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Since the dawn of man, the Gods have involved themselves in the affairs of humankind-and in affairs with humankind. Slaking their all-too human desires with the flesh of mortal paramours the Gods often sire half-breed offspring. These children, Scions, are invariably left for their mortal parents to care for. Though far weaker than their divine parents, Scions possess abilities far beyond those of any mere mortal. These abilities are often augmented even further by Boons and Birthrights provided by the Scions' godly parents. As a result, Scions tend to rise to positions of power and influence.

However, the life of a scion is far from easy. Though bound b ancient pacts, filial loyalty and fear of fatebinding from harming one another directly, the Gods are perfectly willing to strike at their rivals by killing or maiming a favored mortal son or daughter. The tales of Heracles, Onamuji and Sigurd are ample proof of that. The danger a Scion faces has only multiplied with the escape of the Titans, the progenitors and ancient foes of the gods. Like the agents of the Gods, titanspawn often go out of their way to slay Scions before they can grow into their full power. In ancient times, the Gods interfered in human lives more directly, letting rampaging beasts, natural disasters, plague and famine speak of their displeasure with man. - Taken from Scion: Hero

Once more the Wheel of Fate has turned, and once more the story has progressed.

The Atlantean gods have, for mysterious reasons, beat a hasty retreat from the city, threatening to destroy both New Atlantis and the city of New York that so many of the Scions have tried to preserve and restore. With little warning, the city began to shake violently, and utter chaos insued among the mortal and more-than-mortal populations. Thanks to the swift actions of numerous Scions throughout New Atlantis, and an ancient ritual discovered just in time, the ties binding Atlantis to New York were gently severed. With Atlantis safely set in place in the Overworld, the people of New York appear to have returned to normal life, with little memory of the past few years, and no recollection of New Atlantis.

However, this sudden and violent transition has raised more questions than it has answered. Why did the Atlanteans suddenly leave? Why does the mortal population of the world seem to have forgotten about the existence of the modern day Atlantis? How is it that the knowledge of Scions walking among them seems to have slipped from the collective minds of humanity? What place is there now for the Scions of New York? Will you protect the mortal citizens of the world, as generations of Scions have before you? Or is the tempting call of the Titans too great?

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frostmud.com 8853 -Up and Running Now migrated to a newer, more reliable system.

STATUS: Still alive

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New Pantheons

We have implemented two new pantheons that were released as SAS from White Wolf. Introducing the Atua, the Polynesian Pantheon and the Yazatas, the Babylonian Pantheon. These are all good for play now, following the usual rules.

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