A Quiet Night On The Town


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Scene Title Quiet Night on the Town
Synopsis Rory, Danny, Kailin, Nestor, and Erika run into a bit of trouble at the Blue Diamond when they get attacked by a Fire Giant

Blue Diamond

Description of location, if any.

Kailin's back in Hell's Kitchen, just a few days after having met a rather industrious employee in the same area. Perhaps, with a little luck he might find another. He steps into the Blue Diamond Saloon and pulls down his metal shades, wondering if it is really as 'dive' as it looks. He chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief, pushing his shades back up onto his nose as he makes his way towards the bar, leaning on it with gloved hands. He looks across the way to see the selection of drinks aligned on the bar, mulling over his decision patiently.

It is late evening in the Blue Diamond. The bar is pretty full, this Friday night, and talk is loud in the air. There is an extra waitress working to be able to tend to everyone, and they've opened the secondary taps at the far end of the bar, to be able to keep up with everyone's thirst.

Nestor Haryse is sitting at the end of the bar farthest from the door, a huge tankard of beer in front of him (looks like he brought it in himself, as it is almost the size of a pitcher). He is dressed in standard blue-collar gear: plaid shirt, blue jeans, working boots. There is a large duffel bag next to him on the floor, and he seems to be moping a bit.

Danny enters the Blue Diamond with a couple of people, but it soon becomes apparent that he's not with them when they split and immediately head to a table. Danny heads to the bar, offering the bartender a smile and placing an order for a Bud.

"Never make fun of a classic, Peter!" Rory is seated at the bar, presently slapping another individual on the back. "Seriously, you'd rather listen to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music than The Black Album?" Looking stunned, he shakes his head, rolling it back to take a very long drink from a very large mug of beer. This one isn't as large as Nestor's, probably a mug from the establishment. He slams it, not empty, on the counter.

The drink orders are filled quite rapidly, mugs practically zooming across the bar. The bartender keeps up a steady stream of conversation with the patrons, laughing, joking, arguing, and a dozen other things with the practiced ease of the professional.
At a booth in the back, a pair of…vertically challenged patrons are arguing over the results of a card game, while the third person at the table, sitting with his back against the wall and in shadow, quietly stays out of it. A pair of large hands, blackened with what looks like engine oil and cracked from lots of time spent in the sun, pick up the deck of cards and shuffle them up again, waiting for the arguement to die down.

Nestor drinks his beer, muttering to himself. If anyone is close enough to hear, it's multiple variations on 'they stole it. I'm gonna get it all back from them, oh yes. Forcing me to buy a new one; piece of shit. Barely even qualifies for the word.' And so .

Danny recives his beer with a nod and a smile, before turning around to survey the bar and patrons. He doesn't spot anyone he knows yet.

Kailin waves a hand towards the bartender, looking to get the attention and order something. He pulls over a bowl of peanuts and recoils at the contents, pushing them back away from him with a disgusted look on his face. He sighs heavily and turns around looking towards Danny at the bar. "Hey, there. What's up. Down here in the pits again, I see." He reaches over and motions to the bowl, offering a selection of dirty, soot covered snacks. "Peanuts?"

Rory reaches his arm over the bar to work the tap of his favorite brew, indicating he's in here pretty often to get away with it. One it's filled, he swivels around in his chair and looks around at the patrons. Looks like another boring night.

Oh, Murphy's Law. How wonderful it is. Looks can be deceiving.
The argument between the midgets heats up, and seems to be heading towards violence, when there is a loud roar of frustration, and one of those hands comes slamming down on the table, shattering it like it was matchsticks.
Immediately, the whole bar goes silent, and the man rises from his seat, hands flexing. In a voice that sounds like a crackling bonfire, he speaks. "I smell…" Standing, he is more than 8 feet tall, a veritable giant. Then, he steps into the light, revealing that his skin isn't oily and cracked. It is embers, like a banked fire, and he seems to have flame instead of hair. His eyes, like glowing coals, sweep the room, stopping on Rory, Kailin, Danny, and Nestor in turn, and a snarl cracks it's features.

Danny reacts immediately, quickly unscrewing the head of the walking cane he takes everywhere, to reveal a long blade. The cane is actually a spear. He stands, and sends a smile in the direction of the fire giant. "You have on chance to go peacefully."

Kailin pushes away from the bar and points a finger at the the eight-foot tall thing with glowing eyes. "Liar! There is not now, nor has there ever been anything scionical about me. That is slander, T-spawn!" He clenches both his fists and they shake with sarcastic rage as black shiny liquid covers his skin, moving onto his clothes, eventually covering him and his clothes completely in black steel.

Looks from the flaming giant to Danny and then back to the giant. "Like hell he's got that chance. Roger," he pushes off of his stool and holds a hand out backwards towards the bartender. "Hand me my sword, would ya?" Once the man hands it to him he leaps towards the giant without a moment's hesitation.

Nestor whips around at the sound, dipping down to his duffel bag, which is only snapped closed, not zippered. He pulls out a katana, of the kind you can get at a mall, and stands ready. Then, seeming to remember something, reaches back into the bag and pulls out a long blue coat, of the kind favored by pirates everywhere, and rapidly pulls it on, where it clashes horribly with the plaid and denim.

One of the two midgets, who is now revealed as an actual Asgardian dwarf, reaches to the bench beside him and hefts a large sledgehammer, then charges at Kailin, swinging the 20-pound weight above his head as if it weighs nothing.

The giant hurtles himself across the room, fist pulled back for a punch. As he does, his body bursts into flames, quite hot, and probably very deadly.

Danny holds his spear up the classic thrower's pose, but holds a moment to get a good bead on the giant. Unfortunately, this gives the fiery creature time to rush him, but Danny manages to evade the clumsy attack without losing his aim. "Well, I warned you," he warns, gripping the spear tightly before throwing it with all of his might, grunting at the exertion and spinning in place from the force before stopping.

Kailin watches the hammer come down at him and moves barely, letting it fly by within inches with just a minimum of effort to avoid it. His left hand comes down towards the dwarfs wrist, while his left hand shoots out. His fist seeks to connect with the dwarf's fist, causing him to lose control of his weapon. "If you can't use your toys properly, you don't get to play with them!"

Rory takes a bounding leap onto a table, throwing beer mugs and ashtrays everywhere as he leaps from the table through the air, sword held behind him until he reaches his intended target - the giant, the sword arcing widely slicing through dusty air and smoke trails and hopefully, through the giants neck.

Nestor finishes settling his coat, grips his katana, and rushes the other dwarf, grinning. "This is what I've been missing! A real tumble, get the blood singin!" His sword flashes down in a glittering arc, looking to cut the other dwarf in half, just as he grabs a battleaxe (Where did /that/ come from?!) to cut into Nestor.
The Fire Giant sidesteps Rory's sword, seemingly unimpeded by the gaping wound in his side from the hurled spear. And the first dwarf's hammer flies out of his hands, carreening off in whatever direction Kailin chose.

Kailin's steady technique causes the dwarf's hammer flies up, twisting end over end, tumbling through the air. Kailin reaches up and grabs the hammer with a quick metallic arm. He points the weapon back at the dwarf that he took it from and says, "Now get going. Didn't nobody do anything to you, so piss off, yeah?" He sets the hammer onto his shoulder and stands there, resembling a black, metal statue.

And here she was, just wanting to have a drink. Not muchto do, just have a drink. It was a long day at work, but instead there happens to be Titanspawn about and she blinks, wrinkling her nose as she lets out a little yelp and rushes towards the side trying to remain away from the main fray.

She pats down her purse and pulls out the silenced peacemaker. "Scary Spice..you need to do your thing, girl.." she whispers softly, trying to aim for the one that looks most dangerous..mainly the giant.

The dwarf looks at his empty hands, looks at the metal Kailin statue in front of him, then looks at the fire giant, blanches, and throws himself, screaming, at Danny, since Kailin is too heavily protected to be a good target.

Letting out a mild curse as his sword arcs over the head of the giant instead of through it, Rory is awarded with a backhand to his jaw, courtesy one flaming giant. He smashes down onto a table, through it, and skids to a halt by hitting the bar. Stumbling to his feet, he spits out some blood and a tooth. "Alright, then. Haven't been hit like that in a long time, guess we can get serious." Then he jumps forward, twisting the sword in hand to stab it through the giant's throat.

The blade bites deeply into the giant's neck, but gets stuck in his armored skin. The blow was enough to slice clean through two normal humans, but it only injures the giant. Deeply, yes. Fatally, no. It narrows it's eyes at Rory, growling.

Erika is stealthy, like a white girl ninja. No, not really like a white girl ninja, but as the blade sinks into the giant's neck, she takes her time and squints just a little, for we all know that squinting helps with aiming. She wrinkles her nose just a bit as she looks towards the eyes of said giant before pulling the trigger, letting out a pew pew from the silenced muzzle of the gun..

The awesomely placed shot hits true, and the Fire Giant's head simply explodes in a burst of flame. The body stays there, standing, for a moment, before falling heavily to the ground, flames flickering as they die down.
The dwarf who got his hammer taken away sees this, and runs for the door, as fast as short little legs can carry him. The other dwarf looks like he's gonna continue the fight, then notices that it's him against 5 Scions, and he also takes off. Well, if the heroes let them.

"Erika?" Kailin turns his back towards the fight, the hammer still hooked on his shoulder and asks, "What are you doing here?" He ducks quickly to avoid the shot that gets loosed from her gun and rises again slowly. He looks back behind him for effect and says. "Titanspawn brain surgery, I see." He looks back to Erika and says, "That's why I wear these." He taps his metal shades and steps aside as the dwarves flee the room.

Danny lowers his spear as the giant is killed before he could get off another throw. He quickly pulls the cane handle out of his pocket and screws it back on over the spear blade. "I despair of ever getting a quiet drink," he deadpans.

Rory moves to pull his blade from the neck of the giant, finding it very easy when there's no longer a head attached and his blade not stuck into much of anything anymore from the top up. He grabs a knapkin from the floor and wipes off the soot from the sword, setting it down on the bar. "Hey-ey, nice shot there." He bends down to pick up the pieces of the table he smashed through. "Roger, you really need to get titanspawn insurance."

"Thanks!" Erika chirps with a wry grin as she steps out from the corner as she shrugs her shoulders and peers towards Danny and Kailin. "I like this bar..it has cheap specials and considering not a lot of women come here, I get good discounts.." she says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she looks around at the gore, not that disturbed it seems. "Though..I've never seen an attack in here before.."

Nestor blinks as the fight just /ends/. He seems to deflate a bit again. "Tha's it? Man, tha was a ripoff. Good shootin, miss. And all of you, great job as well." As he talks, he puts the coat and sword away again, picking up his beer and starting in on it again.

"It happens," Danny replies. "No doubt our presence was responsible." He glances at Nestor. "Short battles are always preferable. Long ones tend to come with apalling incendental damage."

"Yeah, I'm not big on letting innocents get caught in the crossfire. Ever notice how these things happen in crowded public areas? No, the big bag titanspawn can't just known on your door and ask for some roughhousin', he's gotta throw down in the middle of one of my favorite pubs." Rory picks up his own mug, nursing his jaw with a hand. "Damn, that was a hell of a hit."

Nestor inclines his head. "True. Especially with Titanspawn. Count blessings, I guess."

Kailin smirks towards Erika and says, "That's kind of sexy…" He smirks as the black metal over his skin and clothes disappears. He sits the head of the hammer upturned on a barstool, his hands leaning on the handle. He glances around and says, "Yeah, you know, there was very little in the way of damage. That's good. I like that." He motions to the giant's body. "Except for the disposal of the fallen, I guess… That must always be a pain."

As he speaks, the last flames on the giant's body gutter out, and the giant crumbles into fine ash, to be swept away by the slightest of breezes.

"Well look at that, pretty convenient.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath while waggling her brows at Kailin. "Guess my drinking night is ruined.." Erika grumps just a bit as she gives the others a two fingered salute as she puts her gun away. "I'll be wandering around forother bars..hopefully I can drink somewhere.."

"Oh, its like that, is it?" Kailin shakes his head, mockingly disappointed to Erika and gives a low, "Mmm hmm. Trolling bars in Hell's Kitchen… That's cold. And all up in my face with it too." He hefts the hammer back onto his shoulder and asks, "What just cause some giant gets offed here all of a sudden they don't have drinks anymore? Or is it the company you're opposed to?"

Danny just looks around. "It's probably the fact that the bartender would no doubt like us to remove ourselves from the premises."

"What? Leave? No way, Roger is alright. I'm a regular here. Just chip a hand in cleaning up this mess." He looks around at those assembled, raising his mug. "A round on me." He then downs it, setting the mug down to move the smashed table pieces again, taking them to the trash bin.

Nestor sets in to helping as well, putting out the small fires that are around, helping sweep stuff aside. "So, does this kind of thing happen often in this city?"

"No..it's not like that, but I suppose I could help out considering I saved you menfolk from said giant.." And there's Erika with an impish giggle as she wrinkles her nose and heads on over to start putting up chairs and whatnot.

Rory dusts off his hands, moving to refill his mug. "Yeah, thanks for that. Pretty sure any combination of two of us could have taking that thing out, though. I wouldn't classify it as 'saving'."

"Yeah, that's right, Ma Barker." Kailin nods to Nestor and says, "Its pretty common, especially lately. Things are going on here that people can't avoid. So it is best to be ready at all times." He narrows his eyes at Erika. "See… now you come in here with your BFG, taking all the credit out from under our noses. And you wonder…" He motions to the bar and asks, "How about I buy you a drink, little lady, and we call it even. And by even, I mean you'll owe me one."

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