A Gunless Robbery


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Scene Title A Gunless Robbery
Synopsis Wesley and Ryuzho rob a bank with no guns, Ryuzho jumps the cop cars (but not the shark).

A Bank!

Banky things.

Wearing black leather tights over his usual biker gear, a black ski-mask with some goggles over his eyes, he chooses this afternoon to kick the bank door open to make a dramatic entrance. "Alright, I'm holding this bank up." he exclaims, though is clearly unarmed as he approaches the teller. "I'll take as much money as you can fit in this bag, and don't try any of that ink bomb crap." He pulls a large brown sack from behind, tossing it to the woman. "Oh, right, I'm one of those god people, so don't think I can't do anything without weapons." He attempts to demonstrate, drawing back a fist, then slamming it into the plexiglass in an attempt to smash through it with a powerful punch.

Ryuzho was hear to open an account, but the arrival of the man in leathers gives him another idea. He glances around and blends in with the crowd seamlessly, making his way towards a bathroom…

The woman winces when the bulletproof glass bursts into little bits, and promptly starts going for the cash. Meanwhile the people seem as if they don't know what to do. On one hand, he doesn't have a gun, on the other, he just punched all the blood out of a bulletproof window. The security guard on the other hand, draws his gun with a warning, "Put your hands up or I'll shoot!"

Ryuzho inside the bathroom, there is a tinkling sound of a lightbulb being smashed… and then the door swings open again. When it does, a figure in jet-black armor steps out. Where the face should be there is only a roiling shadow with no features that surveys the bank. A black katana is gripped in his right hand, the blade resting idly on the figure's neck. It's voice is a distorted whisper. "So this is how a God pays his bills, is it? A bank robbery? How quaint…" He turns to the security guard. "I don't think he respects you, officer. May I suggest a kneecap?" The voice is chilling and inhuman.

Wesley suddenly crouches down to dodge the bullet, staring up at the guard. "What's up with this guy? At least call the real cops." And that's when people start running out of the bank, not wanting to be in the way of gunfire, pushing eachother through the door. "Get as much shit out of the vault as you can, I'll wait for this chick to get my money ready."

Ryuzho shakes his head. "Guns… how barbaric…" With a swift, smooth motion, and the feint whistling of a blade plying air, the black-clad figure attacks the empty space in front of him… but several feet away by the door, the gun in the guards hand is sheared clean in half. the front falls away, the firing mechanism spilling out the barrel and clattering to the floor.

The black-clad figure nods, his whispering voice somehow audible above the shouts. "Very well." The figure turns towards the vaults and the boxes, his hand dipping into an unseen pocket and pulling out a lockpick set.

"That's what I keep saying, people and their damned ranged weapons. When you're done, steal the camera tapes too. We should get out of here before the police come." Wesley holds his hand out for the bag full of money, staring down into it, then holding it over his shoulder. "Thanks, hot stuff, and if that ink crap is in here, I'm gonna sniff out your house."

The security guard, gun cut in half, is not sticking around to deal with crazy god people. He starts running out with the others while banktellers rapidly hit silent alarms.

Ryuzho continues to walk towards the vaults. "Don't wait for me…" He dips into the security office and begins to wreak havoc on any cord or wire he can see. The surveillance dvds are all ejected and snapped before the black clad figure emerges from the office and continues it's path towards the vault where the deposit boxes are.

"Don't gotta tell me twice. Finally, someone who can freakin' work without hand holding. I'll sniff you out in an hour." Wesley assures, then dashes through the doors himself, sirens in the distance growing closer. "Hurry up, cops coming!" is the last thing he yells back, before making a break for it.

Ryuzho emerges from the Security office and walks into the office area near the vault. He steps up behind a man cowering under his desk. Leaning forward a bit, the black-clad figure extends his sword arm, letting the katana rest on the man's shoulder. "Vault Key…" the cold whisper says.

"It's a code!" The man exclaims, shakily pulling out a piece of paper and writing down the code for the vault's security system, sirens getting even closer to the bank, close enough for them to be heard inside. "Here, take it! You won't get away."

Ryuzho takes the code. "Thank you, you've been very helpful." He steps back and makes his way over to the vault. He punches in the code and opens the vault, wasting no time moving in. With a flourish, he slides his blade into his sleeve where it disappears, then goes to work on the boxes, his lockpick like a surgeon's knife as he empties smaller boxes into two larger ones.

The sirens are right on the bank now, at least five cars surrounding it as they yell over the megaphone, "Come out with your hands up, we have the bank surrounded!"

Ryuzho finishes filling the two boxes and then closes them, making sure they're secured tightly before slipping the lockpick back into his pocket and hefting the two strongboxes, turning to leave the vault. "You've all been very professional and I appreciate it." The gritty whisper follows the black clad figure as he steps up to the door of the bank, holding his hands and the boxes up as directed, stepping clear of the door and out to the sidewalk.

"Drop what you're carrying and get down on the ground!" the police command, at least five of them holding their guns out, just in case.

The shadowed face regards the men's guns. "More guns… perhaps we'll see who is faster… Me, or a bullet." With a blur of motion, Ryu turns towards one of the cars, running towards it at full speed and jumping over the vehicle.

"I said stop!" The cops suddenly begin unloading, trying to stop Ryu to the best of their ability.

The black clad figure is a blur of motion as it moves towards the car, then with a bit of a stutterstep it leaps into the air, sailing easily over the car, and continuing to run up the street. The Ryuzho Express barrels away from the bank until the black-clad figure can find an alley to slip into and let his armor and mask dissapate.

Robbery clothing gone, now just wearing his typical jacket with a large brown box next to him, possibly where he dumped the money, Wesley sits on a dumpster in the alley, staring at the shadowy figure. "So, you're not dead, that's pretty good. Dump that stuff in this box."

Ryuzho nods his head and lets the mask fade, and the armor crackles and falls away, disintegrating in the air as he hands the stuff over. "They can't shoot me if they can't catch me." He says simply, putting the stuff in the bag.

Wesley closes the box, pulling out a roll of duct tape, then seals the box and pats it a few times. "Clash Storm, that's my name." he introduces, lifting the box on to his shoulder as he starts to walk down the alley. "If you wanna do something some time, look me up. And my woman's Faizu, you touch her, I kill you, just saying. Nice to meet you."

Ryuzho nods, watching the man go. "Right… just make sure it goes towards battling Titanspawn. If I find you're using it to improve your apartment, we will be seeing each other very soon." He goes the opposite way.

"If I need you, I'm gonna sniff you out." is all Wesley says in response, knowing for sure he's not gonna use the money for himself, he simply turns the corner out of the alleyway.

Ryuzho nods and waves vaguely.

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