A New Minion


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Scene Title A New Minion
Synopsis Enrique approaches Scrivner for a new job. The ranks of minions are swelling!

A Law Office in New York

It's an office building. There's no real description for it.

The law office that belongs to Scrivner and his colleagues is in a fairly nice building on a busy New York street, one that overlooks the Hudson river. The street's clean and well-kept, but the traffic is a paaaaaaaaain in the butt. Inside of the office, up on the third floor, a receptionist's desk sits out in front. There's space enough for offices, and people move back and forth. People talk on telephones and do other sorts of officey type things one would expect to find. The law firm here specialises in immigration law, with Scrivner branching off into assisting British nationals who've run afoul of the American police while visiting in the country. The office is known to be affiliated with the British consulate on 5th Avenue.

Enrique is walking through the halls with a bright smile as he heads over to the office. He wears his white suit with his breifcase at his side, which holds his gun today. He comes up to the door and the short man gives a quick knock on the door. "Hello..Mr Scrivner?"

There's a small plaque on the door that reads: Rufus Scrivner. The man who owns that door and that plaque opens it up and studies the man on the other side, blinking a few times in mild bewilderment. "Good day," he says, arching an eyebrow. His smile is polite, but aloof and distant, though his gaze holds curiosity. "Do we have an appointment?"

Enrique grins brightly as he holds out his hand. "Hey! Rufus! How you doing… how are things." he says with a chuckle before he puts a hand on his hip. "Noboy told you I was coming? Pleasure to meet you…Enrique Victoino…trial lawyer." he says as he pulls out a card from his breast pocket and holds it out.

The Englishman's eyebrow arches a liiiiittle higher at that one, and that smile on his face flattens quickly. "Indeed," he states, ever so quietly, as he plucks away the business card from the man and turns it to read over the writing. "My secretary didn't tell me I had an appointment with you today, nor can I recall setting up a meeting. What is this regarding?"

Enrique laughs slightly before he shrugs. "Oh! I didn't make one, though I wish I did. I really do. A freind recomended me to you." he says softly. "My half brother….A Mr Ash?"

His eyebrows arch in surprise, and Rufus takes a second, closer look at Enrique's face and attire. "I see," he says levelly. "Well, then, what may I do for you, Mr. Victorino?" The business card gets tucked into an inner breast pocket of his tailored suit jacket, and the Englishman folds his arms across his chest while studying the other man attentively.

Enrique blinks lightly before he gestures. "Im a lawyer. You run a lawfirm. And not only that you still have the whole…family interest invovled. See I am more then happy to work for you if you want me too." he offers with a chuckle. "See im in a firm at the moment but even so…I prefer the family buisness."

Rufus blinks once, then a second time. "Oh," he states, while he takes that in. "I see. Well, obviously, there are procedures to be followed, however, I will admit that my colleagues and I are considering taking on additional staff, but haven't yet put out advertisements. Mr. Burrows must have overheard office gossip. Do you have your CV with you? I'll certainly take a look at it. With which law firm are you currently employed?"

Enrique gives a small nod before he opens his suitcase..lookign through until he finds a sheet. "I usualy do defence…I dont loose many cases when I can avoid it." he says before he looks up. "And well he didn't say I could find a job here. He said he worked here. After he told me that he and I were family on our mother's side."

Rufus nods his head as he takes the CV, turning it about and scanning it over quickly. He leans back gently against the door frame of his office, rubbing his thumb contemplatively back and forth across his bottom lip. Then he looks up. "Most of our work involves immigration law, but I also handle criminal defence for clients of British citizenship. Are you familiar with immigration or international law at all, Mr. Victorino?"

Enrique gestures lightly. "Only a little… I used to practice in Miami as a court appointed so I did some immigration related things. Nothing international though." he says before he glances up again. "But I learn fast…and im very persuasive."

"I've no doubt of that whatsoever." Scrivner smirks just a little, and when he finishes reading the CV, he lowers it and then lifts his eyes back to Enrique. "Very well. I can't hire you immediately, of course, but I will tell you that I'm interested enough to present you to my colleagues. I would like to conduct a formal interview."

Enrique nods lightly. "Of course of course…how many here are…related?" he asks before he chuckles. "And of course… of course. I um… I do warn that I have an anoying preference for innocent clients. Or for guilty clients willing to pay their debts in return for a clean legal slate. Mom's influence. I belive my brother explained his own view on the matter."

"As far as I'm aware, Mr. Victorino, you, your half-brother and myself are the only ones in my office who have a… ahh… very deep and, shall we say, religious fervor towards seeing justice done," Scrivner says, speaking delicately. He smiles a little, and then he says, "I've made it a policy that we do not have to take on a client if we do not feel as though we can adequately defend the case. Another in the office is likely to take up the case. Shall I have my secretary arrange an interview for next week sometime?"

Enrique gives a small nod. "Ah good…though again. I dont mind taking the guilty ones. And they will win their case if I do. They will simply need to find other ways to atone." he says softly before he nods. "Sounds good, very good Mr Scrivner, Hopefully I will do well in the interveiw. Will it be you or another who conducts it?"

"It will be my two colleagues and myself. All three of us will want to talk to you, get to know you and ask our own questions," Scrivner says with a faint smile. "All right then. Have you any other questions you'd like to ask?"

Enrique shakes his head. "Nope. You have my number and my information. I guess thats about all you need. And as for me..ash vouches for you so thats good enough. He knows mom's standards and if you guys didn't keep them he would tell me."

"My father has some very strict standards of his own," Scrivner states, inclining his head slightly. "It's… rather in the blood." Stepping out of his office, he turns to close the door fully behind him. "Very well. Then if you'll speak with my secretary out front, she'll set up a suitable appointment time for you." After a second of hesitation, he extends his own hand to Enrique for a shake. "A pleasure to meet you, and I'll be looking forward to that."

Enrique gives one of those large overdone shakes along with that bright white toothed smile that seems more charicature then real. "Thanks..you wont regret it. Its been a real pleasure." he offers with a nod before he gives a small little salute and begins to head out.

His grip is firm, and his smile is far, far more subdued. "Quite," Scrivner states, once he's released. The man smoothes down his suit jacket, turning his head to watch Enrique leave, and then he goes about on down the hall to the office of a colleague.

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