested in, herself. "You do it when you can. When there is an opportunity. If there is no opportunity to slicing open someone or something to make them bleed, then you make one." Another look is given to Freida's attire to note the dog hair, thus Mariana had not asked her to sit down on her couch yet. "You really need to get rid of those pants." Nevermind just watching them or running it through a lint roller! "If we don't make any sacrifices, I suppose, the world ends. Though, as much as it excites me to think what will happen at the very moment the world is ending, I have not put forth the effort in refraining myself from these sacrifices."

Freida smirks. "As much as I'd love to see the look on some people's faces when the world ends, I think I should probably start with the sacrifices. Maybe I should just find one of those cutter emo types." She then finally has a good look around the room. "I guess your mom had money?"

That's exactly what Mariana thought that Freida would be. An emo kid. So when Freida goes on about these cutters, Mariana gives the younger girl just a slightly wary look as she nods slowly. "That could work. Offer up their blood with prayer to not only our Father, but to the Pantheon as a whole. Be creative. You will eventually find your own little knack of what sort of sacrifices you tend to enjoy doing." There's a dark smile that creeps onto her lips now, but her eyes idly glance over her room when she states. "My mother was born in a wealthy family, yes, but all of this. My life. Was bought with Daddy's money. In one of his guises anyway… so like I said. You got the short end of the stick." That smile widens just a tiny bit now, before that non-chalance returns, "I've known our father for all my life. He was /always/ Daddy to me even if I knew him under a different name."

Freida rolls her eyes. "I'll still undecided as to which one of us was the lucky one. How much did that outfit cost, by the way? If I'm going to dress better, I'm going to need an allowance. Or some stock options."

Mariana waves a finger at Freida the way one would do to a baby or a dog! "Leave that to me. I /adore/ going shopping anyway, though I will need you to come in for a fitting. One of my friends owns a boutique not far from here. She can take your measurements and from there, I'll go shopping. Unless you want to come. I don't mind either way, but you will need a /good/ outfit to start before people try to shoo you out of the store for being a fashion victim." Tilting her chin back, she drains the rest of her wine and sets the empty glass back onto the counter. "And I won't be shopping at the high end stores either. But I think I can put things together to make them look fashionable. I mean, why waste a completely good $1600 jacket on you if you are just going to have dog hair all over it? Which is what this jacket cost, by the way. Freida. Are you named after Frida Kahlo, the artist? She was in need of some sort of makeover herself, but her art was lovely."

Freida frowns hard. "The dog hairs come from Blue. Dad brought him back from the dead for me. You can bitch about me being covered in dirt, lint, shit, paint…but never dog hair," she spits out, defensively. Then the frown fades away. "So. What time do I have to show up for the fitting?"

"Oh, I can comment on anything I want. I mean, /He/ wants /you/ to look good. If you asked me, personally, I wouldn't care if you wanted to dress all ratty the way you do now." Mariana states matter-of-factly in a level tone. "Why he even cares about your appearance is beyond me, but I suppose there is some sense or pride somewhere." The sound of tapping can be heard as her heels connect with the marble floors as she crosses the room and stops at a desk where she pulls out a card. This she takes to Freida, holding it between two fingers, "Her shop opens at 9am. So be there at 8 when there are no customers to scare away." Taking out her blackberry, she then states, "Give me your address, I'll have the outfits dropped off there for you. Though…" Lifting her chin, she stares at the girl, "I may be taking you in for a facial and a hairstyling. Maybe a tweezing too."

Freida almost snatches the card, but settles on just taking it with two fingers. She gives Mariana her address. "Might as well throw in a manicure and a pedicure while you're at it. Get your money's worth, sister."

Mariana taps all of the information into her handheld device with lithe fingers. "Of course. We may as well make an entire day of it, since that is how long it will probably take." Her gaze lifts to view Freida from over the Blackberry and where people usually say 'I'm joking', she goes on, "I'm serious. This is going to take a /lot/ of work. There. Done." As she considers something, she then decides to state, "You might have some information that I need regarding angels who are killing the young Scions."

Freida frowns again, but more thoughtfully. "Me and some other kids did a seance in the girls bathroom one day, talking to the ghost of this girl who was killed. The ghost gave us the warning that the angels were coming and to convert or die. A few of the other kids who were there told me that they were attacked by angels. Or balls of light or something. And then we went to this freaky cult hideout to try and get more info and shit went shitty. I don't think Hopper got out, but I'm not sure."

"Tell me about this cult hide… Hopper?" Mariana inquires with an arched brow, then her lips form a haunting smile, "You're a friend of that lowlife, Richard?" She again start tapping things into her Blackberry, "I've helped to fight my fair share of angels but there are some of us who want to strike them at the source. Where exactly is this hideout that you went to and is there any other information that you can relay?"

Freida lets out a bark of bitter laughter. "No, I am not a friend of Richard's. I'm not a friend of any of those assholes, save Hopper and, hopefully, Dion." She gives the location of the cult hangout, then adds, "Do you think they've moved by now?"

Mariana nods her head, "Yes, I'm pretty sure of it. But there are some Godspawn who might be able to pick up some sort of energy, I suppose, from certain locations or things that very well could lead them to where the cult is now. And do you happen to have an item owned by Hopper? I happen to know someone who believes he has the ability to track the angels down in this manner." Nothing is said of the other highschool kids because, despite them being maybe 1 or 2 years younger than she is, they are HIGHSCHOOL kids!

Freida shakes her head. "No, but I can bust into his locker and grab something easy," she replies. "That's pretty cool, like a bloodhound."
"That'll do.?" Mariana says with approval to this act of vandalism. "And yes, something like that. Not so strangely, this acquaintance is a detective. So try to keep your nose clean around him. "No other angel activity besides the day that Hopper disappeared? If not, then we are done for the day. I expect you to go in for that fitting soon and then we'll schedule a day of pampering and just maybe… find a way to get this all important Hopper back."

Freida shrugs. "None that I know of. But Richard's such a gung ho asshole that he might have run into some more. Sounds like you already know him."

"Yes, we both seem to know this Richard well." Is all Mariana says of this, before making her way to the elevator door, "My friend will be contacting me once your fitting goes through, then I will be in contact with you. Though feel free to leave me a message if you find out more about these angels or once you get ahold of something belonging to Hopper. I will be waiting." Apparently, this is Mariana's way of saying 'you're dismissed' as the elevator door slides open.

Freida gives Mariana a final look, then turns and heads to the elevator. "Yeah. We'll keep in touch." And down she goes.

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