A Drive By Mating


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Scene Title A Drive By Mating!
Synopsis A harpy attempts to abduct and mate with a random civilian….



Chinatown is a beautiful, if busy place. Hawkers line the crowded, busy streets…selling jade items of all sorts,
t-shirts, asian food, and trinkets and junk. Meanwhile, the crowds must traverse sidewalks that are (effectively) half the
size they should be, as they weave between the hawkers. The smell of food wafts through the air amongst the crowded traffic and streets.

Nestor is standing on a box, black bag at his feet, in full pirate regalia. He is juggling flintlocks, using his
divinely granted dexterity and speed of thought to keep all ten in the air, his hands moving in a blur as he sings a pirate
song. Yeah, completely not appropriate at all to Chinatown. But, the police have a much harder time getting to you to make
you stop down here.

Connor is one of those people partaking of the food, a takeout container of lo mein held in one hand while he uses
chopsticks to eat. Leaning against the wall of a building in front of where his bike is parked, he watches the juggler over
the heads of most pedestrians. Gotta love New York. Always free entertainment.

Considering that he lives here, Lin is walking down the crowded sidewalk in the direction of his apartment. He offers
a friendly nod to a few familiar faces, his eyes looking around. He always look out for trouble; it is why they pay him to do
after all. He stops at a vendor, looking at some vegetables.

A middle-aged man is here, mid fourties…pushing a baby-carriage. Its a small, cute carrage of a light blue color,
with an adorable little baby inside of it, sucking on a pacifier. He heads past the pirate, points towards him, and says to
the baby (in a goo-goo tone of voice) "See there pumpkin? Look! Its a pirate! Can you say pirate? Pir-rate! Or how about
daddy? Comon, daddy! Da-da!"

Connor's gaze skims over the man and baby carriage, paying them no more attention than all the other pedestrians.
Well, except for the one that bumps into him and continues on his way with a murmured apology. Checking to make
sure he still has his wallet, Connor dismisses the encounter and goes back to eating.

Nestor sinks into a crouch, still juggling the pistols, and, with a quick motion, pulls a katana out of his bag and adds
it to the whirling guns, rising again to his feet, to much applause in the watching crowd, and people dropping bills
into his bag. He has a grimace of concentration on his face as he works, and his eyes are shini"I Lin slows to a stop
as he spots the juggling. He leans his head slightly as he looks at the man. Seeing that he is familiar, he looks around
before crossing the street, making sure to jog to get quickly across and out of the way of traffic as he makes his way
to him.

Suddenly, a shadow falls over the area and there is a reeking, fetid smell. The sort of smell that you'd get if you killed
a deer, covered its body in feces, and let it sit out in the desert sun for a month - probably one of the most hideous
smells many have ever smelled. Certainly for the mortals, at least.

Mortals begin choking, gagging, and throwing up. The man himself curls up in a ball, reeking on himself as his baby
begins crying and choking. The carriage, left unattended - begins rolling down the street through the choking, puking,
gasping crowd.

The smell only lasts a moment however, before its source is visible. A nude woman, her feet ending in powerful
eagle-like talons, her skin covered in green scales, her fingernails looking like hooks of burnished brass. Her massive black
wings spread out as she dashes for the ground, picks up the retching man - and then begins flying up towards the
low-hanging building rooftops.

Connor starts to cough and gag a bit when the smell first hits him but quickly gets his stomach under control as he
starts breathing through his mouth. Most people on the ground throwing up makes it easy to get a good idea of
what's going on and he leaps forward, vaulting parked cars and heading off the speeding baby carriage before it gets
hit by traffic.

Nestor smells the creature, nearly retching but managing, through his divine ichor, to hold it down, and knows
something /bad/ is coming. His pistols rain down around him, hitting the ground, followed by his sword, which plunges
point first through the box he's standing on to stick there, quivering. As the pistols fall, he pulls another pair out of his bandolier, sweeping them up at the monster, taking a moment to aim before pulling the triggers in a twin explosion of fire
and steel. The moment to aim was also to let the thing get over an awning so that, if it drops the man, he'll at least land

Connor settles the carriage up against the bumper of a parked car so it can't move then turns and eyes the creature.
A couple steps gets him up to speed and he leaps onto the hood of a car, using it and its shocks as a springboard to
launch himself toward the harpy, reaching for its leg.

Having been overwhelmed by the smell of the Harpy, Lin has been empty his stomach onto the street. The
wretching was horrible. He finally gains control, slowly looking around to see what is going on.

The harpy makes the long fall to the ground, having never made it to the building across the street. It is dead before
it hits the ground, and the man it was carrying makes a sickening KERPLOP, as several of his limbs twist in ugly
directions, bone visible from a hideous break in at least one arm and one leg.

Lin just scrunches his mouth. "Ugh…." He says from the taste, looking to the victim. He lets out a sigh and watches
the dead man. He squints, trying to see beyond. He looks for the man's spirit, making sure his soul is properly taken
care of.

Connor rushes over to the fallen man to see if he is in fact dead. If not, he knows enough not to do anything unless
some immediate first aid is required to keep him from bleeding out. "Anyone a doctor?" he calls.

Nestor grins in triumph for a moment as he hits the thing, then drops the guns as if they had scorched him, sinking
to the ground in a stunned stupor. "Nononononononononono. Not again. Not again. Oh, gods, no." He sits there,
repeating this, dead to the world, all he is able to see is the man on the ground.

Lin squints at the man before blinking and squinting again. "Hey!" He yells out. "He is still alive!" He says, calling
attention to the poor man as he tries to shake off the effects of strong nausea. "Uh…I saw him move." Yeah, that's it.

Connor concentrates a moment as he checks the man's carotid for a pulse. "Yes, he's still alive. Someone call 911.
And… you." he adds, looking around and focusing in on Lin since he spoke up. "The man's baby is in the carriage
over there. Go get him before he disappears." Such trust in humanity.

Lin looks to Connor as he yells to them. He looks around before seeing the carriage, moving to the babe. "You poor
thing." He says, looking to see if they are some wet knaps to clean him up. He chuckles out lightly. "I think the street
is going to need a fire hose."

Connor nods as Lin moves toward the baby and once again as he spots at least one person with a cell phone out,
assuming someone is calling the cops. Now then, lets make sure the guy stays alive.

There are a few baby wipes in the carriage, yes. And a spare diaper. As for the man, though greviously injured, he
seems to be unconcious. With the pedestrians calling 9/11, hopefully medical authorities will be here soon…

Lin digs into his pocket for his cell phone, calling into the dispatcher. "Uh…this is Detective Lin Kun. I need an
ambulance at…" He looks around for the street signs. "My authorization is…" He says over the phone as he tends to
the babe.

Connor, since it seems like the man isn't about to bleed out, does nothing. First aid training doesn't cover the extent
of these injuries unless it's an emergency. Sitting back on his heels, he plays guard over the injured man and looks
around, settling on Nestor after a moment. "Man, you need to think these things through better. Now get a grip.
He's alive."

Nestor blinks at Connor's words, looking at the man stupidly. He heaves a great sigh of relief, seeming to gain some
of his composure back. He nods at Connor. "So he is. I thought…." He shakes his head. "Doesn't change the fact
that he was injured through my foolishness. I don't deserve this power I've been given." In disgust, he flips a hand
at the scattering of guns on the ground. As he does, they seem to shift, becoming plastic. Toys, in the shape of

Lin puts away the cell phone, looking over to Connor as he attends the broken man. "Ambulance is on its way." He
says. "They should be here soon." He tries to reassure. He looks to Nestor as he waves the guns into plastic. He
opens his mouth before stopping himself, finishing cleaning the baby. He looks around. He knows the community will
get back onto its feet quickly enough.

Connor quirks a brow at Nestor's words and then at the demonstration. Well, well… "Don't beat yourself up over it,
guy. Just learn from it and do better next time." Looking over at Lin, he nods. "Great, thanks. How's the kid?"

Nestor nods solemnly. "I will. Thank you. Anything I can do to help out?" As he speaks, he gathers all of his stuff
up and puts it into the bag. He also takes off his hat and coat, shoving them into the bag, pulling out a battered
denim jacket and putting that on over his poet shirt and breeches.

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