A bloody affair


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Scene Title A bloody affair
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Hells Kitchen

The Kitchen is busy as ever with foot traffic, people are busy going in and out of stores. More than ever has people been so indifferent to one another. Its around midday as people stop at pick food up at the vendors. An ill wind comes through the air as if it is trying to bring life back to this rotten part of town. One can hear screaming and arguing and the entire gamut of emotial turmoil. Newly love to old flames to bitter rivals. One sees a frost condescension just build. People just waiting at the bus stops and some just enjoying the view. One can barely hear the words of others due to the horns of the cars stuck in traffic. A Man with a briefcase and a hoodie, is sipping on some coffee in front of an abandoned multi-residence building and one can see punks going in and ou of Crime Alley the more seedier part of the Kitchen

The wind brings pause as the air is now stale. A testament to NYC adaptability to live in the city that never sleeps. Monsters are everywhere and so one wonders where are the heroes in the world? One can almost see the misery and the lack of hope that permeates from the average citizen as if their only hope is to live and then die.

Vargr stands attentively always looking down at his watch. He is carrying a large luggage case. He makes sure that he never makes eye contact. Almost clockwork he takes a sip from his coffee every 16 seconds like its a planned routine. He puts the case down and proceeds to pull out a cheap cigar and flips his zippo open to light it. He then picks his coffee up. Only to immediately check his watch. He then turns to the building behind him looks up and starts to almost look lost as if he is deep in thought.

The door to one of the more well tended building along the street swings open, Chance striding out slowly to allow an older woman at his side to keep up with him as he pulls a back pack on over his shoulder. "Just make sure he stays off of the ladder this time. I'd hate to have to hear he tried climbing it with that twisted ankle and cracked open his skull." The young man's tone makes it sound more like that would be an inconvenience for him rather than actually upsetting. But the old woman smiles at him none the less. When she tries to offer him money, he politely refuses, taking a few times to shove the money pack in her hand before she finally takes it. Though he contradicts his previous statement with an almost gently spoken, "Call if you need anything, Mrs. Garner." He turns around as the door swings shut behind him. He takes a quick look up and down the street, and starts heading towards the nearest bus stop, adjusting his backpack a little as he walks.

This isn't Miruan's neighborhood. She /really/ stands out, for ethereally divine good looks that make her look like she just might disappear or take over a library. She has a jacket on, a small handbag at her side. It looks cheap, though. Nothing expensive here, no siree. She smiles faintly, seeing the gentleman and the old lady, though. And there, a fellow and some coffee. She observes for now, just trying to quietly pass through without starting any sort of trouble.

Lauren sighed as she walked down the sidewalk while glareing at her phone. The battery had just died. It almost looked like she was ready to throw it at a wall up, but in the end just shook her head and shoved it into her hoodie pocket. She kept her head down and her hood up, looking up just to see a few people that caught her attention now and then.

The man smoking a cigar puts the cigar out when he notices a very expensive jaguar getting stopped in traffic. He puts the cigar in his hoodie and checks his watch. He then keeps his head down and looks to the left and right. He looks like he just blends in like one of the crowd. He turns around carrying the large rolling luggage case with him and going inside the abandoned multi-family home. He moves with a purpose like something has changed.

Chance makes his way towards the bus stop, keeping his head down, gaze on his shoes and for the most part avoiding eye contact. In other words he has that nervous behavior of someone who just doesn't belong in this part of town. He's just trying to keep from being noticed too much, which for him his hard enough. You can almost hear the silent mantra rolling through his mind, 'Act natural, act natural, act..' Not that he's speaking it aloud, that would be pointless.

Miruan contemplates dog ownership in a neighborhood like this. She does her best to quietly act like she has a place and purpose here while walking through. She shifts her bag a big, peering here and there. There's a blink at the man and jaguar. What is - hmm. Another neighborhood deal? She cranes her neck. Her path takes her dangerously near Chance and Lauren as she shuffles by. A polite, faint smile. "Pardon me."

Lauren on the other hand, didn't seem to have the same problem blending in with Hells Kitchen. She stopped for a second to look at Miruan from her hoodie. "Yes?"

The Jaguar is stopped in traffic and time seems to just move to a blur. A large bang is heard from the abandoned building followed by a few screams in multiple pockets of the kitchen with the man in the vehicle yelling "Please someone help my son!"
The Man is in tears trying to hold his boy as he is covered in the boys blood."

Chance's eyes suddenly go wide at the sound of gun fire, but his previously timid facade disolves away in a matter of moments and he's already running right for the Jaguar. Unmindful, or uncaring of the fact that that was indeed a gun shot, and he very well could be putting himself right in the line of fire. He drops the back pack at his side, without even asking permission, just fixing the man with a serious stare, he reaches in and presses fingers to the boy's neck. Finding the spot for the pulse with practiced ease, his eyes going over the boy looking for where the bullet wound is.

Blink. "Oh! Just passing by," Mir was a hand. "Sorry." Then, the fellow shouting gets her attention. There's a sympathetic look. Her eyebrows furrow. "Oh no." She pauses, lifting her cell phone as if to call 911. But there's a pause as Chance tends to the man. "I'm going to see if he needs an ambulance…" She murmurs. "I'm going to call an ambulance, alright?" She asks Chance, perhaps not wanting to interfere if he is a doctor or something.

"Oh." Lauren replied with a shrug. She didn't get a chance to take another step when things just went to hell. "Go ahead." She muttered in Miruan's direction while her eyes darted around, trying to figure out where that shot came from. "Better call the police too."

Lauren would see the Hooded man looking down talking on a cell phone, making a really fast pace that is almost unhuman speeds leave the vacant multifamily home and take the nearest path towards a side street doing his best to blend into the panic. One would see him dismantle and toss the cell phone. Odd thing is, he doesnt have his coffee or luggage bag.

"Damn it." Chance hisses under his breath, pulling his hand away from the boy's neck, placing it to the man's shoulder. "Stay in the car, keep your head low. Clear?" He looks to Miruan, simply shaking his head, which should be enough of an answer as to the boy's condition. He turns back around to scan the street, looking for where the shot could have come from, and either really bravely, or really stupidly blocks the Jag's window with his own body.

Miruan is quiet, nodding as Chance shakes his head. She'll quietly slip around Chance, as she's likely more durable than he is. "Got it." She seems uneasy. A nod to Lauren. Mir's at least ringing the cops. She politely doesn't at least, point out the kid's likely a goner.

Lauren chose to be quiet about what she was seeing for a moment, keeping her arms crossed while keeping a very close eye on the Hooded man down there. She was at least poliet enough to keep her mouth shut about the fate of the kid.

The man is sobbing and crying "Why, why did I have to own property in this part of the neighborhood. Why didn't I listen?"

The Hooded man turns the corner and in about ten seconds the top part inside of the vacant multi-family home detonates with an explosion causing more panic.

Chance turns his face away from the blast, one arm going up for a little extra protection from the sudden wave of heat. When he finally looks again he lets loose another sharply spoken curse under his breath. His eyes dart to Miruan and Lauren, offering a terse, "Alright?" Before turning to look once more at the man in the car, to make sure he's still okay.

For better or worse, Miruan is pretty durable. She reflexively winces and lowers her head. She has quietly gritted her teeth and may need some soothing lipbalm to undo the damage from gnawing on her lip. Geez. She looks up and peers at the building. "I'm alright, you -?" That's a plural you, the man in the car is included, too. She seems rattled, but eerily calm in a way too. Almost as if she's distanced herself mentally. "The cops should be on the way. I think the dispatcher's deaf or cursing getting this call," She offers quietly.

The man just sobs and looks almost catatonic sniffing up trying to hold blood that keeps pouring out. He makes no words towards Miruan as he is pretty much unable to proceed with rational thought.

Chance gives a sharp nod of his head, almost looking surprised that he was asked his own condition, he looks at the man one more time before gazing at Miruan. "Shock." He looks up at the building, thumbing his earlobe as his mind turns over the events of the last couple of minutes. He looks pissed, certainly annoyed, but he's not leaving the car. Even if he's acting mostly indifferent to the man's wailing, he still acts as if rooted to the spot.

Lauren gritted her teeth as she covered her head. "Does the world have to fall apart when I'm around?" She muttered. Lauren looked back up and tried to find out where the hooded man went, but couldn't find him. "I'm fine." She told Chance. She didn't mind chaos, but not when she wasn't the cause of it.

Well, her ears are definitely ringing. The wailing doesn't help, but Miruan's at least empathetic enough to understand that yeah, she'd wail too. "Makes sense," She murmurs. She tries not to show it too much, but she's wincing a little. She lingers near Chase and the man, likely at a decent angle to absorb projectiles or negative thoughts. Still, her dark blue eyes glance over the area, concerned.

Any additional notes fall to the bottom.
Shooter left weapon on scene, with explosives to destroy and contaminate the crime scene more. A hoodie was found drenched in Bacardi 151 a popular hobo drink and it was burnt to cinders. Child took a lethal head wound. Father is alive and his step-son is now the inheritor of the family fortune.

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