A Little Mandarin in Chinatown


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Scene Title A Little Mandarin in Chinatown
Synopsis Lin finds that another member of the Celestial Bureaucracy has arrived.

Chinatown - New York City

Distinctly different from the city that surrounds it, Chinatown is a tourist haven. Stores and restaurants are overly-abundant. The smells of sour pork and fresh fish float through the streets. Dead chickens hang in front of market windows. All cravings for dim sum or won ton soup can easily be fulfilled here. The streets are small and crowded, the sidewalks muddled with pedestrians. Signs and banners written in Chinese mark the dozens of small shops selling various souvenirs and genuine Chinese artifacts. Street vendors offer t-shirts, small Buddha's, and other trinkets to passer-bys in the hopes for one more sale.

The young Baihe had a rather good day. Walking through the streets, it was the afternoon now. Baihe sits down on one of the benches, dressed in a black beanie cap and winter clothes. The one thing that was strange was the shortness of her skirt. Sighing softly, Baihe continued to tap on her iPod as she sat there, listening intently to some music. The daylight was beginning to ebb away.

Lin makes his way through the normally crowded streets, taking a rather short shift. He blows out a short breath as the normal fragrance of Chinatown hits him. The smell of food causes a slight rumble in his stomach. "Hush, you." He says, looking down at his stomach. He looks up to spot the girl on the bench. He offers a nod of his head to her, giving a smile.

Baihe sees Lin, smiling up at him. She looks inside her bag, pulling out a small, warm meatbun. Taking her earphones, she placed them into her rather large bag and deposited her iPod inside it as well. In Chinese, she began to speak. "Do you want to eat?" She says softly in her native tongue. Tilting her head, she gives a big smile.

Lin lifts up his eyebrows at both the food and the words. He chuckles softly to her and walks over to the bench. "Sadly, I never learned Chinese. I should have listened to my grandmother." He admits to her with a grin. He gestures to the bench. "You mind if I join you?"

Baihe tilts her head once more. "Yes, of course." She says softly, her voice having a tiny hint of that mainland Chinese accent that many don't have anymore. "It is a shame you haven't learned Chinese. English is hard to study." She adds to her statement, smiling. She scoots over to the side, a smile on her face, to make room for him.

"Thank you," Lin says to her as she makes room. "Yeah, I am finding that out now." He says to her with a smile. He offers his hand to her. "The name is Lin. Lin Kun….or Lin Mu Kun if you want the full name." He says giving her a smile.

Baihe tilts her head to the side with a smile. "So… Lin is your last name?" She takes his hand and shakes it. "Woshi Qing Baihe. Ah, I mean… I am Qing Baihe. My name is Baihe." One hand slowly went up to her lotus necklace, rubbing it softly as she smiled. "Or if you want my English name, it is Lily Ching."

Lin chuckles out and shakes his head. "No, no. It's my first name. I just do the American way. It is less confusing for everyone." He gives her a large smile. "Very nice to meet you Baihe…or would you prefer Lily?" He asks her curiously. He looks to the necklace for a moment before just brightening his smile a little.

A soft smile graces her lips as she retreated her hand from his gasp, the feel of her soft skin lingering against his for just a fraction of a moment. "Anything is okay." She chuckles with a smile. "I can reply to both." Nodding slowly, she would look to the side and then back at him. She continues to lightly glide her thumb across her lotus necklace. "So in Chinese… Your name is Kun Lin Mu."

Lin's eyes move from the necklace and down to her hand for a second before looking back up to her with a grin. He pauses for a moment, closing his eyes as he starts to mumble something. He slowly opens his eyes as he looks upon her. He grins wide before nodding his head quickly. "Exactly. Or at least that is what my grandmother told me."

Baihe slowly places a hand on his shoulder, patting it. "The only difficult thing with Mandarin Chinese is…" She pauses for a moment, attempting to phrase her sentence in English. "There are many words with same way of saying. The only difference is intonation." She chuckles, her hand retreating back to her lap as she rubbed her bare knees. In November weather, it seemed a little strange, especially since she wore earmuffs and a rather large and baggy winter parka, and yet she wore a miniskirt. "So I don't know what your name means in Mandarin. But it sounds very nice… a true protector's name."

Lin nods his head gently to her. "I understand. Kinda like the Eskimos and there many different ways of saying snow?" He pauses before adding. "Perhaps Grandmother sent you to teach me?" He tries to joke with her. He looks down at her knees before looking up to her. "Are you cold? Perhaps we could go somewhere more warm?" He offers. He chuckles and dips his head to her. "Thank you. Your name is more musical?"

The young girl tilts her head before chuckling. "It is literally what it is in English. My name means Lily." She would smile. From his simile, she attempts to understand him before nodding. "Yes, a little like that. And yes, I'd like to go somewhere warmer." It was nearing night, and she knew above all things, that strange things happened at night. "Also, it will become safer in a building, I guess."

Lin stands from the bench, offering his arm to her. "Hmmm, where shall we go…" He thinks before looking to her. "How far to you feel like going? If you are up for a couple of blocks, we can go to a coffee shop. There is also a Buddist Temple nearby." He points down the street. "My apartment is also close, but I wouldn't wish to make you uncomfortable."

At the mention of him offering his apartment, Baihe's eyes widens. "B-bu keyi!" She says incredulously. "Ah.. I mean… That can't be. Even friends shouldn't go to each other's rooms, especially if one is girl and one is boy." She says, chuckling softly. She now looks uncomfortable, her face a deep deep shade of red as she then looks to the other side. "A-ah… Coffee shop is good?"

Lin chuckles out at her reaction, bringing up his hands. "I know! That's why I didn't think we should go there." He explains back to her. He offers his arm to her. "Let's go get that coffee then."

Baihe looks absolutely embarrassed at the sight of him offering his arm. She seems so chaste in her actions! A shaking hand slowly creeps up to his arm, taking it before they began to walk. It seems that she had a girl's mind, at the very least, what with her reaction to the smallest things. And truly not from New York, judging from her actions. "A-ah… Okay."

Soho - Tribeca - New York City

//Much like Greenwich Village to the North, SoHo is more of a residential area than anything else. However, it lacks the upmarket bohemian aspects of the Village, delving rather into the artist's quarter. Many of the city's artists did live here, for a time, but rising prices drove them towards nearby TriBeCa, much like the city's rebels moved from Greenwich to the East Village. Fantastic cast-iron frontages mark many of the SoHo buildings, the history behind many of the apartments reserving them for the rich. TriBeCa is much of what SoHo once was, but without the same architecture - although it still houses many artists, private exhibits and small public galleries. Many of the city's newest restaurants are also in TriBeCa, new ones opening all the time. //

Lin leads Baihe down the street, keeping a hand upon her hand. "It's going to be okay. The coffee house is right…well, it is right there." He says, pointing it out as appears. "So no harm." He reassures. He even hopes the door for her once they get to it. "After you." He says with a grin.

The touch of her hand is light, obviously trusting enough. It is strange to find a girl who was open to new people without seeming sluttish, and Baihe seems to be the antithesis of such a girl. Entering the coffeehouse, Baihe immediately settles into one of the chairs, taking off her coat and placing it behind her seat with a sigh. Underneath her clothes, she wears a simple long-sleeved tee, rumpled at certain parts as was the design. She smiles once more at Lin.

Lin drops off his own coat upon an opposite chair accross from Baihe. "Would you care for anything to drink? I can go place an order for us." He offers to her with a smile.

Baihe places both hands on the table now, showing jade prayer beads intertwined around her wrists. "Ah… Just some coffee with milk. I don't like too fancy things." She adds, nodding resolutely. Taking out her wallet from inside her large bag, she then withdraws a single five dollar bill. "Maybe this is enough to cover the coffee?"

Lin nods his head to the coffee order. He shakes his head, bringing up a hand at the offer of money. "No, no. I got it. It's just a coffee." He says to her with a smile. He heads up to place their orders before returning to the table. "So what brings you to town?" He asks as he gets comfortable.

A hand slowly deposits the five dollar bill into her wallet once more before settling back on the table. Her eyes immediately look into his own as she perks up at his question. "Ah… School." She answers simply, chuckling. "And another mission… from my mother." She says rather cryptically, her eyes closing as she places a hand to her chest, rubbing her lotus necklace fondly.

Lin nods his head slowly to her. "Ahhh. I see. What are you going to school for?" He asks curiously. He looks up as their coffees are brought, giving the member of staff a smile before looking back to her. He nods his head slowly. He drops his voice low. "Ah. So it was your mother who was special." He gives an apologetic look. "When you kept touching your necklace, I cheated and casted a spell to take a peek at you." He explains.

(Judge) Lin rolls Perception + Occult: [ -1- 3 3 6 <10> ]
Resulting in 2 successes.

<OOC> Lin nods. "Plus I have +1 autosucess with my epic perception.

Baihe purses her lips the moment he seemed to have spoken. She looks shocked that he seemed to have automatically known her. The flurry of emotions on her face registers - changing from happiness that someone finally knew to a kind of astonishment. Suddenly, she began speaking in a flurry of Chinese, like a whirlwind of words that everyone who had a clue would understand. "That's so unfair! You could have asked me and I would have politely answered! Of course, normal people would laugh and shrug off what I say, but still!" She looks mortified. Suddenly, in English, she speaks. "… You're not one of -them,- are you? The bad ones who cause pain to others." She asks in a hushed tone.

Lin brings up a hand to her, continuing to look apologetic. "I am sorry for the intrusion. With…" He looks around before continuing. "With things and people that could cause bad things, it is always best to be cautious." He shakes his head to her. "No, no. I am like you. My father was Yan Luo."

Baihe smiles and shakes her head. "It is alright. I know you should caution yourself." She softly drums her fingers on the table. "My mother is Guanyin." She would whisper softly, smiling. "How did you know that I was different, however?" She tilts her head, blinking.

Lin lifts up his eyebrows to the information. "Guanyin? Really?" He grins to her before reaching for his cup of coffee. "Hmm? Oh. The spell I cast. It allows me to see what others can not. It allows me to see other magics and supernatural powers. Plus, it allows me to see how truly powerful you are. The threads of our lives are…more because we are different."

A small smile casts itself on her face before she places a hand to cover her mouth. "I see. It is a useful power." She nods before looking to the side. "A ward to those who plan on using deception to strike you down." Baihe would reply, daintily taking her cup of coffee and sipping on it with a smile. "And yes, Guanyinma. The Bodhisattva of Compassion and the Goddess of Mercy." She says this with reverence and awe.

Lin grins to her and nods his head quickly in agree. "Very much. And in my line of work, you need to find what is hidden. I am a police detective." He explains to her. "Detective Lin Kun for the NYPD." He takes another drink of his coffee, nodding his head. "Compassion and Mercy." He repeats outloud. "I don't know. I think our parents have alot in common. Father likes to be very helpful."

Baihe smiles serenely as she closes her eyes. "I recall a story of legend about mother…" She whispers. She looks absolutely calm at this moment, her face in a state of happiness. "She was cast into hellfire… but the demon lords asked that she be spit out of hell, because she was saving all of them from their damnation." She opens her eyes once more. "I would like to think I could do that. Mother was human when this happened, so maybe I could do it too."

Lin chuckles out to her, shaking his head gently. "Such a kind girl like you? I have no idea why Hell would wish to keep you. Besides, Father is very busy dealing with matters and no doubt release you. One of my missions here is to stop those that have escape from Hell. Dark ghosts who have sided with those horrible Titans." He says shaking his head.

The smile on her face subsides for a moment. "Sometimes mother wishes I was born with her charisma. She doesn't want me to fight in the front line for her." She says softly. "I would like to merely talk and persuade these dark ones as well. They are not dark at all - only misguided." Baihe adds, biting down on her lower lip. "Maybe all they need is a listening ear."

Lin nods his head slowly to her. "I have been in a couple of scrapes. I definitely need to get better if I am to fight other Gods and such." He admits back to her. He grins as he listens to her. "Well…perhaps you could if you could see them. I doubt they are all misguided, though."

Baihe sips on her coffee before smiling and nodding. "Hopefully, one can learn to see them in the future." Baihe replies, taking one more sip of her coffee and warming her body. She seems to be beaming now, rather than cold. "It feels like a weight off my chest now." She sighs, chuckling. "It is good to meet someone else like me."

Lin shrugs his shoulders. "Perhaps you could. But there are so many other things you can learn too." He offers to her. He grins to her and nods. "I had felt the same way when I was first learning of my….family gift. But you will find others out there. But I agree, it is good to find others who…work with Father."

Baihe smiles and raises her hand, pointing a finger to the air in victory. "It will be fruitful to have met you, then. Fate has been kind today." She says, a wide grin on her face now before she takes a sip of her drink. Looking outside, she saw that dark was at its fullest. She looks shaken for a moment. "I am only lucky that I have not needed to fight too much yet."

Lin laughs lightly at her cheer. "Perhaps it was fate indeed." He looks to the window with her and nods. "That allows you more time to practice and learn more of your skill." He looks to his watch and sighs. "Sadly, I should check on something before it gets too late." He reaches into jacket pocket and offers up a card. "If you would like to talk some more, simply give me a call."

Baihe nods slowly, taking his card and placing it into her pocket. With that, she stood as well. "It is good to meet you. Perhaps sometime again…" She then looks at her watch, gasping, before taking her bag and placing the card inside it. "I will call you some time. Thank you." She grins.

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