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Miruan, Vargr

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The Ristorante

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Vargr is Standing outside of the "Ristorante" for something akin to an hour early. Pacing back and forth as he seems to be diligently reading a book. Every sixteen seconds he goes to check his watch. He paces exactly four steps forward and four steps back. He sighs for a moment wondering (Could this be a trap?)

Vargr starts to relax as he tries to look at the sky. He mutters "Damn you all, watching and letting things happen. Vargr keeps pacing until Mir arrives or an hour late.

Well. Mir would arrive on time as best as she can. Traffic can be pretty rough. Still, she's dressed up reasonably nice - in slightly better shirt and slacks than usual. Lest she scare the poor guy off. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to have set a trap at all! She does blink, seeing Vargr pace. She rubs the back of her head, looking a bit baffled. "Ah… I'm sorry, am I late?" She doesn't bump into him at least, though concern is evident on her face.

Vargr looks down to his watch and in his usual near monotone "No, three minutes and twenty four seconds early." Vargr makes a weak smile. "Well Miruan, um. Want to eat?" (In his mind he is thinking in my mind that came out so much cooler) Vargr moves to the door and holds the door open for Mir.

Miruan is quiet as he checks the time. She smiles back. "Well, that's impressive. Normally, the trains are a bit late," She considers. A shrug and a nod. "I would be glad to." She's polite enough, at least. She watches him for a moment, perhaps curious. "Thank you." She offers a little smile and will step in, so he's not stuck holding the door for ages.

Lucas walks to the steward and calmly says "Duncan Reeds, party of two." He looks to Miruan and just smirks as he beckons Mir to follow him and the steward to the table. Vargr looks to Mir "I reserved a table, instead of a booth if that is alright?" Vargr makes a brief scan to make sure that he doesn't notice anyone.
(Vargr will sit at the table if you want some extra parts to work off of and he orders tap water)

Hmm. Wait. A blink at that name. She tilts her head. Duncan Reeds… She just shakes it off and smiles again. "That's fine," A handwave. "I appreciate the invitation," She seems willing to go with it. Miruan is a bit curious and glances around, too. "Thank you." Nod. She will follow along and sit across from him. She'll get some tea for now. "How are you today?" She asks quietly, her gaze turning to Vargr after a moment.

Vargr nods "Pleasant. yourself?" Vargr checks his watch and then looks to Mir. "Yes my name isn't Duncan Reeds nor is it Lucas Wright." Vargr pauses "I actually have many names and aliases as well I wasn't quite lying at the bar last night. But…" The waitress interrupts "Would you like an appetizer?" Vargr looks to Mir "Stuffed Mushrooms and the Sampler?" he asks inquiringly.

"I'm well enough," Miruan nods. She pauses as he checks his watch again. She looks thoughtful and smiles at him. "I figured as much in a way. Either you liked aliases…" She trails off. "Oh, um, sure. I'll give them a try," She smiles faintly. Miruan seems more relaxed today or her curiousity has gotten the better of her. Hard to say. She looks to Vargr. "I'm not a picky eater, so…" There's a wry hint to her voice. "I guess that's unusual."

Vargr takes a sip out of his glass "My real name. I believe is Alec Hauptman. Or well I was Alec." Vargr takes out what appear to be five other passports. Vargr then takes the passports and puts them back. "You are different. Most people would have ran from me by now, or they are scared terrified. Why aren't you?" Vargr looks around and one can notice the cold stares he gets from the room (as his fateful aura makes people uncomfortable) Vargr makes no exception as he returns a menacing icy stare back to all those who would make a cold stare to him. Then he looks down to his watch and then back to Mir with a sort of forced smile.

Miruan will wait for her tea, though she listens, watching him quietly. "Alec," She repeats. "Pleased to meet you," Miruan smiles. "My full name would be Miruan Santos." Nod. She looks thoughtful as he comments that she's different. "I am. People are kind of scared of me, too," She waves a hand. "So maybe I'm just odd." She's cryptic. "You're … intense," She murmurs. "Which is interesting, and I'm sure you can be scary," She taps her chin. "But…" She pauses, noticing the cold stares. "It's hard to explain."

Vargr looks down to his watch and then looks to her "We have a moment I mean a conversation over dinner how hard is it to explain?" He then eyes the waitress "Ah good the appetizers." He looks to the waitress and doesn't look at the menu "I will have the Nana's Lasagne." Vargr just looks back to his watch again.

Miruan glances around, then back to Vargr. She just smiles. "It can be harder than you think. You have a lot of names," She notes quietly. Miruan nods politely at the waitress. "Thank you. I'll try the lasagne, too." Copycat! She looks thoughtful, watching Vargr as he looks to his watch. "It… sometimes hard to speak where people can here. Though, I don't know. I think I suffer the same affliction as cats," She smiles. "I'm curious. Maybe like you."

Vargr smirks "Like what? Is the average person really going to believe the first thing they hear?" Vargr shrugs "Your odd and I think I am understanding something." He then takes a bite out of the stuffed mushrooms. "Your not scared of me. You are charming and beyond stunning. I get it, your a professional spy… " Vargr says jokingly. He then takes a sip of water and eats some of his Lasagne "Its not like superheroes exist wearing leather and spandex." Vargr winks at the end.

His smirk makes her smile. "Yes. How do you think the news stations stay in business?" She points out. Then a deep blush. "Ah. No, I'm more prime or even," A numbers joke. GROAN. She will try one of the stuffed mushrooms carefully, as if considering it. She swallows it and peers at him. Then a soft laugh and she shakes her head. "No… I don't quite have the suave to pull that gig off. James Bond is much more talented than I am. I do however, work at a nursery and gunsmith. You're welcome to drop by them if you need plants or guns," She nods sagely. Some of her tea disappears as she takes a sip. "Thank Gods. I'd look terrible in spandex and leather gets squeaky and you're all sweaty." Sigh. "And I'm not sure I'd be happy having to do contortions in a fight." As female superheroes are wont to do. His wink makes her grin.

"James Bond is more poser than super spy or hero. But Hmm Latex and leather." Vargr seems to blush "My apologies a dirty thought went through my mind." Vargr though sighs "The gods would be one of the last people in this world or the next I'd thank" Vargr chuckles and then says "I think. I am at a loss for words."

"True, but that sort of thing is popular legend. Legends are often power in their own right," She points out. Miruan watches Vargr a moment, before going red herself. Ohmy. "… th-that's okay," Handwave. "But you're very honest." She seems amused and appreciative. She tilts her head. "I see." There's a bit of concern on her face. She peers at him. "Well. It's … okay to be a bit nervous." She's intimidated, he's had a rough life and well, general awkwardness. "Silence isn't always a bad thing." Smile. "I won't disappear because it's quiet."

Vargr looks down towards his palm like he is reading something "Ah. Any Family, err um How is your family?" He tries to ask sincerely. "Legends huh, like how heroes are still around today. If they are well then they are too few and too late." Vargr looks to his watch again and then blinks. "So a religious person are we, I noticed you said gods. I take it you are a pagan then?" Vargr continues to eat his Lasagne and then takes a small bite out of a breadstick.

The last question caused Vargr to go pale a bit. My mother was murdered from what I believed by my father for holding me back. My Father took an active interest in my work and lead me to do some questionable things. He even had me want to find someone named Ixion. It ended in disaster and my father had a missle launched at me." Vargr has a deadpanned look on his face. "So I rarely see him and we don't talk. To me he is dead." Vargr frowns "Family was never something I had."

Vargr then tries to smile and Laugh "Right of course more like I grew up in a great home with a loving mom and dad who had the white picket fence and lived the American dream in which I later became a human resources specialist. My father though was promicuous so I have siblings I don't know about.

blink. Miruan looks kind of stunned. Horrified. Worried. The name Ixion even provokes an eyetic. She's quiet for a long moment. She peers a little at Vargr, uncertain. Hmmm. Her face has concern written upon it. She takes a bite of lasagne to stall for time while she thinks. "I see." She manages after a moment. She just smiles weakly, trying to shake off the obvious concern. "… that you are … quite a storyteller."

blink. Miruan looks kind of stunned. Horrified. Worried. The name Ixion even provokes an eyetic. She's quiet for a long moment. She peers a little at Vargr, uncertain. Hmmm. Her face has concern written upon it. She takes a bite of lasagne to stall for time while she thinks. "I see." She manages after a moment. She just smiles weakly, trying to shake off the obvious concern. "… that you are … quite a storyteller."

Vargr noticess the change in her face "What do you know the name?" "He is greek, short man with a goatee?" Vargr doesn't quite stop like he is acting like the inquisition "I will find him. Even if I have to kill everyone in this room and the city. Last time I checked he was here in New York." Vargrs' eyes grow sinister "Every night I wake up to that face of a monster. If I had the power I'd detonate the city if I knew it would be enough to put him six feet under." Vargrs' face looks like he is trying to withhold the fury of a thousand burning suns.

Miruan pauses. She goes a bit pale. "Oh … n-not personally. I've heard OF him. A … sort of relative," She shakes her head. She looks ill. She quirks her eyebrows, staring at him quietly. She seems uneasy in the face of such fury. Deep breath. "I see. You're… very focused." She considers him. "I won't… pry too much, but I should warn you that even the best hitmen have to keep hold of their own souls, even in the face of utter hatred."

Vargr stares "That makes you one of them. What I was." Vargr looks a little ill himself "Yes I am focused, as I will do what it takes to give retribution, no more than retribution. It would be justice." Vargr pretends to be taken back at the word hitman. "No…" He sighs "What if I am? If someone paid money chances are they did something really terrible in the first place to bring me there."

Vargr sighs as he takes his steak knife and holds his hand out. "See what I live with?" (Vargr cuts the top of his hand to show that there is no bone but a machine. He then takes his napkin and hankerchief and proceed to wrap his hand) "Am I human anymore? Does it matter? To me nothing matters but his death. I hear my inner self pushing me forward who else would push forward justice?"

Miruan goes a bit red. Was? She pales faintly. "Perhaps." She answers cryptically. "… maybe. Maybe not. Someone can feel wronged enough to put a hit out because they lost out on something fairly," She notes quietly. "Never underestminate the depths of rage and a grudge," Miruan points out. She quirks her eyebrows as he holds his hand out. "I saw the other day." She offers quietly. Fortunately, the tables are decently spaced out. She looks around them to make sure no one else can hear or is paying attention. "And yes, it matters." She states simply. "You are still a person, with a soul and a name. Machine bits or not." She peers at him. "You've suffered but … they've won if you've lost yourself. Anyway, I'm sorry. I must sound preachy."

Vargr touches his hand "Pain, Suffering, Rage; they all show me that I am still alive. Human emotions." Vargr looks to her eyes "When I see a centaur or the horsemen. I feel a strange sense of kinship. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter at all is my answer. Because what Ixion told me came to pass. He let me live to see the betrayal. He knew after he replaced every bone in my body I'd become a monster. I look at myself and I wonder of the madness. The madness of other Chimerae, do I suffer from the same malady?" Vargr becomes calm and composed "I will make him suffer is all I know."

Vargr feels his cell phone vibrate and he picks up "Yes." ((Greenpeace Official are we still a go?)) Vargr looks into Mir's eyes "Yes." Vargr hangs up the phone. So long as I still believe myself a man. I can push forward. A man like Ixion must deal with really vile people. Then I will be meeting with those vile people and those vile people can tell me where he is."

Vargr looks like his face might show signs of remorse. "You did nothing wrong, you have nothing to apologize for. My pain is my own and so is the path. And your right some people ask the death of others for frivolous reasons and when dealing with the vile to find the real vile, it would be naive to think one can do it without getting ones' hands dirty. Through loss we find out how far we have come and the more one loses the greater the depths one can see in themselves." Vargr finishes up his lasagne.

Miruan watches him touch his hand. "I see," Miruan watches him quietly. She frowns. Then a blink as Vargr looks into her eyes. She listens, though her face goes a bit red at the looking into her eyes business. Clearly, someone has some deep seated intimacy issues. "That's… an interesting strategy," SHe considers. "Just be careful, that you keep hold of your precious self, okay? It's just…" She shakes her head. "I don't know." She is quiet at that, uneasy at the idea of senseless death. She frowns faintly, but she'll reach over and gently pat his hand. "Just so you know, it's not bones that make a person. Or I'd be a giant bone. Which would be kind of depressing."

Vargr sort of recoils at the touch of Miruan but he manages to hold his hand out there. "It must work. I have exhausted all other leads." Vargr tries to grab her hand "To think of you as a giant bone would be depressing and do a dis-service to the female gender." Vargr tries to smile "Do you ice skate?"

A pause at his recoil. Though his hand staying there makes her smile a little. She lets him grab her hand. She tilt sher head. "I see. And maybe, but still. We are more than the sum of our parts," She smiles. "And I could learn. Do you?" She is her quiet, introverted death machine self.

Vargr holds her hand "No. I panicked and it was just the first thing that came to mind. We should um see if a rink is in the area." Vargr then looks down to his watch again. "I am torn about desert."

Miruan blushes as he holds her hand. Her fingers will curl a bit around his. She smiles faintly. "I see. That's alright. It'll be new for us both then." Then a pause. "Worst case scenario we could stop sometime for pastries or ice cream. … don't worry if you have to go somewhere." There's an uneasy sadness.

Vargr smirks to Mir "If I were an outsider looking in. People might think were dating…" Vargr raises his hand and drop's seventy dollars on table. "Check please." Vargr looks to Mir. I do have a greenpeace appointment I can't miss." Vargr gets up and moves with a purpose checking his watch like clockwork.

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