A Man A Woman A Parasol


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Scene Title A Man, A Woman, A Parasol
Synopsis Shou gives Kaylee a present.

BUMP BUMP BUMP. Shou stands outside Kaylee's dorm room, glancing side-to-side. He took a shower and put on some jeans and a nice, clean button-up shirt. He did promise he was going to call before he got dragged off to Takamagahara for like a week and a half, so she might be a bit mad. He sniffs at his arms a little, and then settles. He's leaning on an umbrella… or parasol. It has a distinctly Japanese design.

Kaylee opens the door, and glares when she sees who it is. She's in a pair of sweatpants and a Wonder Woman tshirt, arms crossed under her chest. "I have a phone, you know."

Shou lifts a finger up and opens his mouth to speak, but cringes when she berates him. "… yeah. I know." He sniffs a bit, and then says, "But uh. I was out of range. I mean, /way/ out of range. Like, roaming-would-have-killed-me out of range."

Kaylee sighs. "Could you at least have left me a note before you fell off the face of the Earth? I was worried sick about you. I thought some of those…" She glances around. "Come in so I can chew you out in private."

Shou glances side-to-side again and then sidles into her room, dragging the parasol with him. He waits for the door to close, and turns to her, saying, "I wasn't /on/ Earth. I was uh," he points up. And then raises his finger a little higher. Like in Roswell, when Max is telling Liz where he's 'from'? But except Shou means Heaven, not, you know, outer space.

Kaylee bugs her eyes out. Then the angry comes back. "And you didn't invite me? I'm the child of a god too, you know. And even though I'm not a great fighter, I can heal."

"It's not like I got told in advance! I was having some ice cream with hikaru, just hanging out and stuff, and suddenly these tanuki things — like raccoons but not? — pop out and tell us my dad wants to see me and POOF. Gone like the wind." Shou pouts. "Didn't even wanna go, but. And, AND, I got smacked around by these big ass demons." Aw.

Kaylee pouts. "Oh. /Hikaru/ gets to go, but not me. Got it." Still jealous of the foxy one, is Kaylee. "Smacked around? You're not hurt too badly, are you?" She's weakening, a little.

"Look, it wasn't my /choice/, and besides, it was Takamagahara. Japanese Overworld. Hikaru is Japanese." Shou shrugs, and shakes his head some. "Nah, I'm okay. I mean, the demon that hit me is dead, so." He preens a little. "I did bring you back something though!" He lifts the parasol, holds it out for her.

Kaylee blinks and takes the parasol. "Oh, this is pretty! Thank you." A pause. "You got this from the Japanese Overworld?" She turns it over, looking at the craftsmanship. "Holy umbrella, Batman."

"I did! This tengu — like a guy with a big nose — tried to use it to kill me." Shou doesn't explain the outcome. It should be clear: he's alive, after all. "See, look," he reaches over and flicks a switch next to the one that opens the parasol so show her the bladed tip that springs out, sharp and deadly.

"Oh my! This is dangerous. I kinda like it," she admits, blushing. "But I don't know anything about bladefighting, much less umbrella bladefighting. Anyway, thanks." She leans in to give him a little kiss on the cheek.

Shou preens, and accepts the kiss. "I can teach you blade-fi— err, swordsmanship." He grins a little, and scratches the back of his head. "If you want."

Kaylee smiles. "I'd like that, very much. But for right now, I'll just use this as an umbrella. How do you retract the blade?" She keeps nice and close to Shou, so he can show her how to manipulate the parasol.

Shou shows her where the switch is, smiling. "You just push back here and it goes right back in." He pushes his hair back over his ears.

Kaylee tilts her head up at Shou and smiles even more as she pushes the switch. Then she carefully places the parasol in a corner and comes back to Shou. "You are infuriating and wonderful at the same time. But I have to get some sleep. Want to do something this weekend?"

"Sure! Weekend works." Shou grins a little and then, after a moment, leans over to kiss her cheek. "I'll see you then." He sniffs and heads for her window. "… I'll even call first!" And then he hops out.

"Shou, what are you…" Kaylee runs over to the window, then facepalms at her boyfriend's unorthodox exit. "What am I going to do with you?" She waves out the window, then pulls it up. She gets in bed, lays there silently for a few moments, then lets out a little 'whoop!' of joy.

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